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August 07, 2017

Real-Life Dating Tips

Dating is rough. You’re supposed to be your best self even while you deal with unreasonable feelings and the inescapable scrutiny and judgment of . . . well . . . everyone. Still, it’s hardwired into us, and dating is something we all have to face. A few simple tips can make the whole process easier and more rewarding.

It’s a Numbers Game

Most guys first enter the dating world on unsteady legs. While a few are born with an unfair share of confidence, the rest of us build that confidence through experience. If you aren’t comfortable meeting strangers and asking them out, then you need to practice. In fact, acclimating to rejection can really kill the sting. The point is, if you stay in the game and keep trying, you will get yes’s. You will go on dates, and you will become more comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re looking for something casual or serious, spending time flirting and dating will help you get better at the process so you can score when you want or hold onto that special someone when you find them.

 Be Clean

After you’ve learned to get a date, you need to be successful on said outing. It’s been said a million times, and many guys still need to hear it again. It’s easy to be a smelly neanderthal. Overcoming that takes effort. If you’re planning on dating, spend more than $12 on a haircut, get some clothes that aren’t sold at Target, get manscaped, and spend more than 5 minutes getting ready for your date. Your partner will notice the effort; it makes for a powerful unspoken compliment.

Be Honest

This doesn’t mean you need to disclose your deepest personal secrets in the first five minutes of meeting someone. It does mean that you shouldn’t be deceptive about your intentions. Everyone wants different things, and that’s ok. As long as you let your intentions be known, you can avoid messy fights and the worst drama. It’s really better to end things after a single date and move on to someone more amicable to your ambitions. The dating pool really is large enough for you to find someone who wants what you want. Besides that, sometimes people with different end games can still have a little fun together as long as they know what they’re getting into from the start.

Tell us: What dating tips have worked for you? Share in the comments!

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