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Best Manscaping Products for Men

It seems whenever someone needs to make a comparison to greatness, they reference Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. And for good reason. Here’s the deal. If you want to get the most out of yourself, push your body to its healthiest and most attractive point, and just plain feel great, you need to be your own Sistine Chapel, your own masterpiece. And, just like Michelangelo changed the world forever with his innovative tools and approaches to painting, you need to embrace innovation regarding your body for your own sake (and for the sake of those who will be encountering your body – whether standing next to you or even closer). 

Male grooming feels new, but that’s only because additional possibilities are being discovered and invented every day. While you probably know that a good trimmer and razor sit at the core of a great grooming experience, there’s so much more to discover. That is exactly what we’re here to help you do today. We will help you find the best products for men. 

The Things You Overlook

We talk about it time and again. The most common mistake of men who groom, new and old, is that they only take hair grooming into account. They think that just taking a trimmer or razor to their man goods is all they need to do in terms of manscaping, but they’re dead wrong. There’s more to it that just de-bushing your pubes. Male grooming is really a total body outlook, and if you don’t embrace the total package, you’re selling your experience short. And believe us – it’s an experience, not just a chore.

Body Wash for Men

This is the first place most men fail. We’ve been conditioned to think that any soap that smells mildly pleasant and keeps us from reeking like gym shorts is fine. But it’s not. We don’t need soft skin or the exfoliating craziness of the most advanced women’s products, so we settle for the most basic of soaps. In reality, a proper man’s body wash can be an amazing combination of health-boosting efficiency and cleansing magic.

Crop Cleanser hair and body wash from MANSCAPED is a perfect example. It makes life easy by combining hair and body wash into a single bottle, but it doesn’t skimp on what it does for your body, especially on what it does for your body below the belt. It hydrates hair and skin to reduce irritation caused by your grooming efforts. The precisely added sea salt helps with that hydration, and it also helps remove dead skin build-ups that can contribute to rashes, redness, and patches of skin that just don’t feel good. Being pH balanced is key for Crop Cleanser to do its job well. And remember to use this male body wash after trimming and shaving. After using it, you’ll know why this is considered one of the best personal grooming products for men.

Ball Deodorant for Fresh Balls

It’s sometimes mind-boggling how many men don’t use ball deodorant. They apply something to their pits religiously to keep them from smelling, but they let the smelliest part of their bodies go au naturel. Very strange. It’s pretty obvious that the only reason pit deodorant went mainstream before ball deodorant is because balls are sensitive. The formulas that work to reduce sweat and keep the stench at bay for the pits tend to be harsh, and even the toughest among us would whimper at how they feel on the boys. Now, don’t take this advice prematurely and try to apply pit deodorant to your junk to prove how manly you are. Keep reading. 

Thankfully, grooming and skincare science has finally caught demand. Crop Preserver from MANSCAPED is a moisturizer and deodorant that is as gentle as a summer breeze, and it smells great. But, like everything listed above, it does much more. It fights odor-causing bacteria, which is better than simply masking them. More importantly, it has an anti-chafing formula that will help keep your balls from getting sticky and protect your groin from rubbing. This makes it the best part of your workout that you didn’t know was missing. Again, this powder gel formulation goes on dry (no stickiness in your pants, hehe) to keep your balls soft, hydrated, and healthy. It, too, has pH balancing ingredients to keep the redness, inflammation, and bumpiness away. 

Toner and Refresher for Your Manhood

Most of us eventually subscribe to using some kind of aftershave on our faces. Razor burn eventually becomes inescapable as we age, but we still have to stay on top of grooming. The idea of putting a traditional aftershave on your balls is far more terrifying than any deodorant, and yet, you’re going to want something to handle the agitation. 

Crop Reviver from MANSCAPED provides those benefits, and it uses the latest ball skin science to do so. You’ve probably heard commercials talk about the importance of pH balance, but it isn’t just a bunch of salesy buzzwords. Your skin actually has something called an acid mantle that helps protect it from any number of problems, including ingrown hairs. Crop Reviver is designed to optimize that acid mantle without undue harshness. Using it will leave your junk feeling fresher and healthier than you ever thought possible. If you only do one thing for yourself, experiment with a good crotch toner. (Just don’t experiment in the sight of others. Keep it to yourself.)

crop preserver crop reviver

Fighting Bad Habits

Every single one of us knows how great it feels to get in good shape and push our physical fitness. Despite that, every single one of us has fallen off the wagon and let our fitness fall to embarrassing levels at one point or another. Manscaping is no different. It will genuinely make you feel like a new man, but even with those benefits, laziness, business or a combination of the two will eventually see you falling behind. They say the best defense is a good offense, and in terms of manscaping, that means utilizing tools, technology, and strategies that overcome the busy and lazy days before they strike.

Keeping It Clean

The Magic Mat shaving mat is the heart of this effort. It adds a little bit of fun to grooming that can help you overcome a little extra inertia. More to the point, it makes cleaning up after grooming as easy as possible. Avoiding the mess is the number one deterrent for guys who fail to maintain their grooming routines. No one wants to chase down every errant ball hair all over the bathroom. If that were the case, no one would groom. The Magic Mat is an easy solution. Even better, it makes cleanup easy after you’ve had a long stint away from the trimmer. You can get back into a good routine more easily when you keep this in close supply. Not only is the Magic Mat a functional necessity when grooming, it also provides a bit of fun in the form of newsy tidbits, jokes, and satirical articles. Who said manscaping has to be so serious? We didn’t. We know that the best grooming products for men can include a bit of levity for fun.

The Big Boys 

And lest we forget, the major player in a man’s routine is the cordless electric trimmer, The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. It features all of the bells and whistles needed to get a good proper trim going – including being cordless, having an adjustable guard for specifying hair length, and an ergonomic size to fit around the hills and valleys of your package. 

It’s fun to see new tools and formulations designed specifically to push your grooming to its highest level, but the full scope of what is available to you will never fit in a simple blog post. Visit MANSCAPED.COM and browse around. You’ll see more than a list of products. You’ll find a dedicated resource that celebrates the modern gentleman and is packed with ways to improve your approach to total body care. After you start and maintain a grooming routine, you may find you’ll have a new lease on life and a new spring in your step. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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