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Best Manscaping Kit With Clippers

The advent of manscaping is here! What is manscaping, exactly? Well, the premier authority on the English language, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines manscaping as a verb defined as “the trimming or shaving of a man's body hair so as to enhance his appearance.” And we agree. Manscaping, or male grooming, can enhance your appearance (or your manhood and junk’s appearance, rather) greatly. But having the proper tools and products is key to achieving and maintaining a neat, clean, attractive appearance to your nether zone, something that you and your significant other will appreciate!

What to Look for in a Manscaping Kit

So now that you’ve determined that you want to become a refined, manscaped man who can take on the world, it’s time to take the first step in gathering your male grooming toolbox. You need to arm yourself with the best manscaping kit, but not just any old manscaping kit - you need the best manscaping kit with clippers. Clippers, or trimmers as we call them, are the first (and arguably the most important step) in a refined manscaping routine. A good set of clippers or trimmer reduces the bulk of hair in a man’s pubic area and helps reduce the chance of ingrown hairs or razor burn. Razor burn on your testicles can be painful and unsightly.

Best Manscaping Kit With Clippers

The Lawn Mower from Manscaped is the gold standard when it comes to below-the-belt trimming of a man’s pubic area. Because it’s high-powered, compact, and portable, this premium electric trimmer is uniquely designed for refining highly sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas like your junk. It fits firmly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy, because you don’t want patchiness or unevenness when it comes to trimming the hair on and around your family jewels. The necessary detachable safety guards allow for trimming of coarse hair without nicks and snags.

Here’s what else it features:

  • Powerful 4,000 RPM motor
  • Cordless, battery operated
  • Multi-adjustable cut length
  • Perfect for all Manscaped Refining Products™ including the top-rated Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver

The Lawn Mower is the first step in your manscaping routine. Here’s how to use it:

Using a disposable Magic Mat shaving mat, position your feet on opposite sides of the mat. Place the Lawn Mower comfortably in the palm of your hand. Turn on and carefully trim off excess hair, pulling taut any loose skin. Allow trimmed hair to fall onto the shaving mat and dispose. Note: Can be used to trim as much or as little as needed with the aid of the detachable safety guard.

What Other Tools and Formulations to Use with Manscaping Clippers

After you complete the first, important step in manscaping by using The Lawn Mower electric trimmer, it’s time to move onto the next step, which is refinement. By this, we mean using a safety razor engineered for a man’s pubic area. Using a safety razor like The Plow from Manscaped. This compact safety razor features a double-edged single blade, stainless steel construction, and a custom size perfect for gliding around and on the nuts. After using the electric trimmer from Manscaped to reduce the bulk of the hair above your johnson and on your nuts, use The Plow to refine and shave to get the ultimate closeness. Though it features old-school styling, The Plow is anything but old fashioned when it comes to smooth balls. Make sure to hold your testicle skin taut, then glide with the grain of the hair (not against it), taking short, gentle strokes. Note: Though we recommend using The Plow from Manscaped to refine your ball sack even further as part of the best manscaping kit with clippers, if you prefer a fuller look, you can skip using the safety razor.

So after you remove the hair from your pubic area with the electric trimmer and safety razor, it’s time to clean your body from extra hair that may be sticking to it, and it’s also time to cleanse, moisturize, and deodorize your goods! How can you do this? Well, with Manscaped, considered the best manscaping kit with clippers by male grooming experts. This manscaping kit includes various formulations that keep your ball sack skin pH balanced, moisturized, fresh, and deodorized (with no stick deodorant or flowery moisturizer needed). The first product is Crop Cleanser. As the name indicates, this cleanser cleans your “crops” and your hair quickly and efficiently. The scientists at Manscaped formulated Crop Cleanser to work well on both hair and skin, which is needed to cleanse your package without over-drying or irritating it. Most generic body cleansers don’t pay attention to pH, leaving the sensitive sack skin tight and dry.

Once you wash with Crop Cleanser, get out of the shower and dry off. Then take Crop Preserver ball deodorant and moisturizer, and apply it on and around your balls. One of Manscaped’s cult products, this advanced gel talcum goes on dry and keeps your boys moisturized as well as deodorized. This product is key to keeping your junk feeling and smelling good all day long. Say goodbye to uncomfortable sweat, chafing, and irritated skin. Crop Preserver is also pH balanced, and with its botanical and deodorizing ingredients, it can also help reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs, since it keeps the skin optimally balanced and the hair soft.

After letting Crop Preserver dry, it’s time for Crop Reviver. Another product, you may ask? Once you use this body spritz, you’ll know why Manscaped included it in the best manscaping kit with clippers. This refreshing toner is the finishing touch to any manscaping routine, but can also be used throughout the day to maintain freshness as needed. Kind of like a best friend for your package. A pH balanced friend.

What Manscaped Men Say

Men all over the country who’ve experienced the Perfect Package from Manscaped, the best manscaping kit with clippers have a lot to say about how they feel about the tools and formulations in the Perfect Package. There’s no doubt about it - they love Manscaped. Here are some accolades:

Best Manscaping Kit With Clippers

“My life seriously changed after discovering Manscaped Perfect Package. The entire kit is dedicated to keeping my package looking, smelling, and feeling great! Everything is easy to use, and let’s just say I’ve gotten many compliments about my newly refined appearance. Thanks, guys!” - Jack T., San Jose, CA

“Every man on earth needs Manscaped. Seriously. If this were around when I was a teen, it would have saved me a lot of heartache, accidents, and weird pubic styles. I’m getting this for my 15-year-old nephew so he can be armed with the best manscaping kit from the start.” - Armando G., Albuquerque, NM

“I’ve used tons of clippers, but none of them have done the job as well as the Lawn Mower from Manscaped. It’s small enough to get around my testicles without a problem, and there’s no cord to hassle with. Plus it powerful and leaves everything clean and even! I would never do without it.” - Robert F., Greenwich, CT

Advantages to Being Manscaped

If you already manscape, you already know the advantages to being manscaped. These advantages extend far beyond your bedroom door. Many Manscaped users report that their love lives improve (obviously) but also that their careers and social lives do, too. So what gives? How can manscaping below the belt lead to an improved life outside of the bedroom. One word: confidence. Just like women who wear sexy lingerie under their clothes even when they know no one will know or see the lingerie. They know, and it makes them feel good, sexy, and confident. When you feel sexy, you feel good about yourself. That’s a scientific fact. So when you’re manscaped, and you know that your goods look GOOD, you will carry yourself accordingly, whether that means marching into your boss’s office and asking for a raise, or killing it in a presentation, or even being assertive when asking for what you want from a relationship or friendship. As you can see, being manscaped helps not only refine the gentleman, but refine the gentleman’s life!

Best Manscaping Kit With Clippers

Manscaped Movement

By using the Perfect Package from Manscaped, the best manscaping kit with clippers, you become part of the Manscaped Movement. This movement is comprised of guys just like you who’ve discovered the life-changing ability of properly manscaping your junk. Men who are no longer OK with unkempt, straggly pubic hair, unbearable ball stench, and uncomfortable temps in their underwear.

What Do You Say?

Do you want to become part of the Manscaped Movement that’s sweeping the nation? Do you want your package to be a thing of beauty? (We already know the answer to that question.) Do you want to change your life by changing your male grooming routine? Then head to to order the full lineup of specially designed and formulated tools and products to make today’s man into a refined gentleman who can take on the world, package first.



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