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Best shave gift sets.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Best Shave Gift Sets

Are you shopping for your man's perfect Christmas gift? Maybe you've considered socks or a tie, but those are boring, and you could get them on any random Tuesday. If you want to knock his socks off (sorry for the pun), you should look outside the box—or inside the box of the best male grooming kits, if you will. No matter if your man likes to shave his sensitive spots down to the skin just prefers a simple trim, or has never even heard of male grooming before in his life, MANSCAPED™ is here to tell you we've got the perfect presents for every type of guy. When it comes to gifts for guys, we've done it right. From trimmers to products that are formulated to make men's balls feel at home in their fabrics, we've compiled a list of everything your guy needs to keep his lower region looking and feeling its best. (Bear in mind, these gifts keep on giving, and they're just as good for you as the guy you're giving them to!)

What is male grooming?

Male grooming involves grooming a guy's lower landscape. But, it's not just about trimming and shaving (although those are both very important parts of the process); rather, it involves a holistic approach to getting rid of hair and the gross things that grow down there. This holistic approach means using products that keep bad bacteria (you know, the kind that makes crotches smell like swamps) at bay while ensuring skin stays hydrated and moisturized in a way that eliminates chafing, itching, and irritation. 

Below-the-waist grooming has become more popular in recent years, particularly as Millennial men have grown into the ages in which personal appearance and healthy hygiene are important. Of course, like most things in life these days, some myths and truths are revolving around male grooming regimens. Let's take a quick look:

Myth: Most men don't groom

Men who have never groomed before might be under the impression that it's a ritual rarely performed by guys. Perhaps this false illusion is what's keeping them from keeping their privates well-kept. In reality, fuzzy phalluses are probably the cause of keeping potential partners away.

Fact: About half of adult men groom down there

According to a study posted in the American Journal of Men's Health, about 50.5% of men report that they groom their pubic hair regularly, but other surveys take the number up to almost 80% of men.

Opening A Present On The Table

Myth: Male grooming means removing all hair from down there

Male grooming is a very personal experience, and every guy should choose his fuzz factor. Sure, some guys remove all the hair down there, and that's a perfectly acceptable way to procure one's private parts. Other guys simply take a little off the top to ensure there's no rogue garden growing below the waist. There is no right way to groom. (There are, however, right and wrong tools to use for the job—more on that in a minute.)

Fact: Tons of men leave a tiny tuft of hair

Based on the men surveyed in the study above:

  •  87% of guys who do groom down south remove all the hair above the penis 
  • 66% of guys go all the way to the scrotum
  • More than half (57%) take the blade to the shaft of the penis

In other words, your guy can mix and match the way he grooms based on his mood because tons of guys have been known to leave their balls and shaft alone and just focus on the fur that resides directly below the waistline.

Myth: Men only groom when they're going to get blow jobs

Okay, this is certainly a valid reason guys go bald around their balls; it ups the sensation ante and offers an enhanced level of excitement, but it's surely not the only reason guys partake in male grooming. While 73% of men between 25 and 34 years of age groom in preparation for sexual activity, there are many other reasons dudes take care of their junk.

Fact: Regular attention to one's anatomy is good for the mind and body

61% of men who groom do so in the name of better hygiene. After all, there are fewer places for dirt, bacteria, and sweat to hide when there's less hair down there. 44% of guys partake in male grooming as part of routine care. Why? Because when you take care of your body in the best way possible, you look and feel your best in every interaction, whether it's at work or play.

With all this said, it's not just the act of grooming itself that takes the hair away and makes a man feel like he's putting his best penis forward; a lot of the process involves using the right tools. You never want your guy to reach for your pink razor when he's in the shower. For starters, it's not meant for his man meat. But besides that, sharing razors is a gross way to share bacteria, too. While you may be a very generous couple, some things should be kept private, and the stuff that comes off one's private parts is definitely on that list. So, let's explore the right tools for the job with this grooming gift guide.

Men's below-the-waist gifts

When it comes to shaving sets, no kit or package is complete without The Lawn Mower® 4.0. This waterproof electric trimmer was specifically designed to do its duty down under. Made for a man and his balls, The Lawn Mower® 4.0 features a 7,000 RPM motor, which seamlessly cuts through the coarse short-and-curlies that reside in the nether region with minimized pulling, tugging, or nicking the skin. It comes with two adjustable guards, so your guy can gauge how long or short he wants his hair to be. Our replacenable ceramic blade module means his tool will alway be ready to go.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is a favorite feature of the Perfect Package 4.0—our all-in-one trim-and-cleanse male grooming kit. The Perfect Package 4.0 also features an assortment of other manly must-haves, making it one of the gifts for guys this Christmas. Besides the beloved Lawn Mower® 4.0, the Perfect Package 4.0 includes:


The Manscaped Boxers

MANSCAPED's boxer briefs are every ball's best friend. They feature breathable SmartBand Technology™, which is super elastic, along with a wide waistband that won't roll down or cause discomfort during the day. The microfiber fabric ensures breathability and repels moisture.

Crop Preserver™

Crop Preserver

After your guy gets out of the shower, his balls deserve a little added protection to keep them safe from the rubbing and stinking that can arise throughout the day. That's where Crop Preserver™, MANSCAPED's anti-chafing, moisturizing ball deodorant, comes into play. A dollop of this liquid-to-powder formula will transform freshly shaven balls into well-protected below-the-deck elements. Crop Preserver™ is an essential ingredient that belongs in every guy's arsenal of penis pampering.

Crop Reviver™

Manscaped Crop Reviver

For serious freshness with a touch of anti-inflammation protection, nothing is better than Crop Reviver™. Armed with the naturally soothing ingredients of aloe vera and witch hazel extracts, a simple spritz or two of this aftershave ball toner and refresher will rejuvenate your guy's junk and leave the area hydrated, protected, and pleased. Its job is to reduce irritation and itchiness while imparting a subtle-yet-studly scent into your dude's southern section.

Magic Mat™


Don't let your guy tell you he won't groom because he doesn't want to deal with the after-effects of cleaning up the pubes that could easily find themselves in the corners and crevices of the bathroom. Not all shave sets include proactive measures that ensure minimal cleaning after the deed is done. At MANSCAPED™, we believe in providing our customers with an entire trimming and shaving experience from beginning to end. The Magic Mat™ is an easy way to keep the bathroom clean and tidy without extra effort. Simply place one of the disposable mats on the floor before the trimming begins, and it'll collect that hair that leaves your guy's body. There's no sweeping, mopping, or extra load of laundry necessary. Just pick the mat up, capture the hair, and toss it in the trash. Each Perfect Package 4.0 comes with three disposable mats, and you can order more online at any time.

The Shed

When we were designing The Perfect Package 4.0, we asked ourselves, "What would make this one of the best gifts for guys that'll complete the experience for our customers?" We came up with The Shed—a premium travel bag that happily stores all the goods that keep your guy's junk clean and clear. The Shed is a discreet place to store all things tree trunk-related and is made of high-quality fabric. It's got a grab-and-go handle, a water-resistant exterior, and a lined interior, making it perfect for men who travel or those who just need to keep all their things in one single place inside the bathroom cabinet.

Men's above-the-belt gifts

Male grooming kits don't solely revolve around the scrotum; your guy needs to pay attention to the parts of his body that other people see, too. That's why we made The Shears—a nail grooming kit that's great for guys. This five-piece nail kit takes care of a man's hands in a way that's specifically meant for him. Each piece is made with corrosion-resistant, long-lasting tempered stainless steel, and the set comes complete with a wallet-sized travel case that makes it easy to store all the tools in one place for optimal accessibility.

Pair The Shears with a purchase of Refined cologne to give your guy a head-to-toe Christmas gift. Our cologne is light, yet it still delivers a pleasing, masculine scent that's long-lasting and not overbearing.

What else?

If you're searching for shave sets that'll make your man happy this Christmas season, you needn't look any further than MANSCAPED™. We created the Perfect Package 4.0 to ensure you're able to give your guy the stuff that keeps his goods in good working condition.

Peak Hygiene Plan

If you're looking for men's gifts that keep giving, our Peak Hygiene Plan will give you exactly what you need. Choose the frequency of delivery for a variety of products, including:

Our Peak Hygiene Plan ensures your guy never runs out of the goods, so fresh blades or a brand new pair of boxer briefs will arrive right at his doorstep as soon as it's time to swap out the old ones. This plan is designed for flexability and even gives you the ability to cancel your Peak Hygiene Plan if you absolutely need to.

Stocking Stuffers

Manscaped Crop Mop

>>Buy Crop Mop™<<

Sometimes men's gifts are easiest when they're the main attraction, but what are you going to put into his stocking this year? Don't worry! We've thought of that, too. Here are a few ideas to help facilitate your shopping excursion:

  • Crop Mop™. These go-anywhere, clean-anytime ball wipes are only about the size of a credit card, making them the perfect product to stuff inside his stocking. Infused with soothing aloe that calms, cools, and protects the skin, these magical little wipes can quickly make the feeling of unfreshness that happens during the day go away. Each pack contains 15 biodegradable wipes, so he can store a couple in his suitcase, keep a few in his back pocket, and arm his glove box with a handful, too. After all, you never know when crotch stench will rear its ugly head (or balls, as the case may be). 

Shopping for gifts for your guy? MANSCAPED™ has everything you need and more. Get these gifts for your guy; your man will thank you!



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