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Best Body Hair Trimmer for Balls

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Best Body Hair Trimmer for Balls

Body hair is something most of us have, but not all of us know what to do with it. If you've let it grow rogue for your entire life, you've probably got an entire forest of tresses growing around your tree. Even if you groom down south rather regularly, you can still wind up with hair that's growing on your balls in uncomfortable ways. So, how do you combat this hairy madness and put your pubes in their place from the very beginning? You find the best body hair trimmer for balls and trim! But not with just any trimmer—you need a trimmer that was built to go to work on your balls in a gentle-yet-effective way that takes away worry while ensuring you get the most out of your male grooming regimen.

With all this in mind, let's explore the best trimmer for your balls: The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 trimmer.

the lawn mower 3.0 trimmer

Why Do You Grow Pubes?

Pubic hair is a sign of puberty. Once you reach a certain age, you probably had hair sprout from once completely bald areas. In the locker room, you might have even given your teammates hell about becoming a man earlier or later than the rest of the guys. While seemingly inevitable for most people, these little hairs have long had an air of mystery around them. Why do they exist? What purpose do they serve?

It seems a lot of science points out that pubes exist because they hold onto pheromones or the chemicals your body produces to subconsciously attract mates. Pubic hair doesn't produce these hormones, but they do hold onto the hormones once they've been secreted by the body, making a happy little nest of come-hither in your down-under. In your early years as a young adult, your pubes silently signal to others that you've gone through puberty and are ready to get going on the between-the-sheets rendezvous that could lead to baby-making. Of course, in this day and age, we don't exactly encourage kids who are just now going through puberty to embark on a pregnancy journey; we're simply speaking from a purely scientific perspective. 

Pubic hair also acts as the gatekeeper to your goods, ushering away dirt and grime, so it doesn't enter the crevices that live below the belt. Along similar lines, it can help create a buffer that cushions friction and makes sex feel more comfortable—at least, that's what some people say.

Why Would You Want Pubes to Go Away?

Let's back up and start with that last point real quick, shall we? When sexual partners have puffs and tufts on their private parts, the act isn't as comfortable as some people may lead you to believe. Pubic hair can become matted and itchy when things get hot and heavy. Not to mention, anyone who's willing to give you oral pleasure is probably not going to be ecstatic about being met by a forest of unkempt hair that will be stuck between their teeth for days on end.

If that image didn't do it for you, we have plenty more reasons to get rid of your pubes.

Just as pubic hair holds onto pheromones and sex chemicals, they also hold onto sweat and bacteria. This combination can lead to stinky, embarrassing situations and that uncomfortable thing known as "swamp crotch". With this in mind, it only makes sense that you wouldn't want to walk around with a gigantic bush growing below your waistline. After all, that's exactly how colonies of bacteria and crotch stink begin. When you give bacteria the playground in which to breed babies and make friends, you're begging for embarrassing odors to come crawling out of your crotch. You don't want that, do you? Rest assured, we don't want that for you, either.

Which Tools Can Do Right by Your Balls and the Pubes You're Removing?

When it comes to getting rid of the hair down there, you need to use tools specifically designed for your southern hemisphere. Otherwise, you could find your junk being nicked, whacked, pulled, and simply sad. The key is in several parts of the overall design, and MANSCAPED™ has made sure The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer checks all the essential boxes to be the best body hair trimmer for your balls (and a few more for your trimming pleasure).

the perfect package 3.0

The Motor of Our Ball Trimmer

A chintzy motor won't get you very far. Before long, the coarse, curly hair that resides between your legs will stop a low-powered motor right in its tracks. That could leave you with a weird semi-finished row of shaven hair amongst a sea of crazy chaos, especially if the motor decides to burn out completely and won't ever turn back on. At MANSCAPED, we don't believe in half-assed ball trimming. That's why The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is backed with a 7,000 RPM motor that can cut through even the deepest of crotch forests without even batting an eye (or blowing a gasket, as the case may be). 

What happens if you opt for a lower-grade motor? If your tool doesn't have the ability to deal with longer growth, it could snap and pull your hair in very uncomfortable positions. You could avoid that by trimming very, very slowly and patiently until all the growth is reduced, but you're a busy man, and you've got stuff to do. Why would you want to waste time with your whack job when this trimmer will cut right to the chase? 

QuietStroke™ Technology

Do you feel weird when your razor sets off with a sound that's akin to a vibrator going crazy? Are you afraid to shave in your hotel room for fear of waking up your neighbors? Rest assured, you're in good hands with MANSCAPED. Our QuietStroke™ technology enables you to trim your balls without embarrassment. Nobody will ever know you've got this thing powered up to do its job on your junk because this trimmer is whisper-quiet.

Nick-Free Care on Your Nuts

If there's one thing we wish for you more than anything else, it's that you don't ever have to worry about your nuts being nicked again. It's a painful experience that even the most pain-loving people wouldn't recommend to their worst enemies. MANSCAPED has eliminated the fear of tugging and pulling because The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer's horizontal blade system doesn't wrap and wind hair into the blades. Instead, it cuts it right at the crop, keeping you and your sack safe from unwanted adventures to the hospital. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer comes equipped with a SkinSafe™ anti-nick feature that's specially engineered to safely trim your most sensitive areas. The extra-small trimming teeth prevent hair and skin from being pulled into the trimming compartment, giving you the ability to breathe in and breathe out without losing a piece of your balls while you're at it.

Easy Rechargeability

Have you ever been trimming your man parts, only to discover the battery light is flashing when you're only halfway done with your duties? Fear not, dear reader! We've eliminated this problem with a convenient charging dock for your cordless trimmer pleasure. It doesn't get any easier than that! USB-charged li-ion batteries power the convenient charging dock. You no longer have to worry about lugging an extra charger around when you're staying at your significant other's place, traveling for work, or going on vacation. This means less packing, less putting up with cords, and less frustration when it's time to get the job done.

Rest assured, that's not the only benefit to The Lawn Mower 3.0's charging capabilities. You don't have to leave it on the dock. When it's fully juiced, it'll stay charged for up to 90 minutes of cord-free use. That should be plenty of time to knock out all the hair on your balls and get rid of that excess sweater hair you have on your back or anywhere else on your body, too. An LED light will let you know when it's completely charged (and light your grooming sesh), so you don't have to worry about any sort of guesswork. 

Wet & Dry Functionality - Trim Your Balls In The Shower

Do you prefer to get your junk ready when you're standing in front of the mirror, or are you more of an in-the-shower sort of man? With some trimmer brands, you'll need to have a different device to match your mood, but with MANSCAPED, The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer tackles both types of environments seamlessly. Thanks to our waterproof design, you no longer have to be afraid of shocking yourself when your trimmer gets near water. Let's be honest—that's an accomplishment we can all rejoice in!

Let's not forget the fact that The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer's wet/dry capabilities make cleaning a breeze. You can easily rinse the hairs out of your blades by running them under a bit of warm water after you've given your gonads the gift of hairlessness.

Adjustable Combs

Do you want to take a lot off the top or just a little? With many men's pubic hair trimmers, you don't get to choose. You're left with a single blade that comes with one level. Choose to use it or don't, but if you don't abide by that blade's rules, the alternative is to live with a furry forest for as long as you can stand it. MANSCAPED approaches things a little differently. We provide two detachable trimming combs that provide four length settings to give you the ultimate control of your crotch while delivering the kind of precision you'd expect from such an expert tool.

How Else Can You Protect Your Balls?

the perfect package 3.0

When it comes to keeping your crotch in good working order, nothing delivers quite like The Perfect Package 3.0. Why you ask? Great question! Let's take a moment to explore the contents that come in each special box.

1.) The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 Trimmer

As mentioned above, this is the best body hair trimmer for balls. It's slim, lightweight, comfortable, and effective. There's nothing more you could ask for from a trimmer unless you happen to find one that does the laundry for you and cooks your meals, too. While we can't quite offer those elements at MANSCAPED, we can offer you a tool that's designed to do right by your private parts, ensuring they're well-trimmed and properly kept without any discomfort, pulling, itching, or other unwanted irritation.

2.) The Magic Mat™ Shaving Mats

Don't discount the value of these little gold mines until you've tried them. If you're tired of chasing month-old pubes around your bathroom just before someone comes over for a date, we're here to tell you that there's a better way. With the Magic Mat disposable shaving mats, all you need to do is toss 'em on the floor, trim, shave, and throw them away when you're done. You no longer have to deal with washing towels that could hold your short-and-curlies for several washes or be embarrassed by guests finding your pubes floating around near your floorboards. With the Magic Mat, everything falls right where it's supposed to, and it lands right in the trash.

3.) Crop Preserver™ Ball Deodorant

Do your balls a favor by giving them all the protection they need to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the day. After you towel off from your shower, douse your boys in Crop Preserver ball deodorant. This uniquely formulated all-in-one deodorant and moisturizer was specifically designed to do right for your below-the-deck areas, especially after you've trimmed and shaved. It's formulated with an anti-chafing substance that turns from liquid to a baby powder-like substance shortly after being absorbed into the skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, you can rest assured that your crotch will be smell and itch-free for many hours to come.

4.) Crop Reviver™ Ball Toner

One more thing before you slip into our MANSCAPED boxer briefs: a quick spritz of Crop Reviver ball toner will alleviate any possible inflammation or irritation your skin might have experienced during the grooming process. All it takes is a quick spritz or three of this aloe-based toner to give your sensitive skin the love and affection it deserves so your body can have the best of everything it's supposed to enjoy below the waist. This magic elixir will ensure your skin stays moisturized and hydrated without creating an oily or otherwise unwanted surface feel on your scrotum.

5.) MANSCAPED™ Boxers

That's right, gents. Now that you've groomed your man parts to perfection, it's time to put one foot in front of the other as you step into your very own MANSCAPED Boxers. These anti-chafing, cooling boxer briefs can be worn anywhere from the gym to the office and everywhere in between. Rest well, knowing we're taking good care of your balls after you've trimmed them with the best trimmer for men on the market.

When it comes to grooming, nobody can help you accomplish this task quite like MANSCAPED can. Order your Perfect Package 3.0 online today, or sign up for one of our Replenish Plans, so you never run out of the good stuff that keeps your body feeling fresh and well-kept!




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