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June 04, 2018

Best Razor For Men In 2018 {Manscaped Edition}

Gentlemen, your attention please. Today, we are going to cross some barriers. No doubt, you are aware that society expects more from you than men of previous generations. It’s not enough to be rugged, good looking and successful. You now have to add well-groomed to your list of accolades. It is to that end that we have gathered you to discuss the fine art of shaving your balls. We’ll hold nothing in reserve and give you all of the keys to unlock a great manscape. And, as you might imagine, it starts with finding the right razor. That's why we're talking about the best razor for men in 2018.


Here’s the first lesson every last one of you needs to learn. Your balls aren’t your face. You’d think this would be obvious, but every day we deal with scrubs who seem unable to tell the difference. Aside from location, there are a few other important differences between your balls and face.

Let’s start with hair quality. Your beard and your pubes are fundamentally different. Sure, they can both get coarse and curly (at least for a lot of guys), but pubes are actually quite a bit tougher than your peach fuzz. If nothing else convinces you, let this. You need a specialized razor for your groin. There’s just no way around it.

best razor for men in 2018

That, gents, is what brings us to The Plow. It was designed from the ground up specifically to boost manscaping. While the hard, sharp, stainless steel blade can technically shave any part of your body, this tool has a few special technological advancements designed to work well with your other tool. Chief among those technologies is an ergonomic grip that is designed to improve control and precision even in awkward or adverse conditions. After all, if your hand slips while shaving your face, you might get a little nick. It’s a temporary blemish, but it’s really no big deal.

If your hand slips while working on your balls, you’re in for some serious discomfort. You don’t need to find out for yourself. You can take it from us that cuts on your sack are not fun. That’s also a far cry from the full extent of pain that incompetent manscaping can bring. Your future children might not be at stake, but if you take this lightly, you’ll be walking and sitting funny for a few days. That’s why ergonomics is so important for a manscaping razor. Not only is the grip on The Plow among the best in the business, it’s carefully balanced to give you finite control where it matters most.

The other important technology improving The Plow is the blade design. It’s double sided. Sure, that seems like a simple, maybe meaningless feature, but it bears impact on your ability to shave precisely. The double edge does two important things. First, it enables you to get more sharp, clean strokes before you have to change your blade. When you consider some of the impressively unnatural stances and situations that arise while grooming your balls, this is more important than it seems on the surface. 

best razor for men in 2018

The second benefit of the double-edge razor is strength. The design allows for harder steel that can hold a sharper edge for longer. Again, this seems like a matter of convenience. Until, that is, you remember what we said about pubes. They tear through blades with a vengeance. Without the stronger design, you’ll find that you can’t get more than a couple of strokes before your blade is chipped, dull and scraping brutally against your tender flesh. That's why we consider The Plow from Manscaped to be the best razor for men in 2018.


Now that you’re on board with getting the right gear, you need to learn how to use it. Shaving with a double-edged razor is not quite the same as a traditional safety razor. You’ll need to learn a few ticks and trips. We’re going to cover the basics, but we can also refer you to a more detailed guide here.

Ok. Rule number 1. The Plow is built for precision, so err on the side of taking shorter strokes. This is good general advice for groin shaving anyways, because one of the most common mistakes guys make is removing too much hair. It seems counterintuitive. You got into manscaping to reduce your body hair in the first place. Now we’re telling you that you removed too much?! Well, let this be a lesson. Manscaping isn’t the art of making your entire body bald. Then we’d just call it waxing. Or laser hair removal. It’s called “manscaping” because it’s about creating a deliberate aesthetic. Most guys underestimate this at first, but the key to that aesthetic is in the hair you leave on your body.

So, back to shaving. Focus on small, controlled strokes. That will keep you safer as you go about your business, and it will help you craft a cleaner look.

best razor for men in 2018

Rule number 2. Timing is important. A lot of magazines and advice resources are going to tell you to either shave in or after a shower. They aren’t entirely wrong, except that they are. Warm water can absolutely improve the quality of your shave, and we’re big fans of that. But. The most important part of this process (aside from not butchering yourself) is showering after the shave. It’s vital to reducing irritation and helping your skin recover from the negative effects of shaving. Sure, you can take two showers, but who really has time for that? Instead, use warm water and your preferred shaving gel/cream and shave before you shower. Also, be sure that your lubricant is intended for use below the belt. There’s a lot of stuff out there that can burn the boys.

Rule number 3. Most of a successful shave has nothing to do with how you use your razor. We love The Plow, and we’re very proud of it, but it is not the key to a great shave. Instead, it is the holistic process that remains the true secret. We’re going to explain that process now.

Start With a Trim

It’s pretty obvious. Most of you probably figured out at least this much, but we promised a process, so we can’t skip the first step. Grab your Lawn Mower and trim your pubes. Doing that before a shave makes your blades last longer and dramatically reduces the roughness of the shave. Also, don’t overlook your best friend, Magic Mat. The mat is simply there to make cleanup easy. That, in turn, makes you more likely to keep up with your routine. So, Mat is the hidden secret to successful, long-term manscaping.

Take a Proper Shower

After you trim, you can go ahead and shave. We already covered that, so we’ll be brief. You can shave over Mat right after you trim. It makes the whole process that much easier. After your shave (as we already mentioned), you need to take a proper shower. Here are the tips to make the shower work. You want warm, not hot, water. It softens the hair follicles and gets rid of razor bumps. Also, use Crop Cleanser. It’s designed to clean your whole body and make shower time painless, but it also contains a deliberate formula that begins the healing process after you shave. It’s easy to underestimate how much damage shaving can do to your skin, but if you exfoliate with Crop Cleanser in warm water, a good chunk of that damage will be immediately undone.

Pay Attention to the After Shave

If you’re familiar with aftershave products for your face, then this part will already make sense to you. Traditionally, you would use an aftershave to reduce irritation and promote hydration. It gets rid of redness and battles the onset of ingrown hairs. A similar process can be applied to your manscaping.

That said, you can now consider yourself amply warned. Throwing traditional aftershave on your balls is stupid. Just. Plain. Stupid. Instead, try some crotch deodorant. It has everything you would want to get from an aftershave, except it’s designed to go easy on your balls. In addition, it has some nice additives that help you stay cool, combat chafing and smell fresh all day. Crop Preserver. Tell your friends.
best razor for men in 2018

When the quick-drying deodorant does its thing, you have one last, minute chore. You want to spritz some Crop Reviver. It has the few things that don’t mix well in a deodorant that fully hydrate and restore your lower region. It’s power is the final component to your holistic regimen that will enable you to manscape regularly and accurately without incurring damage to the most precious part of your body.

Look at that. We got all of the important parts of a good nut shave in one little post. It’s not so hard after all. Still, you probably have questions. Or thoughts. Or whatever. Though we love to give you a hard time, we are genuinely invested in your success. You’ll find that everything you need in regards to manscaping is available at our carefully curated website:

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