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Does Manscaping Increase The Sensitivity Of Oral Sex?

As manscaping continues to grow in popularity and cultural proliferation, we inevitably find ourselves asking more and deeper questions. Does it have scientific impacts on our bodies? What do women really want? Perhaps the most important question of all is also seemingly simple. Does manscaping make oral sex better? You’ve come to the right place. We have all of the answers, and we’re happy to explain to you exactly how manscaping will impact oral sex. Does manscaping increase the sensitivity of oral sex?

Making it Better

We spend a lot of effort talking about motivation for male grooming. Ultimately, it’s a hygiene thing, and being consistent about it requires the same habit building and overcoming the same barriers as a good workout routine. We make these comparisons a lot, and we strive to help every man find personal, compelling reasons to stay with it. In truth, those other motivations are tricks to help overcome problems like mental inertia. There is one overarching reason to manscape that inspires the vast majority of us. When you boil it down, we’re all here for sex. Whether we’re emphasizing frequency or quality, sex is the driver behind manscaping. To pretend otherwise is just silly.

Why Does Male Grooming Matter?

In other conversations, you’ll hear or read a lot about how grooming is important to impressing women. It makes your junk look better. It is basically a demanded trend. It also might make your stuff more inviting for oral sex. While all of that is definitely true, it’s not the whole story. It can directly benefit your enjoyment of sex, and it does so by doing more than just helping you score.

The first component of this equation is pubic hair. Sure, personal grooming involves all of your body hair, but it’s the hair right around your sensitive parts that matter the most. Pubic hair does a few things that correlate with sexual pleasure and sensation. Most notably, it tangles and pulls. In the heat of the moment, you’ll block out this discomfort to make sure you can fully enjoy the festivities. What you don’t realize is that this dampens your overall enjoyment of sexual stimulation. If you get rid of the unpleasant stimulation, your relaxed brain will actually pick up on more of the good stuff. It’s a multitasking thing. Basically, having to use mental effort to ignore discomfort distracts the brain from focusing on the parts you enjoy. In this way, managing pubic hair helps your brain to experience more of the pleasure.

fit man wearing manscaped boxers

But, manscaping runs much deeper. If you’ve ready any of our blogs, then you’ve been exposed to the idea that trimming and shaving is only the tip of the iceberg. Real manscaping involves a detailed routine that fully manages skin and hair health. When you take proper care of these parts of your life, your epidermis has more vitality. You can see where this is going. The sensitivity of your private bits can actually be heightened by proper manscaping.

That still isn’t the end of it all. Manscaping also promotes smoother skin, and this is criminally underrepresented in the world of men’s care. Most guys who use lotion or moisturizer do it simply to avoid looking unattractive. Sure, after getting used to it you might come to appreciate hydrated skin, but the point is that this limited motivation will cause you to overlook the most important bit of skin on your whole body. A properly moisturized penis handles friction better. If you can’t see how that makes for better oral sex, then you need to get out more. Simply put, Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash is your best tool for improving your own enjoyment of blowjobs. Think about that for a minute. Simply changing your shower soap can make blowjobs feel better. There’s not much left to talk about, is there?

Well, yes, there is. There’s one important thing that you’re still overlooking. Every one of these principles applies just as thoroughly to anal stimulation. We’ll let you contemplate that on your own.

Manscaping Correctly

Now, we have a goal. We have a purpose. You can manscape to look and feel better and improve your odds of getting laid. But, if you want your manscaping to make sex more enjoyable, then that can help guide some of your decisions along the way. So, we’re going to hammer down the routine, but this time, we’re focusing on how to apply your routine to get more pleasurable BJs.

the lawn mower 3.0


All grooming starts with trimming. We aren’t changing that. In fact, we’re going to emphasize the basic trim. We definitely want to get all of the involved hair trimmed to a manageable level. But! We don’t necessarily want to go as short as possible. The longest setting on your Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is the best place to start. The idea is to get the hair short enough that it won’t get pulled or tangled (even when things get vigorous), but it isn’t short enough to get spikey or stubbly. If you go too low, the friction of your own body will introduce a new unpleasantness. Your brain is just as distracted by turning your ball sack into sandpaper as it is by having your pubes pulled.



We’ve already mentioned the importance of Crop Cleanser. That said, it works best when used correctly. First, make sure your shower isn’t too hot. Scalding showers cause the skin to tighten and lose moisture. Even though Crop Cleanser is designed to help you develop nice, smooth skin, a too-hot shower will counter some of that progress. The second thing you need to do is exfoliate. A loofah is ideal, but even a simple washcloth can do the job. When you’re scrubbing with Crop Cleanser, gently applying medium pressure with a clockwise (or counterclockwise) motion is all it takes. The exfoliating action will remove more dirt and dead skin. This opens pores to help them absorb moisture better. It also gets rid of the dry outer layer that prevents the kind of smoothness we want. Keep in mind, this is something you want to do to your groin and junk. Make sure whatever you use is soft enough to not introduce chafing to the equation.

Long-Term Care

crop preserver crop reviver

The last two pieces of the puzzle are essential to winning this game in the long run. They’re extra important every time you shave. After a shower, you want to pat dry. That seems unnecessary, but we’re going for optimum sensitivity. Gouging yourself dry with a towel runs counter to our goals. When you are dry, you’re going to apply Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant. We talk about its benefits all the time, but for the oral sex component, it’s the sweat and friction management built into the formula that matter the most. These two bits of technology will reduce sweat buildup from undoing your efforts and it will reduce chafing, improving overall friction in the process. Those are both great for oral sex.

The last effort on your part is applying Crop Reviver™ toner. This is the final hydrator that can be used at any time of the day. We recommend applying it in concert with Crop Preserver to build a good habit, but you can up your frequency of use as much as necessary. It’s the final step to make sure your daily life doesn’t involve too much sweating or dryness. If you want an impressively smooth penis (and consequently the most sublime oral sex possible), this will be the tool that gives you the most control.

That covers the basics. You can gear your manscaping efforts towards any goal. We’re just being honest and stating the most obvious up front. If you do have more specific aims, or if you just want more freedom in how you manscape, then knowledge is what you seek. You can find it all at



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