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Best Men's Boxers And Why We Love Them

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



best men's boxers and why we love them

We’ve been working hard to teach you how to manscape properly. We’ve worked even harder to design the tools to help you do it. Today, we’re going to talk about something equally important. We’re going to make sure you have underwear that is deserving of the gift of caressing your balls. After all that work, you don’t want to wear just anything. You want manscaping-level boxers. Without further ado, here are the best men's boxers and why we love them.


Before you jump into your new boxers, it’s important to remind yourself of why you’re doing all of this. We’ve possibly discussed motivations for manscaping ad nauseum. You all have your reasons. What matters most at this point is that you have the faculties to manscape the way you want, when you want. That’s why we built the manscaping routine template. You don’t have to follow it religiously, but if you understand the order and why it’s important, it can help you build a routine that gets you the pros of manscaping without dragging it into the realm of frustrating chores.

Trimming and Shaving

One emphasis on our manscaping template is starting with trimming and shaving. It’s obvious why you trim before shaving, and it’s equally obvious why you want to remember to use a Magic Mat. By that same token, we have tons of resources available for you to explain why you need to seriously consider the Lawn Mower 2.0 and Plow as your respective go-to trimmer and razor. What we really want to hammer today is that putting trimming and shaving at the forefront of your routine will help you stay on top of it.

Managing body hair is often the most painstaking part of manscaping. It also tends to yield the most benefits. So, even if you get a little complacent and don’t manscape as often as you should, since hair grooming is your priority, you’ll get the most out of your sessions. That’s the point of this: getting as much as you can from whatever effort you’re willing to invest.

 the best men's boxers and why we love them

Showering Better

That same philosophy is why we’re talking about showering now. We’re guys too. We know how gross you get. We know how gross you’re willing to get. If not for the primal desire to get laid, most of us would happily stew in our own filth on a regular basis. But, since most of us do serve that urge, we all shower. What you really want to do is make sure your shower is optimized.

Part of that is using the right formula. Crop Cleanser isn’t just convenient (combining body soap, shampoo and conditioner into a single bottle). It’s more than a good hydrating soap that will help you smell good. It utilizes a patented When you use Crop Cleanser, especially right after grooming, it helps keep your skin as healthy as possible. Whether you manscape for dating appeal or personal reasons, healthier skin adds to the benefits you seek.

Finishing Strong

There are so many little things you can add to manscaping besides grooming and showering. We don’t want to discourage you. Be the best man you can be. But, we acknowledge that it’s not always realistic to adhere to an endless list of demands on yourself. That’s why we consolidate the manscaping template. After you shower, if you just spend about two minutes with your finishing products, you’ll accomplish the vast majority of what you hope to get from manscaping. It’s simple. Rub in some Crop Preserver (our favorite ball deodorant by far), and spritz a little Crop Reviver. You’ll also smell great without reeking of cheap cologne (you know who you are).

Choosing Good Boxers 

So, here’s the thing. You took the time to craft your ideal manscaping routine. You invested in good equipment. You’re really taking care of yourself. You even made it to the gym multiple times this week. You’re doing great! Why, then, in the name of all that is good in this world, would you throw those accomplishments away by wearing some God-awful, 10-pack budget briefs from Walmart? Your underwear matters. It impacts all of these things tied to manscaping: comfort, confidence, health, sweaty balls. You can do better, and we’re going to help.


A lot of people have different views on what matters most for a man’s junk. Aside from painful levels of pressure or tugging, heat is the bane of our existence as men. Anyone who disagrees is probably a woman. So, since we assume you’re smart enough not to wear underwear that literally hurts your balls, we’re going to focus on heat for a minute.

Swampy balls are the worst, and even the pinnacle of manscaping routines is not enough to fully avoid them. Groomed pubes, excellent deodorant and whatever other crazy remedies you’ve tried still fall short on a hectic day in the peak of summer. Good boxers can give you the final edge you need to win this battle. You need two things: breathability and moisture wicking. Manscaped Boxers have a patented Crop Cooling Technology™. It helps heat move away from the boys.

As for moisture wicking, that importance is clear. Cool boxers don’t turn the ambient heat down. Moisture wicking reduces the swampy buildup that adds humidity to your crotch. That humidity creates a feedback loop that further increases sweat. You know all of the things that follow. Standard cotton is terrible at wicking moisture. It’s comfortable on the skin, no doubt, but for your manhood, you need something superior. Our microfiber blend gives you that moisture control, and it feels like heaven on your freshly shaved balls. This is why we consider them the best men's boxers. 


Getting rid of excessive hair goes a long way to reducing chafing between the legs. Crop Preserver also helps. What does the most good is underwear designed with chafing in mind. You will never be more vulnerable to painful chafing than on a hot day right after a ball shave. Your skin is already susceptible to irritation from the simple nature of scraping a blade across your nut sack. This is where the fabric of your shorts matters the most.

As we just said, cotton is plenty soft, but it retains moisture. That leads to bunching and then chafing. A superior blend will stay comfortable even in intense situations, and that helps you stop chafing in its tracks. We care about your junk. We don’t want it rubbed raw unless it’s because you just had that good a night.

best men's boxers and why we love them


Here’s the biggest problem with your cheap, generic underwear. It doesn’t fit you right. In fact, no pair of briefs in the history of the world has ever fit a man correctly. We get that they have their advantages for athletics, but there’s no way you can successfully argue that have elastic clinging just under your balls is the way to go. You know it. We know it.

Instead, consider the freedom and comfort of boxers meant to lightly hug you. They don’t suffer from the excessive freedom and complete lack of support of one-size-fits-all brands. Neither do they squeeze too tightly. You want boxers that wear you just as well as you wear them. That’s what we’re bringing to the table here.

Looking Good

Here’s the final point. Guys don’t pull off briefs. If you’re chiseled enough, you can look good in spite of them, but they never add to your sex appeal. On the other hand, loose, floppy boxers aren’t exactly sexy either. The gentle hug of Manscaped Boxers toes the line between these concepts. It highlights your bulge and the build of your legs without making you look like a doofus (sorry briefs lovers; the truth hurts sometimes). If you want boxers that you can confidently wear in a lights-on situation, you need to up your game. And, since we know that sex is at least half the reason you manscape, it would be silly to settle for underwear that doesn’t perform.

If there’s one thing we want to impress upon you today, it’s this: the things you expose your junk to should match the effort you put into your manscaping. You work hard to maintain a perfect package. It only seems reasonable you give it the perfect wrapping. That’s all we have for you today, but you can find plenty more to amplify your manscaping knowledge and resources at



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Comments (2)

Ira Kitrosser

These boxers are amazing. They feel so soft and are the most comfortable I have ever worn.

Ira Kitrosser

Thanks I am enjoying these boxers.

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