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September 10, 2016

Do All Men Manscape?

do all men manscape

It’s impossible not to hear about manscaping these days. It feels like in a span of a few short years it went from a guilty pleasure to a mainstream requirement. Even in recent memory men were teased for excessive grooming. Now, it seems the social outcasts are those who remain resistant. So, how many guys are actually manscaping, really? Modern science, it seems, is not above investigating, so here are the most quoted reports.

The Numbers

Cosmo recently published a survey they did that suggests 95 percent of all grown men manscape. While this unscientific study might be overestimating the truth, it does identify the explosive growth that manscaping has seen. Slightly more scientific research suggests that just over half of all men are now participating. As you might expect, millennials are leading the way, with a 57 percent participation rate, but a more surprising statistic refers to Gen-X men. They’ve shown a 56 percent increase in manscaping since 2005. The data shows that manscaping is here to stay, and within a few years it will be difficult to find a man under 65 who doesn’t participate.

Participation statistics aren’t the only numbers worth checking. For those who are still hesitant, over 80 percent of polled women say they prefer a manscaped man. Maybe less surprising, a full 88 percent of women say they prefer at least some trimming in the groin and butt areas. If that still isn’t motivation enough, there are health benefits too. Manscaped individuals are 80 percent less likely to contract come STDs (namely crabs), and they earn a average of 12 percent more at the same job. Ok, that last statistic is slightly stretched. In reality, men who work on their appearance see the wage hikes, but manscaping is absolutely a part of that.


Numbers are compelling, but there are some less quantitative reasons why manscaping is so popular. For starters, it makes a man smell better. Scientifically speaking, bacteria, sweat and other odor-causing elements cling to hair much better than skin. Simply taming the brush is all it takes to combat clinging smells. It has also been noted that manscaping causes a perceptible confidence boost. Men who participate look thinner in their clothes (without losing weight), have better posture and are in general found more attractive, even when the direct grooming can’t be seen. As you’ve heard many times before, simply feeling more attractive can boost confidence and make one be perceived as more attractive.


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