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November 30, 2017

Best Body Groomer For Manscaping

Male grooming, or manscaping as it’s popularly called, has exploded in popularity. Manscaping is the act of removing body hair, particularly in and around the genital area. Male grooming involves getting rid of hair on the testicles and above the penis, in addition to any surrounding hair on the thighs. Because manscaping is a fine art, men generally take care of their male grooming needs in several ways: They get it professionally removed, they don’t remove it at all, or they remove it clumsily using inappropriate tools. After a few times of failed body grooming using inappropriate tools such as face trimmers or women’s razors. These tools aren’t designed to work around the delicate skin and coarse hair found in a man’s below-the-belt region. The skin on your testicles and penis isn’t like the skin anywhere else on your body. It’s susceptible to pH imbalance, nicks and cuts, and bacterial infections due to improper grooming and imperceptible nicks and cuts.

Because of the potential complications of male grooming, or manscaping, many men look for the best body groomer for manscaping. They usually check the drugstore or look online. Surprisingly, even though there is a huge and ever-growing market for manscaping tools, it’s difficult to find ones that are specifically engineers for a man’s specific needs. Finding the best body groomer for manscaping can be a difficult task. Well, that is until now. Manscaped, the revolutionary male grooming brand, has created an entire line of tools and formulations to make a man’s nether zone into a well-groomed attractive body part!

When it comes to finding the best body groomer from manscaping, Manscaped offers The Lawn Mower. This expertly-engineered trimmer is designed especially for a man’s private parts. It trims hair on and around the genitals quickly and easily, with no nicks and snags. Nicks and snags are common occurrences with cheap all-in-one trimmers. They can be painful and leave your testicles and the surrounding areas look patchy and uneven. And that’s no good! This is why the creators of Manscaped thought it was important to engineer the best body groomer for manscaping out there! 

Here’s the lowdown on The Lawn Mower.

Best Body Groomer For Manscaping

This high-powered, compact, portable electric trimmer is uniquely designed for refining highly sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas like your crotch! It fits firmly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy, and it features Manscaped ToughShears™ for safe trimming of coarse hair without nicks and snags.

  • Powerful 4,000 RPM motor
  • Cordless, battery operated (works with a regular battery)
  • Multi-adjustable cut length
  • Perfect for all Manscaped Refining Products™
  • Long lasting 4.5-hour battery life
  • 4,000 cutting strokes per minute
  • Stainless steel, dual blade shears that minimize tug and pull for increased comfort
  • Prevent nicks with multi-adjustable safety guard
  • Non-slip, palm grip assembly

No wonder The Lawn Mower is revered by thousands of manscaped men across the globe! It was designed especially for their family jewels. It keeps them trim, clean, and looking good. When your boys look good, you feel more confident, and there’s a spring in your step. You do better in the dating world and at work. It’s a proven fact! Manscaping imparts confidence, giving you an edge in your career and social life. AND it makes you manhood look bigger. Trimming the hedges makes the tree look bigger. Hello? Need we say more?

Best Body Groomer For Manscaping

Not only does keeping your balls trim make them look more attractive, it also helps keep them healthy and hygienic. Did you know excess hair can trap dirt and bacteria, resulting in excess odor and sweat? That’s when you get that funky ball smell and slippery feel that’s so unappealing to anyone who has to get close to them.

8 out of every 10 women, and 10 out of 10 gay men find manscaped men more attractive than unkempt men. With such strong support for manscaping, why wouldn’t you do it? And start with the best body groomer for manscaping. Trimming is the first step in any proper manscaping session. Using one Magic Mat, one of our hilarious, disposable shaving mats, position your feet on opposite sides of the mat. Place The Lawn Mower comfortably in the palm of your hand. Turn on and carefully trim off excess hair, pulling taut any loose skin. Allow trimmed hair to fall onto the shaving mat and dispose. Can be used to trim as much or as little as needed with the aid of the detachable safety guard. As you use The Lawn Mower, it will become clear that his is a body groomer designed especially for your junk, and as such, it minimizes the risk of trimming the wrong parts.

Once you've de-bushed your bush, it's time to pull out The Plow, our stylin' single blade double-edge razor. This is when you refine. First thing: Get in the shower. Shampoo, and do what you need to do. Then, while in the shower, grab The Plow firmly in your hand (the water and Crop Cleanser help lubricate your skin), pull the area of the skin you want to shave taut, and carefully start to shave with slow, short strokes, almost like you're painting -- gentle and steady. The main thing to remember is GO WITH THE GRAIN of the hair! This will reduce the chance of nicks or cuts. Believe us, you do NOT want to cut your nuts! This is an opportunity for bacteria to enter.

Once you're satisfied with the length and appearance of your balls, make sure to wash the hair down the drain to ensure squeaky clean balls and a squeaky clean shower.

The Lawn Mower is the first and most important step. If nothing else, it empowers you to keep up with the competition of modern masculinity. If you’re ready to push the envelope, then take a minute to learn about a few more of our manscaping enhancement products. 

Once you hop out of the shower, admire yourself like the Greek god you now are, then apply Manscaped Crop Preserver. This miracle deodorant/moisturizer is a talcum gel that goes on dry, and keeps your boys dry, moisturized, and smelling fresh! Use this every time you come out of the shower -- It will keep your junk smelling not-so-junky the entire day! Seriously - just ask someone to take a sniff. (Not at work, though.)

Best Body Groomer For Manscaping

After you're done applying Crop Preserver, and your nuts are nice and dry, then spritz with Crop Reviver. This allover body toner is the ultimate finishing touch. It's super refreshing, lightly scented, and ph Balanced to keep your skin healthy. Use throughout the day whenever your manhood needs a refresh. Keep it in your car, in your desk at work, or in your work bag. You never know when you might need a spritz.

Using the other Manscaped products with The Lawn Mower, the best body groomer for manscaping, will complete your manscaping routine. And once you get into a manscaping regimen, you’ll wonder what you ever did before! It’s like the internet: How did we get by before it? 

Do you want to know what people say about The Lawn Mower? Read these actual customer reviews to find out! 

“I was using a trimmer from the drugstore, but it was bulky and ran out of juice fast. Not The Lawn Mower! It's quick and the perfect size to fit around my family jewels!” - Michael W., Minneapolis, MN

“The Lawn Mower ROCKS. I never used to trim my balls because, to be honest with you, it took too long, and it made them look uneven. But my girlfriend got me Manscaped and my life hasn't been the same since!” - Jonathan R., Seattle, WA

“I would use my girlfriend's razor to shave my balls, which was awkward for both of us. Now I use The Lawn Mower, which does a better job in half the time!” - Hank L., Portland, OR

“Get this trimmer, guys! It's amazing! Fresh, shorn balls in just a few minutes!” Joey S., Staten Island, NY

Best Body Groomer For Manscaping

“The Lawn Mower is rad! It fits in my hand and maneuvers around my boys perfectly for a smooth ball shave.” Phillip E., Fort Lauderdale, FL 

“The Lawn Mower ROCKS. I never used to trim my balls because, to be honest with you, it took too long, and it made them look uneven. But my girlfriend got me Manscaped and my life hasn't been the same since!” - Gino G., Atherton, CA

“I can't believe how powerful this small trimmer is! There's no cord, so it's really convenient to use too.” - Wesley R., Salt Lake City, UT

“Smooth like silk is what my nuts feel like after a fresh trim using Lawn Mower. Love it!” - Brian A., Las Vegas, NV 

Your search for the best body groomer for manscaping is now over! As you can see, The Lawn Mower from Manscaped is the top choice for the best body groomer for manscaping. Visit now to empower your balls with the Lawn Mower. 

Your balls will thank you!

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