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Best Manscaping Tutorial For Men

Manscaping, despite its vault into the mainstream, is still a subtle art. There are tons of opinions out there, and a lot of them are wrong. In the interest of protecting your genitals from the worst kinds of mistakes, we’ve put this guide together for you. It is, in our humble opinion, the best manscaping tutorial for men. 

Best Manscaping Tutorial For Men

Manage the Hair

When most people think about manscaping, they picture removing body hair. They aren’t wrong. While we’re going to explain that there is plenty more to the process, it really does start with grooming body hair. It’s no secret, so we’re going to start there.


When it comes to grooming, trimming is the bulk of the effort. Most of your body doesn’t need to be bare as a baby’s bottom. Instead, you can get a lot of mileage by simply taming overgrown sections. Before you dive in, you need to consider your tools. You want a unique trimmer for body work that doesn’t share with your face. You also want something designed specifically for manscaping. That’s most important when you get to the private parts. Plenty of trimmers are fine on a burly chest or even your pits. Very few are up to the delicate task of trimming pubes without ravaging your sensitive skin.

So, once you have your Lawn Mower ready to go, you need a plan. Here’s a quick rundown of how to manage your body hair. Rule number 1: you’re attacking anything that looks bushy. For most guys, this is the pits and groin. For a lot of guys, it’s the back and butt as well. For some guys, it might include arms and chest. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. Body hair is not the enemy. It’s only untamed wilderness that is a problem. If your chest hair fluffs out through your shirt, then it needs a trim. If arms could double as sponge for washing your car, introduce them to your trimmer.

When you do trim, you’re not going for the total body equivalent of a crew cut. In fact, for a lot of regions, even the longest setting on the Lawn Mower might not be generous enough. You want to use a come to extend the hair and trim it to a suitable level. You’ve seen countless barbers do this. We promise, it isn’t tricky. We wish we could give you a magic length guide, but the aesthetics depend on so many factors (build, skin tone, hair color) that there is no secret formula. Just trim in small increments until it looks good. Once you have an idea of how long is right, subsequent sections will go quickly.

As for the groin, it’s a little different. You can go ahead and trim the whole region (taint too) to the longest setting on the Lawn Mower. From there, some areas might want to go shorter (hello again taint). Just remember that you can always take another pass to trim things a little closer. You can’t put hair back once it’s clipped. Let that guide your sense of caution.

Best Manscaping Tutorial For Men


While trimming represents the bulk of your workload, it’s far from the whole story. Some areas are best left completely smooth. When you can, a razor is the easiest tool. That said, we’re also going to cover some spots that are tough to reach. Unless you have an amazing friend/significant other who’s willing to help you shave on the regular, you might want to consider a waxing appointment. It lasts longer, and you can usually trust a professional to know their craft.

So, here are the areas you want to keep smooth. First, the taint. We’re not just emphasizing this because we have a love affair with the word. This is easily the smelliest part of your body, and there’s really no advantage to leaving it furry. If you manage the hair down there, it’ll combat odor, help you sweat less, keep you cool when things get hot, and it will make you more attractive. Sure, there’s a vice out there for everyone, but the number of people in this world who prefer a hairy taint is exceedingly low.

Along those lines, you can opt for a smooth butt -- especially in the crack. Look. We get it. We’re guys too. There’s nothing you can do about that fur, and you know it’s gross. But, you spent a lot of years overcoming self-conscious thoughts and feelings about that tuft. It’s ok. You aren’t betraying yourself. Just get rid of that hair. Consequently, this is one of those areas best handled by a pro. Even assuming you have someone who loves you enough to help you service your butt crack, is that the kind of person who really deserves such a punishment? Unless, of course, they’re into it. We don’t judge.

Speaking of being smooth, on average, women prefer a man with a smooth back. Now, this is less universal, so it’s worth discussing with a significant other, but if you’re playing the numbers game, go ahead and get that waxed too.

Lastly, we return to the groin. Sure, some guys have a good reason to shave their whole bodies, but that’s a different tutorial. For the rest of you, don’t shave all of your pubes. Tons of guys just jump right in with a razor and go bald. Guys. It looks like a naked mole rat. Seriously. It’s not very attractive. Instead, you want to shave the undercarriage and trim the rest. You can also use your Plow to create clean lines down there. The rules you use for your face are similar. No neck beards. Keep everything looking deliberate. Also, be smart and do this after you trim. It does worlds of good for reducing razor burn and irritation.

The final tip we’re going to offer on this point is with cleanup. We invented the Magic Mat for a reason. If you do all of your grooming while standing above the Mat, you make cleanup a cinch. You’re welcome.

Repair the Damage

That concludes hair management. It represents the greater effort on your part, but it’s actually less important. A sloppy trim and shave can be redeemed if you do this part correctly. Assuming you never groom your body, most guys don’t take good care of their skin. When you do stay on top of your manscaping, this problem is exacerbated. We make top notch tools, and they are designed to reduce negative impacts, but manscaping does have its cons. No matter how careful you are, grooming (and especially shaving) are hard on your skin and hair follicles. This section makes up for it.

Best Manscaping Tutorial For Men


Obviously you need to shower. We all know that. This tip is to help you shower more effectively. For starters, shower after your grooming. We get into this discussion a lot. Some groups say you should shower first to soften the hair fibers. Others say to groom in the shower to make things easier. There are points to all of that, but there are also rebuttals. Grooming in the shower is going to clog your drain. Body hair, especially pubes, is more coarse than other hair and they are superior drain clots.

As for showering first, the notion isn’t wrong, but it’s inefficient. It overlooks the fact that a full manscaping session is going to cause cross-contamination of bacteria. Simply put, the bacteria that safely grow in your pits are different from the microbiota of your ball sack. We’ll avoid getting too deep into the science, but the outcome is simple. You want to shower after grooming. It’s cleaner that way. It also is the superior method to getting rid of all of the clipped hairs that could otherwise make you itch all day. When you do shower, use Crop Cleanser. It’s the first step to properly moisturized and revitalized skin. Now, on to step two.


We’re proud of everything we do here, but Crop Preserver is our Magnum Opus. It’s designed to make the very existence of being a man more pleasant. Yeah, it smells great. Sure, it helps restore your pH balance to protect you from bacterial growth. It even actively manages moisture levels to reduce swamp crotch without leaving you dry. All of that is great, but above it all, Crop Preserver eliminates chafing. If you’ve never used a crotch deodorant, then you have no idea how much chafing and sticky balls are ruining your life. One day in the bliss of Crop Preserver and you’ll understand. Apply it after your shower.


If someone told you to apply aftershave after scraping a razor against your ball sack, you’d laugh. Or at least give them an incredulous look. You’re right. But, the concept of an aftershave to soften the skin and hair follicles and combat razor bumps has merit. You just don’t want to set the boys on fire. Enter Crop Reviver. It’s an “after shave” spritz that gives you the clean, healthy feeling of a proper aftershave (while smelling great) without the notorious burning sensation. We labored long and hard to perfect the formula. You can trust its gentle nature.

And that, gentlemen, is how you manscape. It’s all pretty straightforward, but we see enough guys make fatal mistakes somewhere in the process. Now you have a proper guide to steer you away from the worst misconceptions and set you on the path to enlightened manscaping. Along that path, you may find that you want to expand your knowledge. We’re way ahead of you. Everything you could possibly want to learn is already waiting for you at



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