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A Simple Guide to Pairing Whiskey and Cheese

At Manscaped we believe in refining the gentleman and what could be sophisticated than whiskey and cheese? You don't want to just grab any old cheese, just like you wouldn't want to drink any kind of whiskey! Be prepared to impress at your next party or date night with these simple suggestions! 


Bourbon - This whiskey style tends to have sweeter notes of caramel and vanilla and can be described as softer in flavor. These pair well with sharp and nutty cheeses like Manchego or Cheddars.


Rye - Spicy with full-bodied flavor and a little earthiness, Rye Whiskeys pair well with harder cheese, like Guryere, Gouda, or Paramigiano-Reggiano. It’s spice and robust flavor will also cut through rich cheese, like Camembert.


Scotch - The intense smoky flavor will pair great with something with an equally intense flavor, like a Stilton or Roquefort. Just don’t go for a smoky whiskey and smoked cheese, the can be too similar and some of the flavors clash.


Irish Whiskey - These whiskeys can be light and clean in flavor with hints of vanilla and citrus. Try pairing these with a richer or softer cheeses, like Brie or a sharper cheese, like Cheddar.



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