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September 21, 2018

Product Overview: 2.0 Ceramic Snap-In Replacement Blade Module

They say you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you do something. Then again, some of the best achievements in the history of humanity came from people who ignored that advice entirely. We like to think we belong to that second group, and we’ve completely reinvented the body trimmer. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the engineering that went into The Lawn Mower 2.0 so you can better understand what you’re getting and how to use it. 


One of the first engineering decisions we had to make with the new and improved 2.0 was determining how to make the blade. Steel has long been the go-to for all cutting utensils, but some major technological advances of the last decade have brought conventional wisdom into question. Stainless steel is strong, holds an edge well and doesn’t rust. It’s also one of the more expensive blade materials in the world. More recently, ceramics have made compelling improvements to blade technology. 

When you consider that ceramic blades can be harder and tougher than steel, it seems reasonable to make a change. When you also note that ceramics are completely waterproof under all conditions, the decision gets easier. Add to that the fact that ceramics don’t conduct heat as well, can be better shaped for a safe blade design and are less expensive, it becomes a no-brainer. In fact, the only real negative against ceramic blades is that they are prone to chipping. That’s not really an issue with electric hair trimmers, so this choice was as easy as could be.

What that means for you is that this redesign started with the very material of the blade. It certainly didn’t stop there.

SkinSafe™ Technology

Switching to ceramic blades gave us the opportunity to up our game in other areas. The new blade modules utilize our brand new SkinSafe™ technology. It’s a combination of design elements that are intended to dramatically reduce the risk of tugs, snags and cuts. When you use The Lawn Mower 2.0, you’ll see that we succeeded.

One of the keys to SkinSafe™ is the new flexible blade module. It is able to contour to your skin and flex as needed. That means that you can practically drive the blade into your face without fear of drawing blood (although the teeth will still poke you so we don’t recommend it). You almost have to try to cut yourself with the new blades.

Those improvements are further enhanced with a faster motor. Since it cuts at a better rate, you get fewer snags in your hair. That helps you maintain a smooth cutting motion that is less likely to jerk a blade into your face. We figure that’s a good thing. 

2.0 ceramic snap-in replacement blade module


Then again, there’s a lot more to a great trimmer than a safe blade. Cleanliness is a bigger issue in manscaping than a lot of guys want to admit. Whether it’s to save money or out of absolute laziness, too many manscapers are willing to use a single trimmer on their entire body. You guys are literally using the same tool on your balls and your face. Do we really have to explain why this is bad?

Well, we’re going to anyway. The primary problem here is cross contamination. Simply put, the bacteria, fungi and microbes that thrive on one part of your body might not be prevalent in other areas. To be more specific, some of the itchiest and most invasive skin infections prefer dark, damp settings. That applies to your feet in your shoes and your junk in your underwear. The last thing you want to do is grow something dank down under and then use your trimmer to smear it all over your face. What’s worse is that you probably undergo this ritual right before a date. You’re a filthy animal.

We understand these woes. And, like with so many of our design choices, we tried to make cleanliness as easy as possible. You want a few replacement blades just in case the trimmer gets a little dull. You can use those extra modules to keep things clean. Instead of having a different trimmer for different parts of your body, you can assign dedicated blade modules. Just snap one out and the other in. It’ll make your manscaping process so much cleaner.

Making Things Easy

As you just read, replacing blade modules is as easy as possible. We had plenty of motivations for this part of the design. Cleanliness is certainly one of them. Sharpness is another. Even though the new ceramic blades are awesome, they are capable of dulling over time. If you’ve used a trimmer enough, you know that it’s an inevitability. A snap-in blade module enables you to just replace the blade instead of requiring an entirely new trimmer just because it doesn’t cut quite like it used to.

Engineering Overview: 2.0 Ceramic Snap-In Replacement Blade Module

Manscaping 2.0

If you’re going to upgrade your trimmer, it might be time to consider upgrading your manscaping routine too. We’ve been doling out advice on this front for a while now. We’ve helped establish the most reliable and adaptable routine in manscaping. Today, we’re going to help you think about ways to take that basic routine and enhance it. 


Do you need to trim every day? For most guys, the answer is no. When you power your trimming with The Lawn Mower 2.0, that becomes more true. So, if you don’t need to spend time grooming your body on a daily basis, is there a schedule-based approach that can really optimize everything? It’s probably easiest to think of trimming like you would working out. Not every day is leg day. Instead, you try to keep daily exercise in your routine, so you rotate focus. That makes it easier to stay motivated, and it makes your efforts more efficient.

 You can do the same with trimming. You can have a leg day, a groin day, an upper body day and anything else. You’ll obviously have to build your schedule around how quickly your hair grows, but using this method will have you doing a very quick and easy trim every day. It breeds consistency and will keep you as sharp as possible at all times. 


Shaving is a different animal. If you’re making precise lines, you’ll probably need to grab The Plow more often than not. Just like a pristine beard requires regular attention, you’ll want to address the clean lines of your manscaping with the same frequency. Your new routine makes this a little easier. You’re going to be grabbing a Magic Mat and grooming anyways, so you might as well spend a few minutes doing touch up work with your razor.

That said, shaving can be tough on the skin. If you’re having problems with irritation, you can make a small sacrifice and rotate your shaving efforts the same way you do trimming. 


Daily showers better already be in your routine. Also, if you’ve read anything else we’ve written, you should know to shower after you shave. You also understand the necessity of using Crop Cleanser and the Active pH Control formula in it. Still, in the interest of a more efficient routine, you can look to address problem areas with a little more vigor. The starting point for a shower routine would be to make sure you exfoliate and skin that is touched by a razor. If you’re rotating those efforts, then you can try to be more specific with your scrubbing efforts in the shower. This is all predicated on the idea that you’re pressed for time. If you aren’t, then just scrub your whole body every day. You shouldn’t need us to tell you that.

Finishing the Job

The last part of your routine is usually the easiest. Well, when you start specializing and rotating your manscaping schedule, that won’t change. Regardless of grooming, you should start each day with an application of Crop Preserver. Its formula is great for reducing the irritation caused by your grooming efforts, but the moisture control, friction reduction and great smell are important regardless of how you do or don’t use a trimmer and a razor. Just keep using it as you have been.

That goes for Crop Reviver too. You might want an extra spritz on days you shave a vulnerable area, but otherwise this stuff is universal. Start each day with it and grab a pick-me-up whenever you need one.

We’ve revolutionized manscaping before, and we’re already hard at work on ways to do it again. If you want to always stay in the loop, you should check in with on a regular basis.

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