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Compromise 101: Finding Relationship Balance

finding relationship balance

Relationships are about compromise.

Great -- another word that seems to mean you'll have to give up stuff you love in favor of stuff your loved one loves even more, right?

Not necessarily.

Ideally, the word 'compromise' encompasses something that works great for both of you, but this is the real world, and nothing is as easy as it sounds in writing.

With that in mind, we've compiled a few tips of compromise to help keep you out of compromising situations:

Meat vs. Meat-Like Product

Okay, sometimes you have to choose your battles if you want to sustain a healthy, happy relationship, and pasture-fed products simply shouldn't be the reason you don't speak when you slide under the sheets at night. You don't have to go all veg all the time, but offer to integrate a veg-inspired item on your plate once a week. The olive branch will be worth its weight in gold when you want a peaceful night with just the two of you.

You might be surprised about some of the meatless options on the market these days. Employ a don't-ask-don't-tell policy as part of your weekly tribute to compromise. She doesn't have to tell you when it's tofu, and hopefully, you don't know the difference.

Sounding Wall vs. Wall of Silence

One's a talker; one is simply not. Find a neutral ground where the speaker can be heard and the other party can listen without feeling attacked. In some households, notes help initiate conversations. In others, music softens the blow. Whatever your household's sirens say, follow the beat of that drummer so you can find a peaceful compromise between the need to talk about everything and the desire to speak of absolutely nothing.

Budgetary Constraints

This is a big one, and if you're in it for the long haul, you'll have to work out the monetary wall sooner than later. Cook dinner at home to cut down on nightly costs, and check in on Netflix and HBO Now if you're a flick-favoring couple.

Whatever your struggle, we're sure you're not alone. Tell us your tales of compromise woes!



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