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Condom Review: Which Protective Layer is Best for You?

which condoms are the best

The only thing better than sex is safe sex. Letting your manly inhibitions run awry without proper protection can lead to a world of hurt (or a lifetime of unspeakable circumstances.) Sowing your wild oats doesn't have to leave you kept in a cage behind the confines of your apartment walls. You just have to find the right products that enable the sensitivity of your manliness to come to the forefront.

Here's a quick review of condoms to help get you started:

Great Overall Experience

Trojan's Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy is a traditional latex condom that's lubricated inside and out with a lube that's known for having some good lasting power. Two sets of ribs and the baseball bat shape, which allows for extra movement inside, give this condom an overall fun and comfortable experience.

Excellent Non-Latex Option

LifeStyles' Skyn is a great option if your partner is allergic to latex (or if you're just not a fan of it yourself.) The polyisoprene is stretchy and intentionally wraps itself around you in a comfortable and natural feel.

Feel Good, Do Good

Sir Richard's Condom Company takes good times and the spirit of giving to elevated heights with its buy-on-give-one philosophy. The Boulder, Colorado company aims to provide condoms to people who live in countries that are experiencing sexual health crises by taking its first-world profits to third-world countries. With this admirable agenda at the forefront, socially-conscious people can partner up in bed and feel good about everything that goes on between the sheets.

An Interesting Experience

Ribs, twists, and turns have been part of the condom market for a long time, but no one's done innovation quite like Inspiral before. With a large, spiral-shaped head, this condom delivers a corkscrew-like sensation during sex, which makes for a fun bout of friction unlike anything you've probably experienced before.

Any protection is better than no protection at all, but some condoms are simply better for certain people than others. Which piece of protection do you choose to put in your pocket before you head out for a night on the town? Tell us your picks at our Manscaped Facebook page!



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