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Best Shower Wash For Balls (Crop Cleanser)

It’s good that you take your manscaping seriously. We’re glad you believe in investing in quality tools and keeping to a regular schedule. The last thing you want to do is throw that effort away because you took other parts of your hygiene for granted. You need a better body wash (especially for your poor, neglected balls). You need the best shower wash for balls, and we’re going to show you how to get it.

What’s in a Wash?

Guys. We don’t want to be mean. We don’t want to call you failures or clueless. But, be honest for a minute. How do you choose your body wash? At best, most of you just give a few bottles a sniff and go with the one the smells best. A lot of you don’t even make it that far.

We live in a scientific age. Information is available. You can make informed decisions about everything in your life, and every last one of you has heavily researched something before you bought it. For some of you it’s floor mats for a car. For others its computer parts or video games. We don’t have time to go into every niche, but you know how to investigate products and learn about them before spending your money. Your body wash should be no different.

The science behind a great body wash has several facets, and you need to take a minute, right now, to learn about them. First up, a good body wash can be an all-in-one. We’re starting here to appeal to your general laziness or reluctance to get involved. If you only need one bottle for your skin, sensitive areas and hair, life gets easier. Crop Cleanser gives you exactly that. The carefully crafted formula will do good things for your entire body while granting extreme convenience.

best shower wash for balls crop cleanser

The second thing you need to understand is hydration. You hear it all the time, and you at least loosely understand the principle. Dry skin comes with lots of problems, so you want a body wash that moisturizes. This is especially true for your scalp and hair. Dandruff, more often than not, is simply a dry scalp. Hydration solves that.

Hydration becomes even more important when you subscribe to manscaping. Trimming and shaving are both capable of damaging the outer layer of skin, even if you don’t cut or nick yourself. At best, it’s a gentle scraping action that pulls skin cells away and releases stored moisture. Also, the simple act of reducing body hair changes how your body controls moisture. From the outset, you need to supply that extra hydration to let your skin adapt and correct for the changes you introduced.

That’s the simple stuff. Now, we’re going to get a little deeper into skin science. When you scrape away outer layers of skin, you do more than release moisture. You also change the pH balance of your skin. We see that skepticism on your face. Pay close attention here. One of the key ways your skin manages moisture and protects against antigens is by maintaining an acid mantle. It comes with several other names, but basically the chemical composition of the fluids your skin excretes creates a light acidic barrier that combats external moisture influences and protects from bad bacteria, spores and other infecting agents readily invading your body. Trimming, and even more shaving, scrapes that acidic barrier away.

best shower wash for balls crop cleanser

That means that when you shower, you want to use a body wash that is deliberately designed to restore the acid mantle quickly and in the healthiest way possible. This is why good body washes advertise their pH control.

The last major point you need to learn today is exfoliation. This is going to sound counterintuitive, but stick with us to the end and it will make sense. Exfoliation is an important part of washing your body. It does a lot of things, but the most important is that it clears away dead skin cells and opens pores. You probably never think about this, but accumulated skin cells (and other blockage) actually interrupt your body’s ability to maintain that protective, acidic barrier. This is another way the best shower wash for balls can help.

You might think that shaving is clearing pores for you, but that’s often not the case. Many times, you’ll just be dragging blockage from one area to another. The mixed bag is that some pores will benefit and others won’t. A good body wash fixes that problem by including exfoliating agents. Some use beads. Others employ silicone or sand. Ours uses sea salt. Whatever the agent, you want something mildly abrasive to make sure that the scrubbing you do in the shower loosens all of the pore blockers so the running water can wash them away. That’s the key for hydrating and pH controlling elements to actually interact with your living skin and do all of these good things we’ve been discussing. That’s what you need in your shower wash.

Oh, yeah. We almost skipped the last thing you want to check in your body wash. It should also smell good. This is the part that directly impacts your social/dating life.

How to Use It

Great. Now you know what you need in your wash. All you have to do is get the right bottle and slather it around in the shower, right? Hold on there, big guy. If you didn’t already know the science behind a good body wash, then you probably don’t know how to use it either. We were clueless once too. We know the drill. You hop in the shower, smear a little body wash on your smelly bits and call it good. That’s a great way to waste all of these lovely, health-promoting aspects of our great formula.

In case you aren’t reading between the lines, we’re telling you directly. You probably don’t know how to shower. Thankfully, we can correct that very quickly. It is easy, but you need to know a few things.

First, get a washcloth. You can use a loofah, if you want. They’re actually really effective. But, a lot of you have insecurities that might prevent you from using one. A washcloth is fine. Second, wash your washcloth regularly. It’s going to absorb a lot of water every time you shower. With the Crop Cleanser, it will help reduce but not prevent bacterial growth, as it’s not a full-blown antiseptic. We didn’t design it for linens, so it won’t prevent some of the fungal growth known to reside in clothes. Stay on top of that.

 best shower wash for balls crop cleanser

Third, and last, use the damn washcloth. We’re guys too. We know how easy it is to be lazy in the shower. Lots of times you’re tired, and the warm water feels great. You want to soak for a minute, harness a little chi and then tackle your day. You have to stay disciplined. Use the washcloth with a few pumps of Crop Cleanser and actually scrub your body. That’s what leads to exfoliation, and you already know that it’s important.

Before we move on, here’s a bonus pro tip. A lot of you shower in water that is too hot. We get it. The hot water feels good. But, it’s bad for your skin. Warm water that doesn’t turn soft skin red at a touch is better for you. When it’s too hot, the water helps you dehydrate your skin by causing it to contract in reaction to the heat. Avoid the problems and keep the temperature reasonable.

The Rest of the Deal

Congratulations, gents. You know how to shower. We told you it was easy. But, you still need to know a few more things to get the utmost from your body wash research and improved showering technique. For that, we’re going to give you the total manscaping overview. Don’t worry; it’s brief.

It starts with a trim. We’ve seen lots of guys who go straight for the razor, but that’s unnecessary roughness on the body. Trim first. And, use your Magic Mat when you do. It’ll mange the mess while the Lawn Mower does its thing. A simple trim only takes a few minutes, and it’s the core part of controlling body hair. You can get lazy with shaving and be relatively ok. Slacking on your trimming is the real enemy.

After a trim is the time to grab the Plow. Even though you will eventually be tempted to rush, always take your time with shaving. Even assuming you’ve developed your skills enough to avoid injury when shaving quickly, rushing is a great way to botch the job and look silly. The whole point of a razor is to give you clean lines, so just carve a few extra minutes out of your day to make sure you do it right.

Shaving is followed by showering. We’ve covered that pretty well, so let’s move on to the next step. best shower wash for balls crop cleanser

A great manscaping session is only truly complete when you apply the final two elements. Right out of the shower (after a pat dry), you want to apply some ball deodorant. Well, you should take care of your pits too, but we assume you have that on lock. Crop Preserver is the best part of manscaping. It’ll help you control ball and chode sweat. It keeps you cool and reduces friction, which feels great. And, it complements the Crop Cleanser formula to really get your pH and moisture control back in balance. 

Lastly, you want a couple spritzes of Crop Reviver. It has the final few skin-healing ingredients that couldn’t be crammed into Preserver and Cleanser. Reviver will help manage irritation and ingrown hairs, so you don’t have to worry about itchiness, redness or bumps.

And that, dear friends, is how you manscape. We like to get in-depth in our discussion of various manscaping techniques and tricks. You can find the compendium of these discussions at


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