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Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

Here at Manscaped, we talk a lot about male grooming. It’s kind of our thing, as you can see. We’ve explained why it’s important and how it can help the everyman, but body grooming has a richer tradition and special value to a certain class amongst men: athletes, both professional and amateur. It was for the sake of competition that grooming was originally honed to precision, and athletes today stand to benefit more than ever from a structured, consistent male grooming (or manscaping) strategy. This strategy can contribute to reaching higher athletic heights, and why finding the best body grooming kit for male athletes is critical to your success.

Why Body Groom?

Men everywhere groom to look and feel good. The confidence granted by expert male grooming helps them socially, personally and professionally. That goes without mentioning how it helps their love lives. But male athletes have a whole new level of reasons to groom their body. Like everything else an athlete does, grooming boosts their competitive edge and gives them a leg up on the competition. The best body grooming kit for male athletes, like the ones designed by brands like Manscaped can help. 

Sure, swimmers and certain other racers are going to remove body hair to get just a little faster, but in truth, every athlete stands to benefit dramatically from full-body care and meticulous hair removal below the belt. Men in contact (whether direct or indirect contact) sports like football, basketball, or even soccer can and should remove pubic hair to prevent it from pulling when they get hit. Nothing distracts you from making a play like a sudden, sharp pull on your pubes. Ouch! Beyond that, having a smoother body can help you feel more streamlined and in better shape. That mental edge goes a long way in helping a male athlete reach his athletic goals. Adding to that, smoother muscles are easier to see, and your improved visible physique can give you another small mental edge over opponents, in addition to psychologically messing with your opponents.

Most importantly, keeping yourself presentable is vital to your love life. Even the highest-paid athletes in the world won’t keep a woman if they smell and look gross. You’ve all seen examples of athletes who can’t get a woman for the life of them. And why? Because their grooming is subpar. They don’t use a body grooming kit for male athletes. They most likely use nothing at all. For an athlete, a successful love life is even more important. Success in the bedroom and at home will kick your mental state into overdrive and help you play at your best when you know you have a partner and maybe even a family cheering you on. You want to make them proud. Above all else, doing well romantically is the best natural testosterone boost in the world. Your workouts will be more effective and you will compete at your highest level.

How to Go About Body Grooming

If you’re convinced that body grooming can help you as an athlete, then you need to take a smart approach. Just like you use the right equipment to work out and compete to the best of your ability, you also need good tools and equipment to manage your body. Manscaped makes The Perfect Package, which is considered by many to be the best body grooming kit for male athletes. It has everything you need in a convenient travel bag, so you can keep your game sharp at home and on the road. Let’s break down why each tool and product is important and how it can help you reach your highest athletic heights. 

The Lawn Mower

Shears are the backbone of body grooming. Even though for most athletes, you don’t necessarily have to be perfectly smooth everywhere, a simple trim can still give you physical and mental advantages over your opponents and in the game. The Lawn Mower provides precise control over your below-the-belt body grooming in a wireless, electric, waterproof package. You can quickly maintain your grooming in the shower, or you can take your time and turn your body into a work of art before the shower (which is what we recommend). Use The Lawn Mower as your first step to a smooth package.

Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

The Plow 

The name alone is enough to let you know that this is a serious razor. And, if we’re being honest, many of us need a razor of such magnitude. The Plow is stainless steel, so like The Lawn Mower, it works great in the shower, though if you use it pre-shower, you may find that you can control the refinement The Plow gives you a bit better. The high-quality, stainless steel double-edge single hard blades hold their edge well, preventing you from needing replacements as often. There’s no bigger annoyance than having to replace razor blades too often. This won’t happen with The Plow, Manscaped makes sure of it. This is the tool that lets you fine tune your grooming, and you will learn to cherish it. Not only that, it’s cool old-school design will make you think of your grandpa’s razor.

Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

Magic Mat

Shears and a razor handle most of the hair removal, but the Magic Mat shaving mat is an unsung hero. When you’re on the road, dealing with the messiness of grooming can be a major deterrent. Even at home, you’ll be tempted (as we all are) to put off shaving because you don’t want to clean up after it. The Magic Mat shaving mat eliminates these problems and helps you stay on top of your game. It folds nicely and is disposable, so cleanup is always a simple process. Not only that, it features humorous text, so you can get a few chuckles in between trimming and shaving your balls.

Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

Crop Preserver

Managing your hair is important, but it’s only half the battle. Regardless of how you choose to groom, if you show up to a date smelling like your latest workout, you’re going home alone. Armpit deodorant and colognes can help, but for some reason mainstream hygiene products ignore the obvious truth: a man’s nether regions are by far the smelliest part of his body. Crop Preserver is a ball deodorant and ball moisturizer. Genius, right? You can apply before or after a workout (or both) to make sure the unpleasant aromas of your hard labors don’t follow you around all day. The Crop Preserver is at its most valuable when you just don’t have time for an extra shower in a day. We suggest applying it right out of the shower in the morning for all day freshness, even in the face of a long workout or training session.

Crop Reviver

At a glance, it might be easy to confuse toners and deodorants. Once you use them, that confusion will forever disappear. Deodorant is important to smell nice, and Crop Reviver also smells great, but that isn’t the most important function. The toner is a moisturizer infused with herbal essences that is designed to reduce irritation and friction due to its pH balancing effects. It will help you avoid razor burn in the groin area (which would defeat the competitive edge you’re working so hard to build), and it will help reduce chafing when you’re working your hardest. The fact that it uses pH balance and antimicrobial solution to minimize odor causing bacteria and promote general healthiness is just icing on the cake. This Manscaped formulation is one you may want to keep with you at all times for a refreshing spritz or two when needed.

Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

The Shears

All this talk about male grooming for the pubic area is great, but you can’t forget another aspect to male body grooming and finding the best body grooming kit for male athletes. A male athlete’s nails are an important consideration when grooming. Long, dirty nails are a big no-no, especially if you’re in a hands-heavy sport like baseball or basketball. Short, clean, manicured nails not only can give you a competitive edge by not interfering with sports equipment, but they can also garner you respect as a professional athlete. After all, how many professional athletes do you see with dirty, unkempt nails at a press conference? Not many. You know that Tom Brady has good nails. Now you can have good nails, too, with The Shears five-piece nail kit from Manscaped, found in the Perfect Package.

Best Body Grooming Kit For Male Athletes

Making it Count

Having the tools and knowing how to use them is just the start. In the end, body grooming will be like every other facet of remaining competitive. The key is to work it into your routine and stay on top of it. The freshness you feel after your first major groom will have you convinced, but being at the top will require the same discipline and devotion as workouts and diets. Make grooming habitual, and you’ll get to reap the rewards for the rest of your days as an athlete. That means more wins, a better love life and the self-satisfaction that comes from pushing yourself to greater heights. Interested in taking it to the next level? Visit to purchase the Perfect Package, and to up your game. 



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