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May 18, 2018

Best Moisturizing Ball Deodorant For Men

Manscaping is so much more than just removing hair. Some of you reading this have already discovered as much. The rest of you have valuable lessons to learn. Today, we’re going to discuss the most potent weapon in a manscaping arsenal: moisturizing ball deodorant. If you aren’t using one, you’re seriously underestimating it.

Best Moisturizing Ball Deodorant For Men

The Feel

We talk about “feel” a lot here and Manscaped. Truth be told, it’s a primary motivator for most aspects of manscaping. Sure, you’ll do it to go a little faster in competition. Or to help with your love life. But, when it comes down to repeatedly spending the time and effort to maintain your manscaping efforts, feeling good is what keeps you going. It’s a lot like a good workout routine or a healthy diet in that respect.

Trimming the pubes feels great. You probably never realize how often you pull on them, scratch them and are generally annoyed by them throughout the day. Once they’re under control, it’s like awakening to a whole new way of life. The sudden absence of constant irritation is amazing, and there’s no going back. As wonderful as tamed pubes are, they pale in comparison to the near ecstasy of using a good ball deodorant.

Sure, it sounds hyperbolic. We’re just trying to sell stuff, right? Think about this. Have you ever applied a soothing lotion to a sunburn? How about an anti-itching agent to bug bites? There are tons of analogies, but the simple truth shines through all of them. A good ball deodorant is soothing. It keeps your boys cool and dry. It reduces perspiration and minimizes friction. Above all, anything talcum-based just plain feels great. There’s a reason we use it to soothe babies. Why should your balls get any less?

You probably still have your doubts, but we’re going to break down some of the science behind ball deodorant to help you understand why it will become your favorite part of your manscaping routine. And, before we get into it, let’s take a moment for the most important disclaimer of the day. Ball deodorant should be specifically designed for your groin area. Your average pit deodorant is not meant to be on your reproductive pieces. At best it’ll burn (which defeats the whole point), and at worse is can cause real damage to your precious jewels. Ok. Let’s talk about ball deodorant.

Best moisturizing ball deodorant for men

pH Control

The first scientific point for Crop Preserver is its pH formula. For those of you old enough, you probably remember those cheesy deodorant commercials from the 90s about the pH being specially balanced for use. It sounds like a marketing gimmick, but there’s real science here. Your skin keeps a slightly acidic layer on it at all times. It’s called the acid mantle, and it’s one of the most protective barriers that exists. It helps fight bacteria, prevents skin infection and irritation and helps maintain moisture. It’s also not a consistent thing. The ideal pH level for your elbows isn’t identical to the protection you need in the dark swampy crevices you hide under multiple layers of clothing. Getting that balance right is the key to a healthy testicular environment, and when it’s maintained, you’ll notice that it feels fresher.

Now, for a caveman barely sporting a loincloth, that might not seem entirely important. You are a bit more evolved. You’re taking the time to manscape, so maybe you already care a little more about doing a complete job. If that isn’t motivation enough, here’s an important tip. Trimming your pubes actually harms that acid mantle you just learned about. Shaving pretty much destroys it. If you’re going to enjoy the life of tamed pubes, you need to give the boys a little help rebuilding their protective layer.

Antimicrobial Formula

For the germaphobes among you, don’t freak out just yet. We’re already giving you the key to restoring your natural protection, but it doesn’t stop there. Crop Preserver also contains some antimicrobial elements in the formula. Please note: this is not the same as antibiotic. We’re not throwing drugs on your balls. Instead, the same concoction that helps restore your natural barrier also supplements it. Until things are nominal, the ball deodorant acts as a sort of replacement for your own acid mantle. Once restored, the two work in harmony. Scienced out yet? We’re almost done.

The Moisture Barrier

Like the acid mantle, your skin also maintains a moisture barrier. While this does help a little with defense, it mostly serves to keep your skin in good shape. In reality, the moisture barrier and acid mantle can’t be completely separated, so actions that hurt one hurt both, and tools that help one help both. The moisture barrier is worth mentioning because this is where we get to emphasize feel. It isn’t just protecting you from harm; it’s actively soothing irritated skin. If you’re regularly trimming and shaving, we don’t need to explain the importance of that part.

Gel Talcum

The last thing we need to talk about in the specific design of Crop Preserver is the talcum gel. You’ve probably heard of talcum powder (most commonly presented as baby powder), but it isn’t the only, or always the best, way to deliver talcum. What you need to know first is that the talcum is arguably the best part of Crop Preserver. This keeps the skin smooth and dry, and it dramatically reduces friction. Think about how many times in your life your ball sack has stuck to your leg. The talcum virtually eliminates that scenario.

We also mentioned that this is a gel, and that’s important. You see, most deodorants utilize a combination of talc and aluminum to combat sweat and smelliness. The great secret is that such deodorants take a long time to absorb. In fact, most dermatologists recommend applying your deodorant before bed so it has enough time to absorb before you start a busy day. That’s right. You’ve been using deodorant wrong your whole life. Thankfully, the Manscaped experts considered this and designed the talcum gel to overcome the problem of absorption. It takes full effect much faster, so you can apply it right out of the shower and be good to go.

Best Moisturizing Ball Deodorant For Men

The Total Package

As you can tell, we’re big fans of our ball deodorant. It might be our favorite part of manscaping, but it doesn’t stand as tall on its own. Proper manscaping is holistic. Just applying deodorant and occasionally trimming won’t get the job done. At least not to its full potential. So, we’re going to take you through the most efficient complete manscaping routing we’ve been able to find.

Start With a Trim

A lot of resources say a shower is the first step. While there are advantages to being clean when you trim, it’s an inefficient method. You’re going to have to shower again to clean up after the trim/shave session, and the excessive showering will actually dehydrate your skin and cause problems. If you have a good trimmer, like the Lawn Mower, you can use it dry just fine. So, take the clippers, stand over your Magic Mat, and make quick and easy work of the bulk of your manscaping.

A Simple Shave

If you love shaving, by all means, take your time and enjoy. If you’re in a hurry, then just hit the major spots. Make sure you’re bare where you want to be and keep good, clean lines. Now, we’re talking about an efficient routine for the sake of time management. We’re cutting minutes out of other parts of manscaping so you can use them here. A hurried shave is an ugly shave, and it often hurts. As amazing as The Plow is, it will still cut you if you get reckless enough. This is where you have the time to be a little meticulous.

Best Moisturizing Ball Deodorant For Men

Now the Shower

Now you can consolidate your daily shower with your manscaping. You’ve already taken care of hair removal, and cleanup was a snap. Use some Crop Cleanser while you go about your standard shower and you’ll quickly be clean, fresh and smelling great. Just make sure you spend a little effort to fully remove hair clippings. No magic formula can defeat that itch.

Almost Done

Once out of the shower, it’s a one-two combo to finish the session. We already talked about Crop Preserver. Use it to your liking, but before you get dressed, also give yourself a spritz or two of Crop Reviver. It’s the formula that complements and completes Crop Preserver. With their powers combined, your nethers will be healthy, smell great, feel amazing and the source of the newfound spring in your step.

As you can see, manscaping can be pretty easy. We’ve invested a lot of time, research and money to make it so. There are two more recommendations we can make to complete our commitment to your convenience. The first is the Perfect Package. It’s a complete set of manscaping tools, and all of them are precisely engineered for an exact purpose. They’re also stored in a single travel bag, so you never have to worry about the hassle of manscaping on the go. The second resource we have for you is our website, We’ve spent countless hours compiling every useful scrap of information we can provide about manscaping. From the best tools to the latest fashions, it’s the only resource you need to be an expert manscaper.

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