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August 02, 2018

7 Easy Tips For Proper Below-The-Waist Hygiene

It’s weird that basic society has been so slow to acknowledge the obvious. We spend tons of effort trying to manage body odor in our pits. We even use specialized formulas to keep the hair on our heads from trapping smells. But, the primary source of B.O. and bad hygiene for men comes from below the waist. We all know it. We’ve all had those hot days where we pretend we can’t smell the stench emanating from our crotches. The solution is simple. We need a better approach to genital hygiene. Well, gents, hope is on the horizon. These seven, simple steps will put you on the path to defeating B.O. once and for all.

Wear Loose Clothing

There’s a difference between loose and baggy. We know that, and you should too. We also understand that some sports lend themselves to tighter outfits (here’s to you bikers out there). The rule here isn’t that you can never wear anything tight ever. Instead, you should probably have something in your wardrobe besides skinny jeans. When you spend more than half of your average day in tight clothes, it contributes to a number of hygiene issues. The worst is moisture buildup. At its most extreme it can lead to jungle rot in your drawers. More likely, it’s going to help you be nice and smelly. Worse, tight clothes cause ingrown hairs. If you do any downstairs shaving, you especially want to avoid the tight stuff within the first 12 to 24 hours of a shave.

7 easy tips for proper below the waist hygiene

Scrub Your Feet

You might feel baited right now. “Below the waist” carries a certain connotation. You’re expecting advice about your package. Well, you’ll get plenty of that in a minute. First, you need to scrub your feet. We know how lazy men can be. We’re the same way. That doesn’t change the fact that simply letting your feet soak in the soapy runoff of a shower is an insufficient cleaning strategy. You need to scrub your feet. Regularly. Exfoliating them can help with callous buildups, excessive skin oils and the general grossness that comes from walking around in socks all day. Oh, you’re one of those hippies who never wears socks? Your feet are even dirtier. If you scrub your feet, you extend the amount of time it takes before they start smelling like feet again. It’s a small effort. That's our second tip.

Be a Gentleman

A gentleman is someone who is considerate. What does that have to do with jock hygiene? Two things. The first (and hopefully obvious) is that you should shower after sex. At the very least, you should shower before going into public after sex. We know. You kind of like it when people can smell the musk and know you’ve been having a good time. But, leaving the -- how can we put this delicately -- residues is bad for your hygiene. At best they smell rank. At worst you’re making it easier to contract STIs.

By that same token, you need to be a gentleman for solo play too. We’ve been there. You’ve had a long day and just want to decompress. That’s reasonable. But a gentleman thinks about where the discharge goes. The most polite thing is to use a tissue. Still, you’ve been lazy and just discharged into your shorts or sheets. Be a gentleman and clean up after than mess, or it will smell worse than any odor you can produce with sweat alone.

Take a Cold Shower

If you’ve ever been running late for work when your water heater went out in the middle of winter (don’t ask), you have some pretty strong objections to this advice. Thankfully, the benefits of a cold shower can be obtained without freezing your balls off. Consider the James Bond shower. You take a normal, warm shower to do all of your business. Then, when you’re ready to get out, you turn it cold for a minute or two. Ending with the cold blast does really good things for you. First, it lowers your body temperature and makes you less sweaty immediately upon exiting the shower. Second, it stimulates blood flow and gives you a mental boost at the start of your day. Third, it’s really good for your skin and hair (especially downstairs). The full list of health benefits are long (see the link above), and you should definitely explore them.

7 Easy Tips For Proper Below-The-Waist Hygiene

Visit the Doctor

You might think that this is a hassle, but regular checkups are way easier than allowing health problems to accumulate. This is triply important if you are sexually active with multiple partners. The same way you want to stay ahead of blood pressure or cancer problems, you also want to stay ahead of STIs. Regular checkups go a long way toward mitigating the risks of worst-case scenarios.

By that same token, we’re going to give you the same advice every sensible person has given you throughout your life. Wrap your tool. We know all of your excuses. We promise that gonorrhea is far worse than a night of mildly reduced sensitivity.

Wash Your Hands

This is by far the most overlooked component of genital hygiene. Someone who does everything right except this one thing is still behind the curve. In fact, you can ditch almost all of the other tips (except the doctor one) and come out ahead as long as you wash your hands religiously. Most people don’t know that their own hands are actually the primary source for infections that afflict below the waist. That’s true for sexual encounters, solo play and general life.

Think about it. Balls itch, and we all scratch them. Most of the time you can take care of it without sticking your hands down your pants, but sometimes . . . It’s very simple. You need to keep your hands clean or you’re exposing yourself to all kinds of potential problems.


Our last hygiene tip is by far the most involved, but it still isn’t that big of a deal. A good manscaping routine will keep you smelling and feeling better every day. The trick is to reduce it to a regular process, so we’ll help you envision it.

You’re going to start with grooming. It should be obvious by now, but reducing the amount of hair in your underwear will help you sweat less. When you do sweat, less hair means less trapped moisture and mitigated body odor. Lay down a Magic Mat and trim with your Lawn Mower. When that’s done, you can grab a Plow and shave the areas that you have deemed necessary (typically the balls). After you’ve done this a few times, this part of the routine will take 5 to 10 minutes. It’s akin to shaving your face.

When the hair is managed, you want to hop in the shower. It’s important that this follows grooming for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is the Active pH Control in your bottle of Crop Cleanser. The act of shaving literally scrapes away the outermost protective layer of your skin. Applying Crop Cleanser immediately after shaving restores that layer as quickly as possible. When you’re done, don’t forget the cold water technique you just learned.

Your shower needs to be followed by the most painless but still important part of your routine. You need to apply Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The first is a deodorant that will reduce friction, keep you cool below the shorts and make you smell delightful. The second is a toner that helps fight razor burn and can refresh your swampy region any time things get a little musty down there. Both contain additional elements of the Active pH Control to protect your boys from the most common sources of irritation and discomfort.

7 Easy Tips For Proper Below-The-Waist Hygiene

That’s all it takes to manage a basic manscaping routine. Of course, once you’re into it, you can advance your techniques by leaps and bounds. When you do cultivate that interest, you’ll find that is the best resource for both the tools you need and the knowledge you want. We update it frequently with every scrap of knowledge we can obtain in all things related to manscaping.

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