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Does Male Grooming Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid?

Dry spells are a killer. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? And we all have different definitions of a brutal dry spell, whether that’s one month, one year, or one week (you Casanova, you). Whether you’re trying to renew the flame in a decade-long marriage, break out of a depressing dating slump, or even shed some unintended celibacy, you need a game plan if you want to improve your chances of success in the bedroom. Getting laid is an ancient pursuit, but even the most noble warriors go to bed alone more often than not. In the quest for tools to help you score, there is one hot trend that has become undeniable: male grooming the pubic area. Does grooming increase your chances of getting laid? Of course, it does, and it improves your appeal on multiple levels, as we expand upon below. Let’s learn more about below-the-waist grooming and the particular ways it will bring out your best to end that awful dry spell. We know you’re interested.


Male grooming is a physical process. It changes how you look to yourself and how you appear to others, meaning those in the dating pool who are lucky enough to find themselves in your bed. There’s no getting around it. The modern refined gentleman has to manage his body and his body hair (especially below the waist) well to compete in the dating scene. There’s tons of competition, so you need to get that competitive edge by grooming. Still, the physical changes are varied, and it isn’t all about just being the prettiest man out there. It’s about being the most refined and confident man out there. And how do you get this refinement and confidence? By grooming.

Does Manscaping Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid


That being said, looking good goes a long way. Why do you think fashion and fitness magazines exist? You already invest effort in working out and dressing well. Male grooming is the final chapter in that book, the last frontier, if you will. Not all of your body management is hidden by clothes, as you know. Certain problems with chest or back hair can easily show up in even the most meticulously planned outfits. It would be a shame to waste all of that energy exercising and all of that effort wardrobing just to strike out because you can’t get your hands on a grooming tool or razor once a week. But let’s talk about what’s really important - and where it’s important to groom.

The Big Moment

Of course, one of the most important aspects of below-the-waist grooming is managing your nether regions, your man zone, your family jewels, your cock ‘n balls - anything you want to call your pubic area. While you can find a fetish for anything, the giant bush look is a thing of the past, more specifically, a thing of decades like the 70s. You can be suave, sexy, and virtually irresistible, but if you don’t trim your pubes, you can still strike out at the final hour. A lot of men have made the fatal mistake of believing the deal was sealed just because they made it to the bedroom. It’s never too late to turn a woman off, and the worst possible moment is when you drop trou. Your man parts have to be just as meticulously attractive as the rest of you. There are no exceptions, no matter how good looking you are. This is where grooming your man zone is important.

Does Manscaping Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid

A Second Chance 

Still, there are some women who will be caught up in the moment and give you a mercy throw even though they don’t like your lack of grooming. That doesn’t mean you won. Unkempt pubes have a massive effect on the quality of sex. You know it’s true because you care about the condition of your partner’s nether hair. Lazy hair control is the stupidest reason imaginable to turn in a poor bedroom performance. Groom your tool, and you will be better in the sack. That’s what gets you a second round, and as they say, it’s usually better the second time around. You want to get a chance to do the weird stuff, and you can’t do it if there’s a bunch of hair in the way. Plus, the longer you are with someone, the more chances you’ll have to get creative and experiment in the bedroom. If things get prematurely cut off after the first time you get down and dirty with someone, then that opportunity for experimentation is lost.

Does Manscaping Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid


The other half of how below-the-waist grooming helps you get laid is in the mental game. Athletics have long taught us the value of a tough mental plan and psychological preparation. Dating is no different than a professional basketball or soccer game. You play to win. Grooming gives you opportunities to build confidence, plan ahead, and generally build a mentality better suited for scoring. When you know your good are prepped for the game of love, you’ll be a much better player (pun intended). And you’ll have the answer to the age-old question: Does grooming increase your chances of getting laid? Read on for the obvious answer. 


You don’t go into the Super Bowl without countless hours of practice. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning sure don’t. The same should be true for your foray into a dating meat market. The exercise, the body spray (MANSCAPED Crop Reviver, anyone?), and everything else you do to prepare to make you more appealing, but they also make you more mentally prepared. Meeting women is full of unpredictable moments, and mental preparation is your best friend in handling that unpredictability with deftness. When you’ve put the effort into prepping your body that you know it deserves, your will and attitude will be better synchronized, and you won’t be off-put by even the wildest moments of your dating adventures.

Does Manscaping Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid


Why is everyone always harping about how sexy confidence is? Because it is, in fact, sexy. We all know that average-looking guy who can pull in tons of women. And why is that? Because his confidence game is top-notch. He knows his worth. (And he’s most likely groomed to the hilt.) That’s all there is to it. One of the greatest virtues of male grooming is how it builds confidence. You will feel sexier, and as a result, you will be sexier to others. This is well documented across fields of psychology, and you should be putting it to your advantage. This, of course, ties back to preparation. When you have prepared fully, you will be more confident. You have that planning and pre-date actions to rely on if other things don’t go according to plan. Trim your hair; take care of your skin, and feel sexy before you step out of the house. Increase your chances of getting laid by male grooming.

Does Manscaping Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid


Keeping with our sports comparisons, consider the intangibles. They’re important to athletes, and they’re important to men on the prowl. It’s hard to describe the little things that make you more appealing, but they usually stem from internal feelings. This is the bread and butter of manscaping. It’s difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t tried, but a full-body grooming, paying particular attention to the below-the-waist zone, makes you feel cleaner and sexier. This feeling translates into indescribably but plainly perceivable swagger. Dating prospects will notice that you feel good, and they will respond to it positively. It’s the intangibles that help you stand out in a crowd and initiate positive contact in the first place.

In the end, dating can be tough. Does grooming increase your chances of getting laid? It would be senseless to do any less than everything in your power to make the process easier. It is an obvious tool to that end.

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