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Do Women Prefer Their Men Manscaped?

do women prefer their men manscaped

Manscaping is having its moment, and in no small part to women's enthusiasm about this all-important male grooming activity. Women have been grooming for thousands of years -- from ancient Egypt all the way to modern times. So when male grooming boomed in popularity, women were the first to cheer.

There are several reason why women prefer their men manscaped.

Cleanliness is next to sexiness: A clean and trim area below the belt attracts germ- and coarse hair-averse women. No one wants to get near a messy forest of hair, least of all a woman you're trying to seduce (whether it's a third date or your wife). So do yourself and your significant other a favor, and pick up a trimmer and manscaping products on a regular basis.

It shows that a man cares: If a man cares enough to keep his manhood and the surrounding areas trimmed, clean, and moisturized, it shows that he cares enough to make an effort in other parts of his life. A manscaped man pays his bills on time, opens doors, and calls his mother regularly.

It evens the playing field. A woman whose man manscapes feels like he understands the effort she puts into maintaining herself, and makes a reciprocal effort. It makes your relationship an equal partnership in all ways.

With Manscaped product lineup, which includes products and tools custom-made for male grooming, a man can keep his family jewels neatly trimmed, moisturized, and refreshed. Check it out now: Once you manscape, you'll never go back!

Are there other reasons why women prefer their men manscaped? Leave us a comment below!



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