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7 Hidden Toxins Found In Your Unwashed Electric Trimmer Blades

We understand. Most of you groom for your sex lives. Many of you might also groom below-the-waist because you like how it makes you feel. Today, we’re going to be a little more serious. While we’re fans of the above reasons to groom, the most important really has nothing to do with any of that. It’s about health. Grooming can be your tool to fighting risks and diseases that you never think about. Allow us to elaborate.

The Creeps

We put a lot of effort into the design of The Lawn Mower 3.0, down to making its ceramic blades antimicrobial. But, those techniques have limits, and if you never clean or replace your equipment, you’re asking for trouble. We’re listing seven infectious risks of an unclean trimmer blade, but this is not even close to a total list. If you take one thing away from what you read today, let it be that you start cleaning your tools and replacing the blade module on a regular basis.

the lawn mower blade module

1. Hepatitis

Surely you’ve heard of hepatitis. It’s a common disease, and different forms of it range from inconvenient to deadly. We’re not trying to fear monger and make you afraid of your own trimmer. What we are trying to stress is that cleanliness really does matter. As for hepatitis itself, the biggest risk is if you share equipment. For a lot of you, that isn’t a problem, but every guy has had a girlfriend or significant other who just helped themselves at one point. That’s a great way to spread a number of diseases, so make sure you regularly disinfect your blades. How often should you do it? Doctors recommend you wash the blades before and after every trim. We understand how that’s a time sink, so at least once a week will still help you avoid a lot of problems.

2. Staphylococcus Infection

You’ve heard of staph infection before. This is one and the same. It’s actually a pretty common skin infection, and it can live on your epidermal layer without causing any problems. The issues begin if it gets deeper into the tissue, or worse, the blood stream. Most staph infection is nothing too terrible. It will look like razor bumps, but they’ll be a little more sensitive, and they don’t go away as quickly. When the infection gets deeper, it can look like an ingrown hair that gets pussy and gross. In more extreme cases, it can create abscesses that would require a trip to the doctor. The big thing to learn here is that staph can spread from one part of your body to another. We frequently harp on why you shouldn’t use one tool for all of your grooming. This is why. 

3. Athlete’s Foot

Oh, you think you’re safe because you don’t groom your feet? We thought better of you. While athlete’s foot is a common affliction of the toes, it isn’t limited to that part of your body. The condition is caused by a fungal growth that prefers damp skin. For those of us who wear socks every day, the feet are a prime target. But, we’re willing to bet that if you try hard enough, you could probably think of a few other damp body parts that you don’t want infested with fiery, itching fungus. Grooming will help protect you, but spores can survive for impressive spans of time in a dormant state. If you don’t clean your blades, you can reintroduce the fungus after a long battle to get rid of it.

4. Ringworm

Another itchy, annoying fungus, ringworm is notorious for infecting any and all skin it can find. It’s also known to spread pretty viciously once the symptoms show. And, like all fungal problems, it’s persistent. The truth is that you have inevitably been exposed to ringworm at some point. If you’ve never had symptoms, it’s because it could never penetrate deep enough into the skin to get a purchase. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how infected trimmer blades could give ringworm the chance it has always wanted.

7 hidden toxins found in unwashed electric trimmer blades

5. Tinea Versicolor

This is perhaps the most common fungal growth that afflicts human skin. It shows up as scaly, patchy or discolored sections of flesh. In most cases, there are no discomfort symptoms, and a lot of people have tinea versicolor without realizing it. Still, it isn’t completely harmless. Like any foreign life form, it can be very bad for you if it gets into the bloodstream. For that reason, and the sake of looking your best, you should nip this one in the bud and keep your blades clean.  

6. Yeast

Don’t roll your eyes. That derisiveness is exactly why you need to be reading this right now. Yeast infections are not a strictly feminine problem. Well, not exactly. You’re unlikely to have an infection caused solely by yeast, but it does regularly come into contact with your skin. Rather than cause direct problems, yeast often serves as a food supply for more aggressive organisms, and it can increase the risk of some of the more unpleasant infections out there. And, yes, it can survive for a good long while on your trimmer blades.

7. Necrotizing Fasciitis 

You may have heard of this disease. It’s the famous flesh-eating bacteria, and it is no joke. While infections of this type are quite rare, they’re deadly serious enough that we don’t mind using this story as a motivating tool. While it is the tale of a woman who got infected through shaving, we think the lesson is pretty universal. Clean your tools or else flesh-eating bacteria might necrotize your junk. And put you into a coma. But we’re more worried about the junk part.

Male Grooming for Health

You just learned how the majority of skin infections thrive on excessive moisture. It’s also easy to notice that improved hygiene (not just washing your trimmer) is essential to keeping any of these infecting agents from gaining a purchase. That old saying about the best defense holds true here. And, contrary to mainstream discussions, manscaping is a way to take your hygiene game up a few levels.


So, now that your Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer has pristine, disinfected blades, you can start your session with a good trim. It’s not just about thinning the pubes. Anywhere you have bushy hair growth and a propensity for trapped dampness should be attacked. Mostly, this will come down to the groin, pits and ass crack, but some of you are especially furry. That lower back hair and other spots can get pretty gross, so take care of it all.


Shaving is more about preference than cleanliness. Trimmed hair takes care of the bulk of the moisture problem, so this is about comfort. It’s also even more important to be clean. We can understand that you don’t want a collection of Lawn Mowers for each part of your body. But safety razors are a small investment. Also, everything we said about trimmer blades applies doubly to razors. The propensity for cutting the skin and letting these agents in deeper is much higher when you shave, so just keep it clean.

MANSCAPED formulations


This is also the very most compelling reason we have for suggesting you shower after every grooming session. It will ensure that cuts (even microscopic cuts) are disinfected and dealt with properly. Crop Cleanser hair and body wash has the antibacterial properties necessary to protect you from infections, but it has to be used correctly. You’re not just wiping a little soap on your body and then rinsing. You want to actually scrub your body with a soft abrasive. It helps any clingy bacteria or fungus be physically removed from your body in addition to the antimicrobial agents of the soap. It’s the combined effort that truly protects you from these infections.

Post Showering

Lastly, we can happily recommend a simple, fast and painless post-shower procedure to really elevate your hygiene. Crop Preserver ball deodorant is designed to help keep you cool and manage moisture. You want a certain level of dryness to stop bacterial and fungal growth. Our crotch deodorant gets that job done. But, if you go too dry, you’re trading one set of problems. Crop Preserver is meticulously engineered to find the happy medium. Pair it with a few spritzes of Crop Reviver toner and you’ve done your utmost to take care of yourself.

Ok. Now you know. You understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and you have a good system for staying on top of it. Still, you may have other thoughts or inquiries regarding manscaping. For any such curiosity, you can find it all at MANSCAPED.COM.


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