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June 01, 2018

Best Manscaping Kit Online

If you want a promotion, you have to improve how you do your job. If you want to win a competition, you have to practice. If you want the countless scientifically proven benefits of manscaping, you need to invest. Today we’re going to walk you through the best manscaping kit on the internet, and we’re going to show you how to properly utilize each item. Here's what's in the best manscaping kit online.


First thing is first. We need to address the elephant in the room. Every last one of you has been desperate, cheap or clueless enough to use your beard tools on your crotch. You can’t lie to us. We’ve seen it all. What you need to understand is that isn’t a social faux pas. It’s a legitimately dangerous idea. Your face and groin have wildly different microbiota, when they’re healthy, and they should not be mixed and matched. It’s too late to go back, but you can clean your tools and get some specialized weaponry for the battle against your pubes. Health reasons aside, you’ll be glad you did.

 best manscaping kit online

We don’t want to say that The Lawn Mower is the ultimate set of manscaping clippers on the planet, but it’s a definite possibility. The things that make them great are numerous. For starters, it’s a cordless device. You may never notice the inconvenience of a cord when managing your beard, but when you’re twisted half-sideways with one hand shifting your junk and the other coming at your boys from a near blind angle, you’ll be glad there’s no cord. The Lawn Mower is also ergonomically designed to give you better control, and it’s waterless. That makes it ideal for the bulk of manscaping situations that arise, and it gives you tons of flexibility for your routine.

That said, there is an optimal approach, and we’re happy to share it. Good manscaping starts with a trim (hence us mentioning the Lawn Mower first). The best practice is to grab a Magic Mat and stand over it (obviously in the buff). You can safely take a dry run with your clippers; they’re designed for it. Trim the pubes at the longest setting, and then go back over areas that need it with a closer crop. That’s the simple and efficient way to trim below the waist. Step two in the best manscaping kit online involves a razor.

The Plow

Speaking of razors, there’s a special one for that too. The rule of mixing and matching face and crotch tools still applies. The Plow is designed to be used on your jewels, so take advantage of it. The entirely stainless steel design has a no-slip grip and is well balanced. It gives you more control in those potentially awkward scenarios we mentioned a moment ago. The Plow is also what is known as a double-edge safety razor. It gives you much better precision and a closer shave with less irritation than those disposables you’ve used to brutalize your face.

best manscaping kit onlineAs for technique, you can get your plowing done before you clean up your Magic Mat. Stay centered and use warm water and a groin-safe lubricant. The key to using a double-edge safety razor is to keep your strokes short and take your time. You’ll quickly see that it handles the dense, coarse hairs of your nether regions with ease, but it isn’t suited to long, reckless strokes. Stick to the basics, and you’ll get a clean shave with minimal irritation.

Crop Cleanser

 Now that you’ve done the hair removal, it’s time for a shower. We know what you’re thinking. You’ve been showering your whole life. You don’t need a lecture on how to do it right. Here’s the thing. Most of you have been showering wrong your entire lives. Here’s where you mess up. First off, a post-shave shower should be warm. You might want a cooler shower in the summer, but you need to do your scrubbing in warm water first. Or, you may be one of those guys who prefers to combine their cleaning time with a steam session. That’s also bad. If the water is too hot or too cool, it will contribute to extending the hair follicles and effectively making them bristle. Now, pay attention. This is important.

 best manscaping kit online

After you shave, you create sharply pointed hair that sits just below the surface of your skin. If you agitate that hair, it will poke into you and create razor bumps and ingrown hairs. A moderate, warm shower prevents this while you scrub your body.

Here’s the second thing you do wrong. You need to exfoliate your genitals and the flesh around them. This does two things for you. It removes all of the little hair clippings that will itch like a mother later, and it removes skin and dirt buildup that can prevent freshly shaved hair from easily breaking back through the skin surface when it’s time. This brings us back to ingrown hairs.

 As for Crop Cleanser, it’s our gift to you. It makes this entire process simple and easy. Besides being an all-in-one scrub that smells great, it’s also formulated to help restore your skin and hair after a manscaping session.

Ball Deodorant

Oh. You thought you were done after the shower. Amateur. We haven’t made it to the most important part yet. The things you do after the shower bear more impact on the long-term success of your manscaping than anything else. Just like aftershave is important for your face, what you do after you shave your curlies is vital. Step one of this process is to apply Crop Preserver.

 best manscaping kit online

Have no fear. This step may be important, but it’s also super easy. After you pat dry from your shower, throw a little deodorant on your balls. Just to be clear, we’re referring to Crop Preserver -- a specially formulated deodorant that won’t dry you out or burn your skin. It’s a quick-drying gel formula, so all you have to do is rub a little in the crotch region and let it absorb. It takes very little time. Once you do, you’ll find that this deodorant does a lot more than help you manage your smelly balls. (Which, honestly, is something you’ve been neglecting. Isn’t it?) Aside from making you smell great, Crop Preserver also helps the region maintain a healthy balance of moisture and pH. This helps control bacterial growth and prevents odorous buildup.

Just as important, the deodorant includes a formula that helps you remain cool under stress, and it reduces friction. Even if you lapse on the rest of your manscaping routine, we already know you’ll be diligent about ball deodorant for the rest of your life. It just feels too good to ignore.

The “After Shave”

We’re still not done?! We know. We know. This is starting to feel tedious. Here’s the good news. The last step is even easier than deodorant. Once the deodorant absorbs, you simply apply a couple of spritzes of Crop Reviver to the area you just groomed. Why do you need it? This is the final piece of the holistic formula that acts like an “after shave” for your balls. Thankfully, it’s intended to be gentle, so you won’t need to run around screaming just to endure it.

 best manscaping kit online

The three-point formula uses Crop Cleanser, Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver in concert to fully repair the damage caused by shaving. You might not notice in a single session, but if you manscape as diligently as you should, it will eventually take a toll. Skin irritation will compound, and eventually you’ll be miserable enough to abandon your efforts. Crop Reviver is the final solution to prevent that from happening. It’s as easy as spraying and forgetting, but it has a few touches that help revive the skin.

 The Total Package

The last thing we are going to do for you is to make this all as easy as possible. We’re providing the tools and the techniques, and with the Perfect Package, we’re adding consolidation. You can get every item we discussed so far in a single package, and it comes with a convenient carrying case. You can keep your bathroom organized and take your manscaping with you when you travel. It’s all as convenient as we can possibly make it.

 best manscaping kit online

If all of this still doesn’t seem like enough, we still have you covered. Browse our pages at, and within them you’ll find even more specialized equipment for your efforts. You’ll also find a plethora of tips, tricks and general advice to help you overcome any obstacle and answer any question you have about manscaping. We made it for you, so we encourage you to use it.

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