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Boyfriend Gift Guide How to Buy, Give, and “Blow” Your Boyfriend’s Mind

Buying gifts for people is never an easy task, and no matter how well you get to know someone, it seems like it never gets easier. If you're looking for a gift to buy your significant other, then you're in the right place, as we're going to cover 24 of the best presents that someone can get for their boyfriend.


Whether your boyfriend’s a sneakerhead at heart or if he’s just run his last pair of shoes ragged, a new pair of sneakers is always an excellent gift. Depending on your budget, you can opt for something simple and reliable or you can try to wow your lover with a limited-release shoe.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

Keep in mind that sneaker lovers and resellers alike will flock to release events, so if you’re looking to get something rare for your boyfriend, you’re going to have to get there early. On the other hand, you can also get your boyfriend some dress shoes for special events.

A Watch

This can be one of the pricier recommendations on this list, but you don’t have to buy a Rolex to get your boyfriend a quality watch. There are plenty of models available for a low price that are stylish and convenient. You may want to opt for a more elegant, minimalistic design if you’re looking for a dress watch.

On the other hand, you can also get your boyfriend a smartwatch, which will likely see more daily use than one that makes a fashion statement. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to the astronomical heights of the Apple Watch, you’ll find plenty of affordable smartwatches that are reliable.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

A Shaving Kit

If you’re getting sick of your boyfriend’s beard getting wilder and more untamed by the day, then a shaving kit may be in order. These will typically include everything from a quality razor down to shaving cream and beard oil, which will help make your boyfriend’s beard softer and more revitalized.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

Of course, shaving kits don’t exclusively have to be for facial hair, and if your boyfriend is on the hairy side, then you may want one that’s meant for coarser hair types. If your man needs trimming below the belt, then the Perfect Package 2.0 comes included with everything he needs to maintain the area.

Video Games

If your boyfriend loves some virtual entertainment from time to time, then you could pick up some video games for him. For those with a gamer boyfriend, try to discuss what’s come out recently and what he’s looking forward to and then surprise him with it (just make sure he hasn’t pre-ordered it yet).

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a bit more of a grand gesture, then you can purchase your boyfriend a whole game console. Whether he wants to relive childhood memories with the Nintendo Switch or if he’s looking to try some exclusives on the PS4, a console will be a cherished gift.

A Satchel

A satchel is a versatile bag that you can buy your boyfriend, as it will simultaneously make him look more stylish and it will give him a place to store things on the go. You’ll also want to consider the material that the satchel is made of, as that will affect the durability and the price point.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

If you want to buy your boyfriend something that will last a long time, a leather satchel will be one of the most durable choices, though you’ll want to ensure that it’s genuine leather.

A Portable Speaker

For boyfriends that love music, a portable speaker will let them bring their tunes anywhere they go. A portable speaker can make for fun pool parties and cookouts, and you can also steal it now and then when your boyfriend's not using so that you can listen to your own music.

The majority of portable speakers work over Bluetooth, but there are also models that run on wifi. Bluetooth is the superior choice for portability, as it will not require a wifi connection to establish a link to the device that’s playing the music.


If the previous gift has you worried about your sleep schedule, then you may want to buy your boyfriend some headphones instead. The first thing you should determine is the type, as you can choose between in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones, also known as earbuds are the most portable but feature inferior sound quality and bass. On-ear headphones are typically a compromise between the in-ear and over-ear models. Finally, over-ear headphones are bulky, but they have an improved soundstage that drastically enhances their sound quality.


If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend’s underwear has been getting a little ragged recently, don’t wait for him to take action. Sneak a look at his underwear drawer and see his favorite type of underwear and then surprise him with a few packs of new boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

Silly underwear is an excellent gift option for boyfriends who enjoy a bit of comedy. Be sure to invest in breathable underwear to ensure that your boyfriend stays fresh down there, as that’ll be a gift to you both. If your boyfriend needs underwear, then we’d recommend checking out the Manscaped Boxers.

A Potted Plant

Trying to teach boyfriends responsibility can often feel like banging your head against the wall, but a potted plant is a great way for him to spice up his living space and learn to take care of something. Of course, the type of plant you get will determine how finicky it is to take care of.

If you live in a reasonably sunny area, then succulents are an excellent choice, as they are hardy plants that are also beautiful. From the exotic spines of a cactus to the long leaves of aloe vera, a potted plant will be just enough responsibility to be fun but not enough to be a nuisance.

A Couples’ Retreat

While this may be a bit more of a gift for both of you, your boyfriend likely won’t mind a bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you want to go for a spa day together or if you’re looking to take an extended trip to a meditation retreat, it’s a good idea to debate the options with your boyfriend ahead of time.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

The element of surprise may be lost if you bring it up to your boyfriend, but you can also minimize the chances of choosing something he won’t like and ensure that you pick the right time to do it. This will prevent unforeseen circumstances from getting between you two and your couples’ retreat.


For a lover of literature, a book is the most meaningful present you can give them, and there are so many different types of books to choose from. Whether your boyfriend is into sports statistics or crime fiction, there are books of all kinds to choose from, and they are also relatively affordable.

For boyfriends who love superheroes, a collection of comic books should keep them satisfied for a long time to come, and they’ll likely appreciate the gift more than anything. We’d recommend making sure that your boyfriend’s backlog isn’t too overloaded with books before piling some more on top of him, however.

A Bathrobe

Nothing beats getting out of the shower, drying off, and then stepping into a soft, warm bathrobe. Whether your boyfriend has no robe or if his current one is starting to fray at the edges, a new robe is usually an affordable and beloved gift.

However, if you do buy your boyfriend a bathrobe as a gift, you’ll have to be prepared for him to wear nothing but the robe around the house for a little while to come, especially if it’s comfortable.

A Record Player

This is another excellent present for those who have audiophile boyfriends. Whether or not your lover already has a vinyl collection, a record player will allow him to experience music differently. Some will argue that analog sound has a certain depth to it that is lacking in digital formats.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

If you have a little bit left over after the purchase of the record player, try finding your boyfriend an LP from one of his favorite bands. If the turntable isn’t enough to make him jump for joy, then the follow-up record will be certain to.


Everyone likes a boyfriend that smells nice, and one of the best ways to ensure that he keeps smelling good is to buy him some quality cologne. While high-end cologne will typically cost a lot, you can find plenty of reasonably priced options that smell just as good as them but don’t have the brand recognition.

The best thing to look for in quality cologne is a scent that lasts long but isn’t overpowering. You’ll also want to consider the size of the bottle, as some options may look like a good deal until you notice that they’re tiny. We’d recommend our Refined Limited Edition Cologne.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

A Wallet

There’s a certain sort of pride in carrying around a well-worn wallet, but there comes a time where it gets worn out and needs to be replaced. If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend’s billfold hasn’t been aging too gracefully, then you may want to take it into your own hands to find him a new one.

When looking for the best wallet, you’ll want to be sure that it’s spacious enough to carry all of his cards and cash but slim enough to fit comfortably into your boyfriend’s pocket. Leather is usually the best choice of material for a wallet as it will last longer than many alternatives while remaining stylish.

A Power Bank

For those that have a boyfriend who is constantly on the go, few devices can come in handy like a power bank. If you’ve never heard of a power bank, it’s essentially a battery with ports that you can use to charge your portable devices while on the go. This includes laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

Keep in mind that there are various kinds of power banks, with larger ones that are made for laptops and pocket-sized models meant to fit right next to a phone. You’ll also want to be sure that the power bank is compatible with your boyfriend’s devices before buying it.


A stylish pair of sunglasses doesn't have to be that expensive, and they can shield his eyes from glare while making him look all the more stylish; win-win. Unless your boyfriend wears glasses for vision correction, you may have trouble determining what will look good on him, so you may have to bring him along.

If you want to maintain the surprise, just don't tell him where you're headed until you get to the store. When you arrive, you can let him in on the secret, and you can choose between the available glasses together, even making a small date out of it.

Roller Blades or a Skateboard

Going fast is always fun, and if your boyfriend feels the need for speed, then a pair of roller blades or a skateboard may be an excellent option for him. Whether your boyfriend likes pulling tricks on a shortboard or going cruising on a longboard, this will make for an exciting gift.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

Rollerblades are an excellent choice for boyfriends who ice skate or roller skate, as a pair will allow them to use the skills that they already possess instead of having to learn something new.

Smart Home Hub

As smart homes become more and more common, they are also becoming surprisingly affordable. A smart home hub will allow your boyfriend to revolutionize the domestic environment. One a hub is set up, you can then purchase smart appliances that will all link into it.

From making it easier to play music to remembering grocery lists, once you have a smart home hub, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Popcorn Maker

Imagine that it’s movie night and you’re rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to munch on, but there’s nothing in sight. If you want to spare your boyfriend from this all-too-common issue, then consider getting him a popcorn maker as a present.

There are a few different types of popcorn makers, and they can vary quite a bit when it comes to the price. For example, air poppers are typically more affordable, and they make healthier popcorn than oil poppers, but if you want genuine movie theater popcorn, then an oil popper will be needed.

Stylish T-Shirts

T-shirts are convenient, comfortable, and they look good, so you can rarely have too many of them. If you’d like to revamp your boyfriend’s wardrobe a little bit, consider getting him one or two stylish t-shirts that you know he’ll love. Favorite bands, movies, and TV shows are all excellent themes to choose from.

For those that want to add a personal touch to their boyfriend’s shirt, it’s also possible to create your own with a blank t-shirt and printable transfers. All you have to do is print out the transfer with the image you want on it and then apply it to the blank shirt using an iron.

Wall Decorations

A room devoid of decoration can get boring, so if you want to spice things up, then consider getting some posters or framed art. Even a tapestry can add some character to a room that was once devoid of it.

You can even create your own decorations for your boyfriend by drawing a piece and having it framed for him. Wall decals are another excellent way to change up a room, and they consist of vinyl stickers that you place against the wall. These can easily be removed at a later date when redecorating.


For avid collectors, there is no better gift than the items they collect. Whether your boyfriend loves baseball cards or action figures, adding another piece to the collection will likely make him jump for joy. Try and pry some info out of him before you buy him something new, as that will help you find out what he wants most.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

Keep in mind that a lot of collectibles may not be available for sale at retail stores as many have long since gone out of production. You may have to look around sites like Kijiji or Craigslist to see whether anyone is selling off collectibles of their own, but this can also lead to some incredible deals.

A Nail Kit

If your boyfriend’s fingernails look more like claws than anything else, then you may want to consider getting him a nail kit. Most of these kits come included with things like tweezers, clippers, scissors and more, and they typically come included with a nice little pouch.

Grooming kits are also convenient because they’re portable enough to bring around on trips and they keep everything together instead of loose in a toiletry bag. Manscaped has a nail grooming kit available called The Shears, featuring sturdy stainless steel construction.

Boyfriend Gift Guide



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