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Benefits to a Manscaped Man

benefits to a manscaped man

Have you ever heard a woman tell you that she feels more confident when she's wearing a sexy bra and panties, even though nobody knows she's wearing them but her?

It's true!

What's underneath has a lot to do with the way you present yourself, and the same goes for men. If your below-the-belt barrier is trimmed, smooth, and looking its best, your personality will exude power, despite the fact that the reason for your puffy chest is a secret your bathroom will keep in confidence.

If pure animal magnetism isn't enough to convince you to get your trim on, here are a few more benefits brought to you by the wonders of manscaping:

Better Hygiene

It may not be pretty to think about, but the truth of the matter is that your nether regions are exposed to plenty of bacteria and other stuff that would make a petri dish squeal with delight. Unfortunately, when this bacteria runs amuck, it could just leave you squealing. The more well-groomed you are, the fewer places bacteria has to hide, and shower time will be far more fruitful when all of those germs find their way to the drain.

Crotch stink is often founded from bacteria that's taken up residence in your pubic hair and nether regions. Even the best body washes can only do so much, so aid your shower regimen by reducing places where smelly surfaces tend to set up shop.

...not to mention, toilet paper has a tendency to stick to rogue hair down below, and, let's be honest, who wants to carry around an extra piece or two of toilet tissue?

A Comfortable Fit in Your Own Skin

There's something pretty amazing about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and a manscaped landscape is just the beginning. Think of it like this: Loose-fitting jeans are more comfortable than tight ones that make you feel trapped. The same goes for your manscaping -- well-trimmed hair is also well-behaved, and it chills where it's supposed to. Untamed man manes go rogue, invading your space with inhibiting itching and unruly behavior that leaves you yearning for better comfort.

At Manscaped, we're always happy to tell you why it's beneficial to be a manscaped man. Follow us @ManscapedGents to get the skinny on the great things manscaping can do for you and your crown jewels!



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