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Best Razor for Men in 2019

We’re proud of you. You’re here because you’re taking your manscaping more seriously. That’s a good thing, and you’ll be glad you did. Despite the fact that you have more questions and concerns than answers at this point, we want to help you focus. For the best manscaping, you want high-quality tools. We take great pride in our tools, but today we want to highlight the best razor for men in 2019: The Plow. We believe that this razor can be a key tool in helping you become sexier, more confident, more comfortable and a generally better version of yourself.

How Does a Razor Make You Sexy?

Enough people have sworn to the testimony of the sexiness of manscaping that you hopefully believe in the possibility. In many cases, manscaping will make you sexier. But, that’s pretty vague. How can a body razor actually improve your sexiness? What real changes happen?

A Clean Chest

Let’s start this with an important disclaimer. Shaving is not always the optimal way to manscape any given part of your body. Please, keep that in mind as you keep reading. To keep things simple, we’re only going to focus on the shaving component of manscaping, but there’s definitely more to the story.

Think about the men who are heralded as the sexiest on the planet. Some are athletes. Plenty are actors. When you see them shirtless, how hair are their chests? There’s something inherently sexy about a chiseled chest, and when you’ve done the gym work to get there, shaving can make those cut muscles pop. This is especially important around the nipples and the base of the pecs.

This is where your razor shines. The razor that pushes your sex appeal the most can safely get right up to the nipple (or at least the areola) and handle the angles around your pecs. 

best razor for men in 2019

Managing Pits 

Armpits are another area where manscaping is easy to notice. It’s also a little trickier than the chest. Even imagining famously sexy guys, a lot of them have hair in their armpits. What they don’t have is an unkempt bush. Managing the sexiest look under your arms requires a careful combination of trimming and shaving. The shaving is going to stick to the lower areas of the pit while you trim the densest hair.

To do this, you need a razor that can hit precise lines very easily. You don’t want a multi-blade contraption that helps you get a smooth face in a single stroke. You’re not trying to turn your armpits into a baby’s bottom. You want some ruggedness. You want a single blade and a safety razor.

The Back

Actually managing back hair is a large topic for another day. Let’s just cover what constitutes a sexy back. You can get away with body hair in a lot of places, but on average, women are not attracted to thick back fur. That’s just how it is. They also don’t like stubbly backs, so keep that in mind.

We often advocate professional waxing sessions to overcome this, but sometimes a razor needs to be able to do the job. The same design elements that make the Plow so effective on the rest of your body will also help it keep your back smooth. You have a lot of muscles, bones and other topographical shapes on your back. The safety razor is better at gliding through that topology without turning you into a scene from a horror movie.

Your Groin

When it comes to manscaping, guys utilize a razor between their legs more than anywhere else below their necks. That isn’t a suggestion to shave everything down there, but a well-manicured lawn needs at least a little careful edging.

The most aesthetic approach to this part of manscaping is to trim the pubes and then give them sharp lines. You can get as creative as you want, but clean lines are important. That’s where your Plow comes in. That precise shaving comes up again and again, and it never matters more than when you shave around your pubes.

Also, removing hair on the dick and balls will be amazing for your sex life. There are extraordinary lovers out there who will actually be willing to gift you with oral sex. Why don’t you reward them by keeping your hair out of your teeth? Thoughtfulness is definitely sexy.

best razor for men in 2019

Your Butt

The last major area for manscaping is the butt. This isn’t rocket science. No one likes a hairy ass. Shave it.

When you properly apply your razor to these areas, you transform your body. At a glance, people will notice your effort, and you’ll just plain look better. It’s a huge component of sexiness, and if works for every famously good-looking man on the planet, it will work for you too. 

How Does Shaving Make You Feel Better?

Once you get your manscaping down, you’re going to notice that you’re sexier than you used to be. You can’t help it, especially when you get compliments. That knowledge is going to seep into everything you do. It’s going to add swagger to your walk. It’s going to improve your social game. In every way, knowing that you’re sexier helps. That’s not all that a good shave does for you.

Living in Comfort

When you manscape correctly, you’re going to be more comfortable. This isn’t just a psychological thing. The reduced body hair will keep you cooler, reduce friction on your body, and get rid of tugged hair. Any man who has let his pubes get out of control has accidentally tugged them throughout the day. Manscaping cures that.

Shaving, in particular, is the key to feeling truly amazing. Having sexy, smooth skin in new parts of your body feels nice. It’s a tactile thing, and you’ll notice it. It will reach the point that you won’t be able to stand not manscaping. That’s a good thing. Obviously, you want a razor that is designed to minimize skin irritation and razor burn. Once again, The Plow shines.

Amazing Skin

Let’s be real. Shaving can be hard on your skin. That said, so can body hair. Think about what it takes to keep your skin healthy when you grow your beard. That principle applies to any area of your body. If you shave correctly and don’t do it abusively, reducing body hair makes it much easier to have the healthiest skin possible. It should be pretty obvious how this will improve your sex appeal and make you feel great. 

Going the Distance

best razor for men 2019

The thing is, simply using a superior razor isn’t enough to up your skin game. You need a support crew, and that’s what you’ll find in The Perfect Package 2.0. Sure, it has some of the most advanced male grooming tools on the planet, but it also has everything you need to keep your skin and body hair healthier, sexier, and feeling better than ever.


We’ve mostly been talking about grooming, so this will be brief. When you groom, start with trimming with The Lawn Mower 2.0. Follow up with the Plow. Then shower. That order will minimize irritation from the grooming process. Also, use a Magic Mat so clean up will be easy.

Skin Care

This is where you really need to focus. After you groom, you want to take a warm shower. You’re going to be thorough in that shower or else you risk exposing your skin to bacteria and fungi. Also, you need to moisturize to protect your skin from razor damage. This is all achieved by gently scrubbing with Crop Cleanser. It’s gentle, hydrating, and great for both skin and hair. It has Active pH Control, which is a formula designed to restore the protective barrier on your skin after a shave.

When you exit the shower, you’re going to pat dry. This is gentler on the still tender skin. Once dry, you’re going to apply Crop Preserver to the boys. This is ball deodorant. It helps minimize sweat downstairs, reduces friction, feels downright amazing on your junk, and keeps you smelling great.

The final step is to apply Crop Reviver. This is the final formula in the bag, and it’s designed to maintain the healing process on your skin throughout the day. A spritz or two is enough. 

Manscaping is a powerful tool. It can make you feel sexy, healthy, and energetic. It is also the routine that will help you have healthier skin and give you better control over all aspects of your hygiene. There’s a reason it’s so popular these days. The Plow is the razor that will help you reach your smoothest. The Perfect Package 2.0 has the tools you need for complete manscaping. is the place where you can find it all. Every tool and all of the knowledge you need to manscape can be found in a single location. We encourage you to take advantage.




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