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February 20, 2017

Does Trimming the Hedges Make the Tree Look Bigger?

If we’re going to talk about manscaping, then there is an unavoidable question. The overly polite avoid saying it outright, and the more direct will ask it first, but the simple question is this: does trimming pubic hair make your stuff look bigger? In short, yes. There is no escaping this truth, and it is not some unfounded rumor. If you’d like to learn a little more about how and why, dive into a quick lesson.

A Little Science

Remember that old phrase about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? It actually has a foundation in science. It turns out, most of what we perceive is based on what we don’t see. A person isn’t short until they stand next to someone taller. Hot and cold are relative. You get the gist. What does that have to do with trimming your pubes? Well, while the bush is different for everyone, it’s frequently dark and large (when unmanaged). This means it is extremely eye catching, as it contrasts the fleshy colors, and covers a lot of otherwise visible man parts. Simply put, removing pubic hair affects perception by becoming something that isn’t there. A good trim simultaneously reveals otherwise covered parts of your manhood while also minimizing distraction. It doesn’t just make you appear bigger; it also makes your stuff look more defined.

Beyond the Obvious

While the simple answer to the question is yes, there is a secondary factor that shouldn’t be ignored. When you handle your pubes, your stuff will look bigger to you too. This has a strange effect, in that no matter how you feel about yourself beforehand, the trim will boost your confidence. It’s a strange fact of psychology, but that confidence will translate to posture, body language and general interaction changes that, while subtle, will make you more attractive across the board. This expands on the optical science and creates a psychological image of being bigger, and potential partners will pick up on it. As weird as it sounds, manscaping will make you appear bigger even while your clothes are still on, all because of a simple aesthetic change.


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