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Best Ball Chafing Cream for Men

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Best Ball Chafing Cream for Men

Even though they've been the recipients of many benefits due to patriarchal cultures found in most parts of the world, men are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the below-the-waist area, anatomically speaking. Unlike women, whose privates are neatly kept inside, men let it all hang out. Literally, our sexual organs are placed somewhat inconveniently between the legs. Legs that walk and move. Because of this regular movement and wearing pants, a man's family jewels get crowded, sweaty, and restrained. And even worse, they can get chafed, irritated, and inflamed. And who wants a fire crotch? Not us, and certainly not you. So, what is the solution to this flaming problem?

The Solution To Fire Crotch

Since there's no historical information on what men used to do when they had achy chafe-y balls, we're probably going to guess that the solution lay in ice-cold water and strategically placed animal skin. Since it's not prehistoric times anymore, we have better options for one's great balls of fire. OK, we'll stop with the wordplay. These options don't involve stealing hand cream from your mother's purse or using your significant other's expensive eye cream. We know that if you are male and if you have balls, they will chafe due to the reasons mentioned above. What you need to do is find the best ball chafing cream for men. Got it? You need a cream made specifically for men and specifically for the common condition of ball chafing. Don't worry: MANSCAPED™ has got your balls. 

Introducing Crop Preserver

The male grooming geniuses at MANSCAPED created their lineup of tools and products just for a man's below-the-waist grooming needs, and in this lineup is found Crop Preserver ball deodorant, also known as the best ball chafing cream for me. Now, you may think that you don't have to slather some thick cream on your ball sack, and you're right about that. Crop Preserver from MANSCAPED isn't a thick cream that will leave marks and stains on your clothes. It's a unique gel powder formulation that goes on dry yet keeps your balls perfectly soft and moisturized. You know the one. You love the chips, but you don't love the scent, particularly when it's emanating from your crotch.

Crop Preserver™ is the jewel in the MANSCAPED product line because it does so much for a man's package. Because scrotum skin is inherently different from the skin you'll find anywhere else on your body; it requires specialized tools and products like Crop Preserver, the best ball chafing cream for men.

But MANSCAPED doesn't just offer Crop Preserver ball deodorant and moisturizer. It offers a full lineup of what you need to keep your boys fresh and attractive.

Additional Tools From MANSCAPED

You'll find the tools necessary to remove and trim the hair down there. The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 is a compact, portable, cordless electric trimmer that trims pubic hair quickly and efficiently, with few or any nicks or snags the way you get with ordinary electric trimmers. It features a built-in, adjustable safety guard so you can determine your preferred hair length.

Here's what one fan of The Lawn Mower said:

The BEST trimmer out there!

"The Lawn Mower from MANSCAPED was designed by guys who know how delicate a man's package is. The design is sleek, compact, and most importantly, it works well and has a powerful motor!" – Abner W.

While using the MANSCAPED tools, you'll want to utilize the Magic Mat™ shaving mat to keep your bathroom clean and to keep pubic hair from polluting your bathroom. This custom-sized newspaper-style shaving mat features funny tidbits and articles about manhood, male grooming, and man stuff. If you don't laugh at least three times while reading it, you may just be dead inside. Not that we're judging (but we are).

Want to know what guys think of the Magic Mat? Here you go:


"This is really funny! And I'm not just talking about my balls, either. Magic Mat keeps my bathroom clean, and I keep an extra copy in my desk so I can have a quick humorous pick-me-up when work is really dragging." – Hal I.

Once you're done using The Lawn Mower to trim and The Plow to refine your pubic hair, get clean by using the all-in-one cleansing wonder Crop Cleanser™. This hard-working cleanser works on both your hair and your body. The last thing you want is dried out and inflamed balls. Trust us.

One Crop Cleanser devotee exclaims:

Just what I need

"I don't need heavily perfumed body washes that don't do the job. I just need a non-drying cleanser that WORKS. And Crop Cleanser does the job with no problem! I'm a fireman and get really hot and sweaty on the job, but once I wash with this cleanser, it's like I have a desk job! (No offense to dudes that have desk jobs.)" – Ignacio

After using Crop Cleanser in the shower to clean your hair and body, get out and dry off. Here's when the magic happens. The best ball chafing cream for men, Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant meets your balls. This futuristic gel powder formulation goes on dry and keeps your boys dry and moisturized. It also features. Your balls have never felt so soft!

Here's what a Crop Preserver convert says of his favorite ball deodorant:

I never want to run out of this!

"Which is why I signed up for the replenishment program. Once you've used Crop Preserver on your balls, you'll never go back to NOT using it. And I'm not taking the chance of running out of it, even for a few days." –Hank D.

After you've applied Crop Preserver, the best ball chafing cream for men, there's one more finishing touch. Can there be more? Yes! Crop Reviver is a performance spray toner that refreshes your package. Use after Crop Preserver, or use it during the day when your crotch starts feeling hot and sticky. Many Crop Reviver fans keep a bottle with them at work or in their cars for a quick, refreshing spritz.

Here's what a Crop Reviver fan has to say about his favorite scrotal toner:

Like a round of cold drinks

"You know when it's a hot day, and you finally make it to the pub? That first round of cold drinks tastes unbelievable. It's almost the same feeling when you spray Crop Reviver on your package; it quenches a thirst and makes you feel happy. Do I recommend Crop Reviver? Cheers to that!" –William P. 

So, we told you about the best ball chafing cream for men, the Crop Preserver, and the tools and formulations that go along with it. Go to and be groomed! Now, if you're wondering how to stop sweaty balls, we've got all the information you need on our next episode.



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