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Best Cordless Electric Trimmer For Male Pubic Hair

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Best Cordless Electric Trimmer For Male Pubic Hair

Men in modern times have been paying more attention to grooming their nether zone, their sensitive bits, their cock, and balls. Gone are the days when a free-flying bush is a norm. Today's man keeps himself trim and neat - he keeps himself groomed well, he keeps himself MANSCAPED. How does a refined gentleman groom easily and efficiently give his private parts a neat and attractive appearance? He uses a cordless electric trimmer made specifically for male pubic hair - not one made for women's legs, not one made for a man's entire body, but one made especially for the special needs of a man's private parts. It's not easy finding the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair. A man's pubic hair isn't like the rest of the hair on his head or body. It's more coarse, wiry, and sometimes thicker and darker. This requires a custom-engineered electric trimmer.

Nobody Likes Hairy Vegetables

This may make you ask: What makes an electric trimmer custom engineered to be the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair? It's not easy to design a male pubic trimmer. A lot goes into designing a cordless electric trimmer for male grooming. This includes considering the proper materials, the right shape, the correct size, and the appropriate power level for the job.

Here's what to look for when purchasing an electric trimmer for male pubic hair:

First, look for motor power. Revolutions per minute (RPM) indicate the motor's power and speed (number of cutting strokes per minute). When it comes to trimming the male pubic area, you want the RPM to be in the several thousand for speed and efficiency.

Another characteristic to look for is the existence of a cord. An electric trimmer with a cord severely limits the range of motion a man needs to properly trim his male pubic area. A cordless, battery-operated model like The Lawn Mower from Manscaped is key to giving yourself thorough male grooming of the pubic area. And you don't want to have to replace the battery after every grooming session, which is why Manscaped designed The Lawn Mower's battery to last a long 4.5 hours. Mean

Next, look for a compact size that maneuvers around your junk easily. A large, bulky trimmer won't be able to get into and around the nooks and crannies of your man area. Since The Lawn Mower from Manscaped is ergonomically designed to fit firmly in the palm of your hand and easily glide around your nether zone due to its size, the compactness will seem like a no-brainer to the grooming veteran. The Lawn Mower features a non-slip, palm grip assembly, so it won't slide out of your hand accidentally.

Another feature to look for when you're looking for the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair is the existence of a safety guard for nick prevention. Without a safety guard in place, an electric trimmer can cause some real damage and injury to your skin. And no one wants nicks or cuts around their manhood or nuts! That can lead to possibly serious infections or worse.

When you're using a cordless trimmer for male pubic hair like The Lawn Mower from Manscaped, another feature to look for is a multi-adjustable cut length. Just like the hair on your head, you want to have options when it comes to your ball hair. Sometimes you want them completely shorn like a sheep; other times, you feel a little hair feels better down there. Whichever you choose, rest assured that the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair from Manscaped will give you the appearance you want.

When shopping around for a cordless trimmer for male pubic hair, look for quality construction. The Lawn Mower from Manscaped features stainless steel, dual blade shears for a long, quality product lifetime.

A male pubic hair trimmer should also be able to work with complementary male grooming products. The Lawnmower is designed to perfectly complement all Manscaped Refining Products™, so you have an entire male grooming system to create a neat, attractive appearance to your private parts. Trimming is the first step in any proper grooming session. Using one of our disposable shaving mats, position your feet on opposite sides of the mat. Place the Lawn Mower comfortably in the palm of your hand. Turn on and carefully trim off excess hair, pulling taut any loose skin. Allow trimmed hair to fall onto the shaving mat and dispose of.

Interested in knowing what else you'll find in the Manscaped tool and product lineup? Here's what you'll find:

Crop Cleanser: A head-to-toe shampoo and cleanser, the Crop Cleanser was formulated to maintain balanced pH levels and provide effective cleansing for today's modern man.

Crop Preserver - The only product of its kind, Crop Cleanser is a moisturizing deodorant that comes in a gel talcum formulation. It goes on dry and keeps you smelling fresh and feeling moisturized.

Crop Reviver: An all-over body toner that helps refresh your wilted manhood, Crop Reviver can be used as a finishing touch at the end of your male grooming session or as a refreshing spray anytime your below-the-waist zone feels a little hot, sticking, and smelly.

The Shed - Where do you keep all of your fantastic grooming tools and products? Well, in the Shed, of course! This sturdily constructed grab-and-go handle bag is perfectly sized to keep everything organized at home and when you travel.

The Shed Travel Bag

Magic Mat: When you groom in the bathroom with a cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair, how do you keep your bathroom clean? Manscaped came up with an ingenious solution: Why not entertain men while keeping their bathrooms clean during regular grooming sessions? That's where the Magic Mat comes in. Sized to protect your bathroom floor and written to make you laugh, this set of shaving mats will have you rolling and will have your bathroom clean. Just fold it up neatly and toss it in the trash.

The Magic Mat

As you can see, this high-powered, compact, portable electric trimmer from Manscaped is uniquely designed for refining highly sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas. It fits firmly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy, and it features Manscaped ToughShears™ for the safe trimming of coarse hair. It's the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair.

Want to know what actual users who've experienced the trimming magic of The Lawn Mower from Manscaped think? Here are reviews from recent customers:

"No more snags! My balls are so smooth now! Thanks, Manscaped!" - Johnny M., New York, NY

"The Lawn Mower is rad! It fits in my hand and maneuvers around my boys perfectly for a smooth ball shave." - Phillip P., Del Mar, CA.

I would use my girlfriend's razor to shave my balls, which was awkward for both of us. Now I use The Lawn Mower, which does a better job in half the time!

"This trimmer is the best one I've ever used! It works fast and makes things down there super smooth!" - George B., London, Ont.

Manscaped Reviews

"I can't believe how powerful this small trimmer is! There's no cord, so it's convenient to use too." - Mark C., Salt Lake City, UT.

"I was using a trimmer from the drugstore, but it was bulky and ran out of juice fast. Not The Lawn Mower! It's quick and the perfect size to fit around my family jewels!" - Liam T., Portland, OR

"Best trimmer I've ever used! Does the job with no patchiness!" - Jeremy O., Modesto, CA

"The Lawn Mower ROCKS. I never used to trim my balls because it took too long to be honest with you, and it made them look uneven. But my girlfriend got me Manscaped, and my life hasn't been the same since!" - Henry R., Honolulu, HI.

"Smooth like silk is what my nuts feel like after a fresh trim using Lawn Mower. Love it!" - Tim G., Seattle, WA.

"Get this trimmer, guys! It's amazing! Fresh, shorn balls in just a few minutes!" - Sean H., San Jose, CA

As you can read, The Lawn Mower consistently gets great marks from men of all ages - from men in their early 20s to older gentlemen in their 60s and 70s. You, too, can experience the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair.

Men all over the country are experiencing the best pubic trims of their lives with The Lawn Mower from Manscaped. Manscaped was created to fill an essential need in the male grooming market - the need for specially designed and formulated tools and products made specifically for a man's below-the-waist zone. To learn more about The Lawn Mower from Manscaped, the best cordless electric trimmer for male pubic hair, visit

Your balls will thank you!




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