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Customer Reviews of MANSCAPED The Weed Whacker Nose Hair Trimmer

The Weed Whacker is the latest tool in the line created by MANSCAPED. Pulling technology from the beloved Lawn Mower body and groin trimmer series, it has SkinSafe™ technology to protect your nose while you trim those pesky hairs. With a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and convenient design, you can safely use it anywhere and always be ahead of the curve on nose hair maintenance. If you want the perfect complement to your manscaping toolkit, invest in the beloved nose hair trimmer known as The Weed Whacker. Check out what these customers have to say about it.

customer reviews weed whacker

After a brutal divorce, I stayed out of the dating game for a few years. Once I was ready to get back into the game, I knew I needed some help. With The Perfect Package and The Weed Whacker, I was able to work on myself and feel a little more ready for that first date. Now, I’m back in the game and a years-long dry spell has finally ended. Thanks, MANSCAPED! - Will B., Las Cruces, NM

When my son turned 18, I had the talk with him. I explained that these days, men have to take care of business downstairs too. Thanks to the male grooming talk, he was ahead of the game and is thriving in college. Recently, he got me The Weed Whacker for my birthday. It was a great gift, and my nose is grateful. - Eddie G., Atlanta, GA

When I moved to Phoenix, chronic dry nose was a big problem. It messed with my sleep. I had bloody noses. It was miserable all around. After trying everything, a friend suggested that I start trimming my nose hairs. I thought it would make the problem worse, but with the Weed Whacker and some saline gel, I finally found relief. Nose hair is not to be taken lightly. - John M., Phoenix Arizona

I’m what some of you might call a late bloomer. I was in my mid-20s when I finally started having success dating. Until that point, I was always a little shy and unsure of how to initiate a conversation that was supposed to lead to romance. Then, I started experimenting with manscaping. It changed everything. Somehow, knowing I had a great surprise downstairs made it easier to be confident. So, when MANSCAPED released a nose hair trimmer, I knew I had to try it. I wasn’t disappointed. - Ken C., Los Angeles, CA

I love my husband, but he’s not the classiest guy around. After seven years of marriage, it can be hard to find him sexy sometimes. He’s still in good shape, but he doesn’t go the extra mile to look his best. So, I tried a gentle nudge and bought him The Weed Whacker. It took a little coaxing to try it, but he loved it instantly. He said it felt great to not have nose hair annoying him anymore, and one of the biggest turnoffs he had suddenly disappeared. It might sound silly to say that a trimmer reinvigorated our marriage, but stranger things have happened. To the other men out there, trim your nose hair! - Carol J., Tacoma, WA

To order The Weed Whacker for yourself, head over to MANSCAPED.COM.



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