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BeachLife Festival Manscaping Musts for 2019

It's time get excited and officially start the countdown for the inaugural BeachLife Festival. The weekend of May 3rd through 5th is just around the corner, and with it will come an incredible lineup of shoreline-inspired music to welcome in the lazy days of summer that'll be soon to follow. The sands of Redondo Beach, CA will welcome concert-goers from across the country and beyond, as legends such as Willie Nelson, Blues Traveler, and Ziggy Marley take to the stage. Of course, with three full days of fun in the sun, there are a lot more tunes where those will come from. 

If Coachella's your jam, but you get sad when it disappears each year, you can cure your live-music's-done blues in 2019 by heading due east on I-10. With a few weeks to recover between festivals, you'll be ready to soak in the spirit of outdoor music at its finest when BeachLife Festival rolls around. While Coachella's known for offering visitors an experience in Indio, CA, it's really hard to argue against the idea of jamming out with the Pacific Ocean ebbing and flowing to the beats.

There are certain essentials you'll need to take with you to ensure you have a good time. Beer? You'll want that. Board shorts? They're the perfect outfit. Food? That'll be there, too.

There'll also be plenty of people who are primed to unleash their primal urges and get a little frisky when the sun goes down. If you're going to be one of those guys, you need to make sure you manscape well before you show the world your skin. Maybe you don't plan to get completely naked, but a hairy back on the shores of a beautiful beach can turn a lot of possibilities into never-minds. Then again, you can't always anticipate when you'll be getting lucky between layers of bedding, so isn't it just best to be prepared, should a little skin-on-skin time find its way into your festival schedule?

Manscaping is the solution you shouldn't ignore if you want to feel sexy and confident in places like beaches and festivals. You know, places where more skin shows and people are less concerned about clothes. It's a combination of keeping proper hygiene and simply knowing that you've got the goods in good shape down below. You don't want to use just any products around your privates; you need the proper gear to keep your...gear...protected.

That's where Manscaped comes into play. With this in mind, here's everything you need to know about BeachLife Festival Manscaping musts for 2019:

beachlife festival manscaping 2019

1. You Must Wear Sunscreen

Exposed shoulders and bare chests are just asking for wrath from UV rays when you'll be spending hours outside in the sun. You might think it's not masculine to slather on a protective layer of SPF, but the really emasculating experience will occur when you're screaming bloody murder because your blistered body can't be touched.

Skip the feeling sorry for yourself the next morning by protecting your skin every few hours will a fresh layer of sunscreen.

2. You Must Remove the Top Layer of Fuzz

Perhaps a super-smooth facade isn't really your thing, but you shouldn't look like a grizzly bear, either. A chest, back, and set of shoulders that are covered by unruly body follicles are a surefire way of acquiring weird nicknames and some unwanted stares during the festival weekend. 

If you're the kind of guy who digs a little hair on your chest, you can still keep your patch of wool without letting your body get buried. Be sure to start with an electric trimmer that's designed to do justice to coarse body hair without snagging or pulling it.

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is an electric trimmer that's specifically made for manscaping. Thanks to the 6,000 RMP QuietStroke™ technology, The Lawn Mower 2.0 will ensure your body's free of the top layer of fuzz from your collarbone to your balls. 

This is also the first step if you're prepping to have a completely bald body. You don't want to put a blade to your bare skin until you've eliminated the excess growth because you'll risk painful tugging and pulling. Shortening your strands will pave the way for The Plow to cater to the next step of your manscaping process.

Beach Life Festival Manscaping Musts for 2019

3. You Must Not Ignore Your Back Hair

You can see most of the fur on your body. You feel the fuzz on your front and phallus every time you get dressed, take a shower, or step out of your clothes. Your back, on the other hand, can easily grow a garden without giving you any notice at all. 

You absolutely must not ignore your back hair. Besides the fact that homegrown sweaters that are made of body strands are just unattractive, the look gets even weirder if you've taken care of all the rest of the hair on your body but left a wooly weave on the area you can't reach.

It's time to turn to a trusted friend and hand over The Lawn Mower 2.0 for a solid back trim. Just like your front-facing parts, your back deserves a good foundation before The Plow makes it smooth and hair-free.

4. You Must Not Let Your Nuts Sit in Sweat

This is a tricky one because, by nature, you' ll be moving and grooving beneath the heat of the summer sun with tons of bodies brushing against you.

Think it's okay to let your nuts become sweatballs because everybody else is doing it?

What would your mom say to you about jumping off a bridge because that's the cool thing to do? Obviously, you're not going to jump off a bridge, and you shouldn't neglect your balls, either. Besides the fact that smelly swamp crotch can really put a damper on your down-under area, you really can't be sure everybody's leaving their lower region to the fate of Mother Nature. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that any music festival that's filled with millennial men is probably beaming with below-the-belt anti-smell solutions like Crop Preserver

Save yourself the embarrassment of being the only guy with a smelly scrotum. Clean the sweat and bacteria from your balls with pH-balanced Crop Cleanser while you're in the shower, then top off your freshly cleaned nether region with anti-chafing ball deodorant that's built to keep the bad bacteria that causes bad odor at bay. It's got a quick-absorbing talcum-like gel that makes it the perfect pre-festival preparation.

Beach Life Festival Manscaping Musts for 2019

5. You Must Prevent the Itch

All that moving around can cause the fabric of your clothing to find its way down a chafe-y channel. If you want to find out how quickly your festival plans can be ruined as a result of uncomfortable itchiness in your crotch, let your lower region fend for itself.

Being lazy about your post-shave manscaping regimen can leave you in a world of awkwardness if you don't apply soothing ingredients such as aloe and witch hazel to your skin after your razor blade's done its duty. 

How can you find such a palliative infusion of everything you need to keep your crotch from getting an out-of-control itch, you ask? Great question! Look toward the assistance of Crop Reviver. A quick spritz after you shower and apply our anti-chafing ball deodorant will make sure you can take the BeachLife Music Festival by the balls all weekend long.

As millennial men everywhere prepare to get their summer skin ready to be touched, our team at Manscaped is excited to be the reason guys can get rid of their unwanted hair down there. Whether you're looking for a Perfect Package that'll keep your package, well, perfectly manicured—or you need replacements for the male grooming products you've already purchased—we've got you covered. Before you know it, you'll be baring it all on the shores of Redondo Beach (or anywhere else where there's sand, sun, or water of some sort).

Which summer music festivals are you planning to hit in 2019? Let us know in the comments section below!



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