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Best Intimate Grooming Device for Men

What does intimate grooming mean to you?

You've got a routine. You shower regularly, hit the gym at every opportunity, and still find time to swoon members of the opposite sex during incredible dinners. 

You do your thing, and you've figured out how to master manhood like no man before you.

This is a good life.

Before you put on your three-piece suit and head to the office, or step into the flip-flops you'll be wearing on your yacht, there's something beneath the surface that needs to be addressed: all the hair that grows all over your body, particularly your below-the-belt bits.

When you were younger, manscaping was a no-brainer. You probably didn't have enough hair to worry about anyway, and with your predominant pecs and skillful athleticism, ladies (or fellas) were knocking your door down, no matter how many stray hairs you had hanging out around your scrotum.

Times have changed! You're a man now, and your manly hairs have found a way to be a part of your life at nearly every inch of skin on your body. Rest assured, you're not a prisoner to these unwanted ringlets that envelop your exterior. No! You're a warrior, and your body hair is soon to be your greatest conquest. The question is, how? 

  • How do you find the right tools to remove unwanted hair without causing nicks, scrapes, and blood spatters?
  • How do you find the right method, which enables you to be free of your unwanted follicles without messing up your daily regimen?
  • How do you choose products that will calm your skin after a clean shave, leaving you feeling soft and touchably sexy?

The answer: You put Manscaped in your corner. Thanks to an incredible selection of products that were specifically designed to tease the hair out of your private area, leaving your balls hair-, smell-, and chafe-free, we've got the best intimate grooming solutions every man needs in his life.

best intimate grooming device for men

Here's what you need to know:

1. It All Starts with the Mat

Before you even begin hacking away at your hair, you need something that will catch all of the fluff as it falls onto the ground. Trust us—you really don't want free-falling pubes finding their way into the air. They'll land on your pillowcases, in your sheets, on your towels, and everywhere else. If you're lucky enough to have them find a place on the floor, they're still a nightmare to clean up because they tend to cling to every surface.

The Magic Mat is meant for situations such as this. Simply lay it at your feet and rest easy. This manscaping journey is ready to take care of itself.

What to Look For

  • Something that'll catch all your curlies before they find their way into the corners of your bathroom.

What to Avoid

  • That feeling of "I've got this," then finding out your hair actually has you pinned against the wall.

2. Mow the Lawn

Even if your ideal outcome is a silky smooth surface of skin, you have to start somewhere. If you have a ton of hair, trim it down with The Lawn Mower long before you put a straight razor against your strands. The Lawn Mower is the perfect piece of bathroom appliance art, enabling you to easily maneuver along the folds and creases of your body without incurring injury. This tool is uniquely designed to take care of sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas without issue. Thanks to the fact that it fits right into the palm of your hand and offers wireless power, you can take care of your tree trunk and the surrounding bushes and berries without worry.

The Lawn Mower is the quintessential trimmer for any part of your body. From your chest to your chestnuts, you can take a little off the top without finding yourself in urgent care. Not to be immodest or anything, but we think it's the best intimate grooming device for men.

What to Look For

  • A high-powered set of shears that's designed to avoid nicks and can be adjusted to accommodate a multitude of lengths.

What to Avoid

  • Hard-to-clean trimmers that require more work when your duties are done.

best intimate grooming device for men

3. Put The Plow to Work

Tackling the surface cover is easy; The Lawn Mower does all the work for you. When it comes to catching the hair the grows in your nooks and crannies, however, you need to make sure you're using an intimate grooming device that's specifically designed for mankind. Could you use a cheap plastic razor you purchased from the grocery store? Sure you could, but we're quite certain you don't want to learn how painful scrapes and scratches on your scrotum can be.

The best intimate grooming devices for men aren't made to be used willy-nilly on your, well, willy. Instead, they're specifically crafted to get the job done right in a sensitive area where things can go very wrong if you're using the wrong tools.

The Plow is an exemplary mechanism, boasting of highly durable, tempered stainless steel. From appearance alone, you can tell this is a guy's device, but the proof is in the product. Optimal for use immediately after The Lawn Mower, The Plow's single-blade design is intended to keep razor burn and itchy, irritated balls out of the picture as much as possible. 

Some pube-shaving devices are just "okay", but do you really want to put your most prized possession in the hands of a tool that may or may not turn its back on you when the going gets tough? We think not. Stick with a safety razor that puts your parts at the foremost of its design, and let the good times roll.

What to Look For

  • A single-blade design that'll combat unwarranted friction, ingrown hairs, and itchiness.

What to Avoid

  • Razors that aren't made with rust-resistant materials. When it comes to shaving—or really anything else in life—signs of rust should make you run away screaming. 

best intimate grooming device for men

4. Cleaning Your Crops

If you're like most men, The Lawn Mower had a big job to do; it trimmed your chest and un-furred your finest accessories. It proved itself as the best intimate grooming device for men. After the hair has left your body, however, it's usually hanging out somewhere on your skin. No matter which tools you've chosen to take care of your hair, once the work is done, you've got to take a shower.

Ever had post-razor regrets? If you have, you're certainly not alone. Itchy rashes on the face are bad enough, but when you're talking about an inflamed area around your balls, the word 'discomfort' takes on a whole new meaning.

To combat these unpleasantries, it's important to step in the shower as soon as you're done de-hairing yourself. Washing rogue hairs down the drain is only one reason you need a shower; you also need to make sure you clean your crop properly to ensure you get rid of any bacteria and dirt that could otherwise land you in a sticky situation when your clothes come off. 

Look for a body cleanser that's devoid of artificial ingredients so your newly naked skin isn't suddenly facing a ton of foreign ingredients. Soothing aloe and sea salt can do wonders for sensitive areas that need a little extra soothing.

Need a recommendation? Manscaped's Crop Cleanser is infused with ingredients that naturally hydrate and soothe body parts post-trim. 

What to Look For

  • Cleansers formulated with soothing ingredients like aloe.

What to Avoid

  • Products formulated with perfumes or other unnatural ingredients. Artificial elements can irritate sensitive skin; the outcome is even worse when newly shaven skin is exposed to unnatural chemicals.

5. Keeping It Real

Once the shaving duty is done, you need a way to protect your parts from other unwarranted situations, such as chafing, smelling, and itching. At Manscaped, we've got you covered. The Perfect Package comes complete with our uniquely formulated, all-in-one deodorant moisturizer—the Crop Preserver—as well as a toner and refresher that makes sure your skin is feeling its freshest after a long hard day between your legs. The Crop Reviver is a simple spritz-on item that'll help cool your high-friction areas and keep you easily inflamed areas from going rogue after you've shunned your body of its unwanted hair.

What to Look For

  • All-in-one packages that keep your package safe, secure, and sexy.

What to Avoid

  • Cheap in-the-moment purchases that could leave you lusting for another after the initial buying high wears off.

 best intimate grooming device for men

Manscaping -- it's what real men do. Whether you're trying to put your best for forward on a date with a could-be-something more, wanting to woo your wife with the extra effort you put into the evening, or are wishing to feel your best beneath your clothing, confidence starts from within (or down under, as the case may be), it all starts with the right products. Manscaped has everything you'll need to feel like a better man! You can find all these products in The Perfect Package!



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