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9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Christmas is barrelling toward us with no signs of pausing. If you’re like anyone who works at MANSCAPED™, you’re already behind on Christmas shopping. The time seems to get away from us every year. How does it keep happening?

No matter, time isn’t the only challenge you face. You have some people who are impossible to shop for. You’re trying to find Christmas gifts for men who have everything, and you’re truly, completely out of ideas this time.

We have good news for you. While we were busy falling behind in our own Christmas shopping, we researched a bunch of awesome stuff that we think any guy would love to have. Best of all, these are items that he probably doesn’t have yet. From everything on this list, you can probably find something that he’ll like. If not, we love all of these (hint, hint). 

MANSCAPED Performance Package

The Performance Package

MANSCAPED thought of everything with this one. It has all of the tools a man needs to take care of his body hair and so much more. The flagship of the package is The Lawn Mower 3.0™ trimmer. It’s the best body groomer for men by a mile and the thing he will use the most in this package. The great trimmer is complemented by The Weed Whacker™, an ear and nose hair trimmer that makes short work of the most annoying hair there is.

The gift set for him also includes ball deodorant, ball toner, mats for easy cleanup when he grooms, and MANSCAPED boxers. They’re designed to wick moisture and reduce friction. This gift shows that you care about him — all of him, making it one of those thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend.

Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail Smoker

Since he has everything, he probably already has a grill and smoker. He can smoke steaks or whatever he is into. That’s great, but there’s a way to escalate this game, and he probably doesn’t even know about it yet.

A cocktail smoker allows you to smoke food, sure, but it also smokes drinks. You can make concoctions only found after a deep dive of internet research, and the smoking gun makes it easy and consistent. The one we linked comes with smoking chips, an infuser and everything else you need to have fun smoking anything and everything you put in your mouth (even toothpaste, if you get that crazy with it).

Smash And Grab Credit Card Holder

Smash and Grab Gift Card

Man Crates specializes in finding things for the guy who has everything, and their latest solution is just plain cool. Sure, a gift card sounds lame on the surface, but stay with us for a minute. This is a re-envisioning of the concept, and he’ll have a great time with it.

The first step is to choose your gift card. You can find cards from Amazon (which literally has everything), Bass Pro Shop, Gamestop, REI and plenty of others. You’re sure to find a card that he’ll appreciate. Select your card amount (all of this is painfully normal so far). Then, you get to have some fun. You get to pick your smash box.

The smash and grab cards are sealed with concrete. The package comes in a gift box and includes a hammer and safety glasses. He’ll have to smash through the concrete to get to his gift card. As the package says, disassembly is required. It adds a lot of fun to an otherwise mundane gift, and since you’re getting him a gift card that you know he’ll use, it’s a win all around. He gets what he really wants, and you all get a great memory out of it.

Death Star Fire Pit

Death Star Fire Pit

He might already have a fire pit. He almost certainly has things to burn. What he doesn’t have is a custom plasma cut Death Star fire pit. Click the link and look at the picture. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

The pits are made from metal and are fully safe for burning. The plasma cut leaves detailed work that is easy to spot from a distance. But, this thing is at its best at night with a burning fire. The fire glows through the Death Star and creates an ambiance completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Unless he hates Star Wars, he’ll love this one. If by some chance he already has a Death Star fire pit, you might be in a tough spot. We dug deep to find this.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Rifle

Bug-A-Salt 2.0

This is kind of like a Super Soaker or Nerf gun for grown men. It’s technically neither of those things, but it will appeal to the kid in him, and he’ll enjoy this thing to no end.

The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is a salt gun. It’s an air gun that shoots table salt. If that sounds like an easy way to get stinging salt in your eye, you’re not entirely wrong, but the marketing geniuses that branded this found a way to minimize eye injury. They designed this gun for killing flies and other bug pests.

Since it is a pump-action air gun, you don’t need CO2 canisters or anything else. As long as you have salt, you have ammo, and you can blast every fly you can find. It’s hours of fun, and if he already has one, he’ll appreciate a second so he can dual wield these bad boys.

We should offer a fair warning. These are not funny gifts for men. He will take this more seriously than you can imagine. Get ready for full-camo bug hunting.

Cereal Marshmellows

Cereal Marshmallows

What do you get the man who has everything? The real answer is food. He’ll eat it, and then he won’t have it anymore, so you can get it again for his birthday or next Christmas. It’s foolproof!

Cereal marshmallows are exactly what they sound like. It’s a bag full of just the marshmallows, and you can get eight-pound bags. This is full, unfettered self-indulgence. If that’s not what Christmas is about, then we really just don’t know anything.

One eight-pound bag makes a great Christmas gift that he can enjoy for a few days and to the detriment of his stomach. Or, you can go nuts and get him more than one bag. Just be prepared to take him to get his stomach pumped.

The best part about this gift is that you can enjoy it too. He won’t miss the handfuls you sneak for yourself, considering how huge these bags are.

Toilet Mini Golf

Toilet Mini Golf

The greatest conundrum mankind has ever faced is pooping. Sure, we know how to do it. It’s not exactly hard. But there’s something about pooping that feels like time lost (unless you’re doing it on the clock, which is bar-none the best thing in the whole world). For about a century, newspapers and magazines were the unsatisfying answer to how a man could recover time lost to pooping.

These days, we all take our phones in there. We shouldn’t; it’s gross. Yet, we all do it anyway.

The real answer has finally been realized. A man can practice his short game while he’s on the pot. Toilet mini golf really is a putting green designed to be played while on the toilet. It is absolutely a novelty, yet it will prove to be fun for years. We’re not supposed to pick one item off of this whole list, but here we are. This is amazing, and it is definitely what to get your husband for Christmas.



Before we can properly introduce you to the FlashTorch, we have to explain a little about the people who made it. Wicked Lasers is a company that specializes in making lasers (shocker!). A little over a decade ago, they pioneered consumer lasers. They were able to make 1 Watt handheld lasers in different colors. For those who aren’t nerds about this stuff, it was a huge deal. Their consumer lasers could light a sheet of paper on fire from across the room. They’re awesome.

Well, Wicked Lasers didn’t stop after designing a few pen lasers. Instead, they upped their game, and their latest gadget is the FlashTorch. This is not a laser; it’s a flashlight. It’s a compact flashlight that is so bright it defies comprehension. You can outshine car headlights with this handheld. Also, in true Wicked Lasers fashion, you can use the FlashTorch to set things on fire.

They brag that this light is so powerful it can fry an egg. It is not an exaggerated claim. It’s an amazing tool to have when he’s outdoors and doing grown-man stuff.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Earlier, we said that the best thing to get a man who has everything is food. Well, this combines that philosophy with teaching a man to fish. The breakfast sandwich maker simplifies awesome breakfasts. With virtually no prep work, this single device can make a breakfast sandwich that would have Gordon Ramsay drooling.

The sandwich maker is a three-tiered press that can make two sandwiches at the same time. The tiers allow you to cook an egg, toast your bread and melt cheese to your other fixings, all in unison. It’s automated. You add food, it does the rest. If you’re shopping for a man who eats food, he’ll love this. If you use it to make him a breakfast sandwich, he’ll love you too. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for college guys who don’t have room for a real kitchen.

Thus concludes our list. If none of that was enough, just give him cash. He’s too tough, and we sympathize with your struggle. Regardless, we hope you have a great holiday season this year!



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