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Easiest Way To Trim Hair On Nuts

For those of you who have experimented, do your nuts itch more or less when you trim the hair on them? You guys out there who haven’t tried can guess the answer. Trimmed balls are wonderful. They feel freer, cooler, and more comfortable at all times -- provided you do it right. That’s why we’re here today. We want to help you explore the options for trimming your ball hair and help you find the method that is easy, safe, and effective. Left to your own devices, we shudder to think of what ridiculous scheme you might devise. So, here is your path to enlightenment. Here's the easiest way to trim the hair on nuts.




This goes along the same lines as shaving without a trim. When the hair is too long, it makes the waxing process more difficult and more painful. Most professionals recommend waxing hair that is around a quarter-inch thick. That means they want you to trim if it’s your first time, and they want you to plan subsequent waxes around regrowth.

All of this is ignoring the obvious. Who actually wants to wax their balls?! We just talked about how soft this skin is. How far do you think the flesh will give before the wax finally pulls free? Waxing is already painful, but the concept of doing it to the manhood adds a whole new dimension of pain. You aren’t just painfully pulling hair out of your skin. Now you’re tugging and abusing your testicles as part of the bargain.

That’s not the end of it. Wax is also hot. Maybe some of you have experimented with candle wax in the bedroom. A lot of guys are into it. We’re not judging. But, do you really think you would enjoy that on the boys?! Even if you are hardcore enough to like it, it’s bad for your testicles. Exposure to extreme heat can hurt fertility and lead to other health problems. There’s a reason your balls are so sensitive. They’re easily damaged. Waxing is not a viable alternative. Needless to say, it's not the easiest way to trim hair on nuts.

The Trimmer

the lawn mower 3.0.

This discussion had an obvious, logical conclusion from the outset. You need a trimmer for your nuts. You already knew it. Everyone says it. Do we really need to get into the details of why? Yes. We do.

It’s not enough to say that you need to use a trimmer before you shave (and never wax) your balls. That much is obvious. What’s more important is to explain what you need from your trimmer and how to use it. It will come as no surprise that we recommend The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. What matters is why.

The first reason we make this claim might surprise you. It’s simply to encourage you to have a dedicated trimmer (or at least switch out the blades for each body part) for work below the waist. You may have heard this at some point before, but standard bacteria and microbes differ between your face and nuts. Using one trimmer for both jobs caused cross-contamination. It can lead to the spread of herpes, HPV, skin infections, and a whole bunch of other stuff you probably don’t want to think about. You can skip all of that worry with a dedicated trimmer or blade. Also, even with dedicated tools, you need to wash them regularly.

The other reasons we love The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer can be found in its design. It’s cordless and ergonomically designed. These points make for more precise, safer trimming around the testicles. A lot of people don’t realize how much trouble a cord adds to the trimming process, but it’s easy to imagine. You’re using one hand for the trimmer and another to move the boys around. There’s nothing left to deal with a twisting, annoying cord.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer also utilizes a high-RPM motor and ceramic blades. The hardness of the blades enables them to stay sharp for a very long time, and the speed of the motor helps the blades cut efficiently. These are the elements of the tool that keep it from tugging the hair it cuts. It makes for better comfort.

Lastly, this trimmer has a cutting guard that is designed specifically with your junk in mind. It cuts to hair lengths more suitable for grooming (as opposed to the guards a barber might prefer), and it makes getting a clean, aesthetic cut easy. It also leads us to the technique portion of this talk.

We promised you the easiest way to trim your ball hair. Telling you to just use The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer would be a cop-out. There’s a skill that goes with this, and we’re going to explain it now. The first step is to lay down a Magic Mat shaving mat. It makes cleanup easier later. You’re welcome.

Once you are stripped and ready, the recommended technique is to remain standing. This gives you more stability than squatting and kneeling (which are useful for trimming other areas). In general, you want to control the trimmer with your dominant hand and move the sack as needed with the other. More specifically, you want to go ahead and get in the habit of pulling the skin taught as you trim. This is vital when you shave, but it still helps you get a closer, more consistent trim.

We also need to emphasize the importance of using the guard. You should never be trimming your balls without it. We already told you that The Lawn Mower 3.0 uses ceramics. It’s a hard enough to easily cut the flesh around your balls. Please, just let us speak from experience. Even when the trimmer is off, that metal is sharp and strong enough to cause damage (one or more of us may have had a clumsy accident we don’t really want to talk about, ok?). While it won’t castrate you, it will leave you with a stinging and then itchy nick on your nut sack. It pretty much undoes the good of a single grooming session.

manscaped formulations

That covers the trimming technique. The rest of what you do is important for general groin hygiene. After a trim, you can go straight for the shave. We’re not fans of telling you exactly what grooming style is right for you, but the convention is trimmed pubes and shaved balls. You do you.

More important than your shaving decisions is that you shower when you’re done grooming. This will make sure you’re nice and clean when you’re finished. It will clean any unfortunate nicks or cuts, and it will enable you thoroughly wash away all of the itchy little hair clippings. It also helps restore your skin. Crop Cleanser hair and body wash is carefully formulated. It hydrates, destroys microbes, and utilizes a unique Active pH Control formula to ensure a healthy outer epidermal layer.

That pH formula is further enhanced with Crop Preserver ball deodorant and Crop Reviver refreshing toner. Combined, the three formulas guarantee that you have a health barrier against skin infections. They also add a lot to your general comfort and attractiveness. The deodorant minimizes friction down there, keeping you cool and feeling great. The spritz goes a step further to help with moisture control. On top of that, they all smell great. If you want to bring good attention to your junk, these are the tools to do it.

We got pretty deep into the world of testicular trimming today. Hopefully, you had a little fun along the way. If you like the idea of learning more about manscaping and the best way to do each part of the job, we’re here to take care of you. We regularly update our archives at MANSCAPED.COM. So, while you’re shopping for the tools you need for great grooming, you can also learn tidbits that are sure to elevate your game. 



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