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Do Women Like Pubic Hair? Get the Scoop Here!

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



A lot of people talk about manscaping, and there is no shortage of strong opinions. You’ll see style experts and celebrities promote it. You probably have a gruff friend who is completely against it. It’s time to face a simple truth. The opinions of men aren’t what really matter here. Most of us first explore manscaping for the sake of the ladies. Let’s stop making assumptions and find out do women like pubic hair or should us men just shave it off?

What Do The Poles Say About Women And Whether They Like Pubic Hair?

There have been a lot of polls on this topic. We weren’t the first to ask do women like pubic hair or whether men should exfoliate their penises and pay attenion to penis grooming. We won’t be the last. With all of that data, you’re going to run into some discrepancies. There’s this weird thing where not all women are completely identical. No one really gets it, but here we are.

So, we looked at a number of polls and averaged the results. We’re going to cover the basics first. Then, we’ll get into some of the deeper topics of what women like and some of your options in dealing with your own pubes.

For starters, a combination of polls shows that 80 to 90 percent of women prefer some amount of grooming. Only 10 to 20 percent prefer guys with a completely unkempt bush. This means that going wild below the waist is not the default look. It may require less work, but you’re not playing the odds.

In this day and age, people expect more, even out of male grooming. There are a lot of reasons why, and we’ll cover some of them later, but rule number one is that you have to manscape. And, if you’re still not convinced, you should know that roughly 20 percent of women will straight up not date a guy if they don’t like his public situation. It’s something to think about.

Women In Rual Areas Are More Likely To Enjoy A Bush

The 80 to 90 percent figure comes from aggregate data of national U.S. polls. Most of those polls were a little more regional or specific, and they turned out a few facts that might surprise you. For instance, a woman’s preference on pubic hair tends to vary with location. It’s less geographical and more about the population density of where they live.

Here’s what we mean by that. In rural communities, women are a lot more in favor of pubic hair than ladies in urban and suburban areas. Keep in mind that a clear majority of rural females still prefer grooming, but it’s a smaller majority.

Similarly, urban women like guys who are completely shaved more than the other groups. We’ll talk about some of these numbers next, but accounting for your community size can help you play the numbers a little better — if that’s what you’re into.

Bearded Man Holding An Axe

More Specific Tastes

Knowing that most women like some grooming doesn’t really give you a lot to work with. Should you be shaving? Are they interested in high-tech, advanced grooming techniques that you’ve never tried? There’s a lot to consider, so we’re going to break down some preferences in this section. We’ll cover the most commonly discussed styles, and you can make your own decisions from there.

All Natural -10-20% Of Women Love Your Pubes

This is the inverse of women preferring grooming, so it’s fairly obvious. If 80 to 90 percent of women want you to groom, then only 10 to 20 percent like a guy to keep things completely natural downstairs. It shouldn’t be too surprising. There’s an unshakable history about natural looks. Modern technology might cause trends to shift, but there are always going to be people who prefer sleeping outside, not having a cell phone and members of the opposite sex who don’t groom.

We shouldn’t make assumptions, but this same group of women might also like rugged mountain man beards, long hair on guys and rough or dirty hands. We’re guessing, but all of that feels right.

Regardless of all of that, there’s something worth noting. 10 to 20 percent of a population might not be a majority, but it’s a lot. If you’re seeing the same woman on repeat, it’s probably worth asking what she likes. Assuming she’s in the majority could lead you astray.

Completely Bare - 12-16% Of Women Say Shave It Off

The opposite of a natural bush is to completely shave everything. This is a concept that has been around much longer than most modern manscaping approaches. Even men of ancient times practiced shaving below the belt, so you have to assume that there will be some women who like this look.

That assumption is right. Between 12 and 16 percent of women want you to shave it all. They want you completely smooth and pristine down there. What’s interesting about this number is that it fits right in line with the number of women who like it unkempt. For everyone who likes a bush, there’s someone who can’t stand it.

Unfortunately, that means you can’t pick a single look and please everyone. It’s tough, but it’s better to know this now and account for it than to be surprised after a date that was going well. That’s our philosophy anyway.


If you like safe bets, then you need to trim but not shave your pubes. Women who don’t fit in the other categories fit into this one. That means roughly two-thirds of all women in the U.S. want you to trim your pubes but not go completely bare. That means you can get a trimmer, use the longest cutting guard, give your unmentionables a once-over and call it good. In you aren't already trimming down to this look like 68% of men, you need to get caught up.

On the bright side, this makes things pretty easy. On the other hand, there are a lot of variations that fit into the broad category of “some trimming.” Don’t worry too much. We’ll break those down too. We’re not going to leave you wondering or hanging today.

Man Flexing His Abs With His Shirt Off

Style Choices

Ok. We’ve narrowed things down a bit. It’s time to zoom in even more to get a better idea of what women really want. We’re going to skip talking about completely untrimmed and fully shaven manscaping options since they’re discussed above. This is all about what decisions you should make if and when you commit to trimming.

The Simple Trim

Life is going to prove less difficult than you might have thought. A clear majority of women prefer a simple trim. While there will be eternal debate over whether or not the balls and anus should be smooth, most women agree that as long as things are kept in order, the style of trimming isn’t a deal-breaker. You really can stick with a simple design and please most of the ladies.

With that in mind, here are a few variations we saw mentioned a lot. One is trimming the pubes and shaving the balls (although you don’t necessarily have to use a razor). It’s considered a classic in the manscaping world. It’s hard to say exactly why, but it’s worth noting.

Another popular style is varied length gradients. Basically, things are shortest next to the junk and a little longer as you move up towards the waistline. It takes a little more work, but it creates a clean, deliberate aesthetic. Our guess is that people appreciate the thought and effort.

All of that said, a uniform trim across the board is still acceptable, if that’s all you’re comfortable trying. Also worth noting, not all styles are beloved.

The Landing Strip - 1% Dig It!

We found a poll (by Cosmopolitan of all groups) that specifically listed the landing strip as a pubic hairstyle. In that poll, the majority of women were not fans. In fact, only 1 percent of those polled said that they preferred a landing strip. There weren’t numbers on how many considered it to be a deal-breaker, but those abysmal polling numbers shouldn’t be taken lightly. If it only pleases 1 percent, it’s not a safe style (unless you happen to be with that 1 percent). We’re not politicians out here.

Creative Trimming - 5% Say Yes!

Poll numbers on creative trimming are less reliable. Some questionnaires mentioned specific styles. Others were vaguer. The best we can give you is that roughly 5 percent of women prefer some type of creativity in their man’s pubic hair. If you were thinking of trimming her initials into your curly hair from down under, you might want to rethink the strategy. It might be novel for a minute, but there’s a good chance it won’t cause her to swoon.

In the end, simplicity is king, and that’s honestly a nice thing for all of us. You don’t have to become a master barber. Instead, you merely need to understand the basics and apply them. And, for those of you who haven’t yet taken the time to learn, we’ll cover those basics in a minute.

Why Does It Matter? Who Cares If I Have Pubic Hair, Right?

Before we get into manscaping practices, we should reflect on what we’re really discussing. Why does anyone actually care about someone else’s pubic hair? You might have some ideas, but you’re probably also missing some obvious points. Pubic hair might have an evolutionary purpose (science seems to assume this but hasn’t clearly proven it yet). It might not be the best idea to shave off all of your stuff. But, you can probably get the natural benefits of pubes while still keeping them under control. These are just a few motivations to consider.

Your Sex Life Will Be Impacted

Let’s face it. Your mind went here first. For a lot of women, the presence of overgrown pubic hair does in fact alter the nature of a sexual relationship. How can we keep this safe for work? Some of the non-traditional sexual practices that have risen in popularity don’t benefit from an abundance of pubic hair. People who aren’t devoted missionaries — if you get the drift — might prefer to keep things trimmed. It’s pretty straightforward.

Removing Your Pubic Hair Will Leave You Fresh And Happy

There’s some science that suggests pubic hair is good for your personal hygiene. That science is ignoring something that every human being knows all too well: balls stink. They’re gross. We all love our own, but they aren’t pleasant things, and fluffy hair contributes to that problem. It can trap sweat and the stuff that makes everything gross. No one needs that.

A simple trim can cut through the problem and leave you fresher and happier. More importantly, it makes you less disgusting to members of the opposite sex.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 Next To A Guard

Personal Gain - You Will Just Feel Better

Regardless of why ladies might want you to trim, there’s a reason we haven’t discussed yet. You can do it for yourself. Most guys who manscape agree that it makes them feel sexier, cleaner, healthier, and more confident. That’s a powerful list of reasons to consider investing in a trimmer. When you consider how little work you really need to put into this for anyone else, it seems pretty easy to justify trimming for your own sake. This is the real reason that we manscape, and it’s the core motivation for why we run a manscaping company.

Tips To Get Your Manscaping Right

Ok. Let’s discuss the actual techniques that will help you manscape. We’re not going to tell you how to use a trimmer in general. That’s pretty easy. Instead, we’re going to give you a few pro tips to help you have a better manscaping experience. If you’re enjoying it, there’s a good chance you’re doing it in a way that someone else can enjoy it too. Just, don’t quote that out of context. We’re only referring to manscaping here.

Get a Good Body Hair Trimmer

Trimming is extremely easy as long as you have the right tools. The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 trimmer is the best body trimmer for guys. It’s specifically designed to work on the boys. You can get as close or as long as you like without worry. It works hard to protect you from tugging, nicks, cuts, and all manner of unpleasantness.

Here’s your pro tip. Trim before you shower. You might worry about cleaning up, but with a Magic Mat™ shaving mat, cleaning up is easy. Showering after you trim ensures that you wash away the annoying hair clippings, and it sets you up for a good, healthy manscaping routine.

Use the Right Soap

A shower should follow any trimming. As we mentioned, it helps you get rid of irritating leftovers. It also helps your skin and hair recover from the damage they can sustain in a grooming session. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is gentle, but it still literally slices through your hair. A good body cleanser will treat that hair to make sure it stays healthy and strong. Most importantly, it can help keep the hair soft.

Crop Cleanser™ is an all-in-one cleanser that is designed for skin and hair. That includes hair on top of your head and all over your body. It makes things easy and rests at the core of a good skincare routine.

Treat Yourself: How to Make Your Penis Smell Good

Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0

If you’ve paid attention to a modern woman, you might notice that she does a lot of things in the bathroom after a shower. This is called self-care. It might include using a special facial scrub, applying lotion, or any number of other things that are good for the body.

When it comes to taking care of your skin (especially below the waist), we’ve simplified the process. Once you towel dry, rub some Crop Preserver™ into your skin (just around the ball area). It will help keep you hydrated, restore your skin, reduce friction throughout the day and make you smell nice. It’s something we carefully engineered to take care of you when you manscape.

After applying the ball deodorant, spray a little Crop Reviver™ down there. It’s the icing on the cake of self-care. When you use the three formulas daily (Cleanser, Preserver, and Reviver), you adhere to a skincare regimen that will keep you healthy and feeling great below the waist. That means you should be using these things on days you don’t groom.

That concludes today’s lesson. So, do women like pubic hair? It kind of depends. You can use this information wisely, or you can ignore it. It’s entirely up to you. But, if you want to enjoy all that manscaping has to offer men, you can find everything you need right here. We recommend you start by checking out The Perfect Package 3.0 where you'll find our famous pube trimmer.




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