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November 14, 2018

7 Ways the Crop Mop Promotes On-The-Go Hygiene

Hygiene is important for obvious reasons, but squeezing it into an already packed schedule can be quite a task. Between the gym, meetings, kids, and whatever other obligations life throws at your, there's plenty of time in the day for parts of your body to pick up bacteria and produce sweat—the combination of which can be deadly to your social possibilities if you stink too badly for people to be willing to be around you.

Thankfully, the world has now been introduced to the Crop Mop. Manscaped's solution to on-the-go hygiene has made it easier than ever to keep your body clean, no matter where you are, no matter who you're with. 

How, you ask? Great question! Let's take a look at seven ways the Crop Mop promotes on-the-go hygiene:

1. They're Compact

We mean really compact. You can easily slip it in your back pocket or stick it next to wherever you stash your condoms. Keep a pack or two in your laptop bag, and be sure to stow a few in your glove box because you never know when you'll be caught with an opportunity to have your pants down.

Since these male cleansing wipes are easy to hide, you can literally take them anywhere. All you need to put them to use is the security of a private bathroom or a stall with a door. (Of course, if you want to give your guys a good rub down in the middle of an open area, that's your thing. We're not here to judge. We're just here to give you clean balls!)

2. They're pH-Balanced

Think products that are pH balanced aren't really relevant to your particular needs? Think again! If you've got parts that protrude from your lower half, you need the power of proper pH balance. Here's the deal—your skin is susceptible to becoming too acidic or too alkaline, depending on the products you use on your body and the lifestyle you lead. If it's too alkaline, it becomes irritated an itchy. We certainly don't have to tell you how that's not an ideal situation for the area beneath your briefs. On the other hand, if it becomes too acidic, you could experience unfortunate breakouts in areas where zits don't get an open invitation.

It's the job of the skin mantle to keep your body moisturized to the right level while keeping bad bacteria away. This is where balance is essential, but your body—particularly certain parts—sometimes needs a little help staying in the neutral zone. With The Crop Mop, you've got on-the-go pH balance in the palm of your hand. Manscaped's Active pH Control™ is formulated with proprietary ingredients to gently cleanse your genitals, leaving behind the soothing effects of aloe.

7 ways the crop mop promotes on-the-go hygiene

3. They Won't Give Your Balls Lint Balls

Your life is not a bad ad for toilet paper; leftover lint balls aren't sexy, and they're certainly not going to get you the attention you're looking for when the lights go out. With The Crop Mop, you've got nothing to worry about. Our Macho Material Technology™ will keep your balls free and clear of gross residue or balls of papery goo. These ultra-sturdy, multi-layer woven pieces of fabric will do the job without causing you more work when you're done.

4. They're Individually Packaged

Completely sealed, individual packaging means you can clean your area down there as often or infrequently as need be. Simply open the single-use sheets when you're ready to get rid of the stink. Each pack contains 15 individually wrapped Crop Mop wipes, so you don't need to worry about the other sheets drying out if you decide to space out your sweat-and-stench-removal sessions.

5. They're 100% Biodegradable and Flushable

That's right—you don't have to worry about figuring out how to slide out of the stall and get next to the trash can without anybody noticing you're throwing away a personal cleansing wipe. While we hope they would applaud your efforts at staying clean, we've come up with a way to avoid any embarrassing situations—just in case.

The Crop Mop is 100% biodegradable and flushable, meaning all you need to do is drop it into the porcelain throne and send it on its merry way through the sewage system when you're finished. It won't harm the environment, and soon enough, it'll return back to Earth in a safe way. As an added bonus, if you're a camper, The Crop Mop makes for the perfect keep-you-clean accessory while you're off in the woods being a manly man. Whether you're working with a port-o-pot or simply roughing it in the woods the way nature intended, these wipes will take care of you without harming the world around you.

6. They're the Gift That Keeps Giving

What do you get that guy who's got everything? Clean balls. That's right. These little gems make the perfect stocking stuffer for any stud in your life. You can also easily integrate them with other items to create the ultimate manly gift basket. Here are some ideas of elements you might want to put together to give your guy an awesome gift that keeps giving:

  • The Crop Mop Moist Ball Refreshing Wipes
  • The Perfect Package 2.0
  • An awesome bathrobe and house slippers
  • A bottle wine (or whatever your fella drinks)
  • His favorite cigars
  • Manscaped Boxers
  • A comfortable t-shirt
  • Fleece pants from his favorite football team

7 ways the crop mop promotes on the go hygiene

These little wonder wipes can inspire great gifts. Whether you're talking about the upcoming holiday season, you're shopping for a birthday or big anniversary, or you just want to think him for being awesome on a random Tuesday, get creative. A bunch of his favorite things—all put together in a single place—will surely make him smile.

7. They're the Perfect Accompaniment to the Rest of the Manscaped Line

Once you've got your regular regimen down, The Crop Mop slides in like a superhero to make sure all the work you did during your manscaping session stays true to you. 

Start by trimming your hair with The Lawn Mower 2.0. This will enable your crazy crop to find its way to a more manageable level. A reduction of hair down there also means bacteria has fewer places to breed, which ultimately is a more positive move for men who don't want to ward people away when they pull off their pants. Once you're trimmed down, put The Plow to work, shaving those ultra-sensitive areas to a baby-butt-smooth finish. This sets the stage for The Crop Mop to take care of your on-the-go needs with little to no obstructions.

Now that your hair's out of the way, hop in the shower and slather yourself in suds with Crop Cleanser. This invigorating body wash is specifically intended for men and works great for post-shave showers. Thanks to its soothing sea salt and aloe formula, your skin will enjoy a calming coolness while you wash away the grossness of the day. Let your stress go down the drain as you get ready for the hours ahead, making sure to touch base with all those hard-to-reach places. This will ensure your Crop Mop can swiftly come in and do a little clean-up action as the day wears on.

Don't put your boxers on just yet! You've got two more steps before your below-the-belt area's good to go. First, apply Crop Preserver after you've toweled off. This multi-tasking moisturizer and ball deodorant is made from residue- and oil-free elements and includes an anti-chafing liquid talcum gel that preserves the skin barrier and promotes anti-bacterial protection and freshness all day.

 7 ways the crop mop promotes on the go hygiene

Are you ready to experience clean balls like never before? With Manscaped, you've got it made. Our Perfect Package will take care of you from trim to cleanse (even if you're not inside the comfort of your own bathroom). Order your Perfect Package 2.0 today and get ready to see what manliness feels like on a whole new level!

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