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Fall style trends you need right now

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Fall style trends you need right now

Fall will soon be here, and if you want to stay fashionable (and forget the sweatpants-all-day-everyday disaster that was last fall), you have to prepare before the season starts. Fashion follows the weather in many respects, and as the days start to get shorter, the hot summer will once again be nothing more than a memory.

You can always trust a few things in the fall transition. As the days become less vibrant, so too do the styles. Color is always at its most muted in the peak of winter, but until then, you’ll notice that colors trend away from the bright, vivid colors of the summer. Instead, softer browns, yellows, oranges, and reds look good, and that’s certainly true this fall, too.

Outside of color, there are some noticeable shifts in the overarching trends this year, and we’re here to keep you informed. You can thank us later.

Outerwear elevation

As fall bears down upon us, most of the northern hemisphere will have to add some outer layers to stay warm. Outer garments are in a fun place right now. Trends are transitioning away from where they were for the past decade. Clothes don’t have to hold a snug fit, and even though colors tend to be less bold in the fall, you’re not limited to blues and grays.

Pea coats are always a reliable choice for cool and cold weather. If you opt for a pea coat, keep it traditional. When it’s not so cold, you can express yourself with cardigans. Shawl collar cardigans are classic—think Prince Philip in The Queen— but you can play with other styles if you like.

Buffalo check jackets and shackets are great for mild weather. If you don’t know what a shacket is, it’s that brilliant crossover combining a shirt and a jacket. But, if you need something more practical, puffer jackets, gore core, and technical jackets are all very much in style right now. 

One new trend in high fashion is monochromatic looks. If you’re feeling bold, you can dress from head to toe like a Werther’s Original. If you’re not trying to be ogled, you should mix up your colors. Typically, the outer layer is the most muted, but it’s ok to have some color on your jackets and sweaters.

man in pea coat

Get some color on top

Where color can really do its job is your shirts. Rugby shirts are always in during the fall, and you really can’t go wrong with them. Flannel and plaid are also cycling back in. It’s easy to see that fall colors go great on top.

You can look into cable-knit pullovers. They’re a nice way to stay functional and comfortable. In general, your top is something that feels expressive, has a loose fit, keeps you warm and feels good. 

Right now, fashion is in a relaxed, yet stylish, place. The pandemic taught everyone to relax a bit when it comes to clothing, and we can all enjoy that shift while it lasts.

Skinny pants are officially dead

The shifts are most noticeable when it comes to pants. It seemed like the skinny jeans era was never going to end. Well, it’s officially over. Even slim fit is a dying trend. Pants can once again leave room to breathe and move.

Your go-to for the fall is a pair of straight-fit khakis. The color looks great this season, and they really thread the line between casual and business casual. 

When formality doesn’t matter, denim is in. You want to go for loose-fit jeans, and a lighter wash seems to be more popular at the moment.

Missing cords and the cozy hug they give your legs? Well, they’re back. You can have a little more fun with color when you get into your corduroy pants. There’s a big push to make relaxed-tailored corduroy suits a thing right now. We’ll wait and see if they succeed before going shopping.

If nothing else, you should cherish a moment in fashion where comfort is in style.

man in khaki pants

Footwear is simple and practical

As for your feet, it’s time to put away the slides and fuzzy slippers. Fall is when closed-toe shoes dominate, but unless you have to wear formal footwear, you can simplify your shoe choices for a few months.

Fashion sneakers shine in the fall. They’re easy and practical. As long as you take good care of them, you can wear them in many settings, and you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding in fall weather.

Your other set of reliable shoes will be your Chelsea boots. Get something with good treads (commando soles are the keyword). Your Chelseas will look good on almost every occasion, and they maintain a level of practicality that is quite nice. Your feet don’t need to suffer, and you can deftly traverse through fallen leaves and even early snow.

There’s another big change happening. As you switch to jeans and boots, you won’t notice right away, but the bare ankle trend is receding. There are summer occasions where bare ankles are fine, but you won’t see them sported in the fall and winter anymore. That trend is now officially so last decade.

That should be enough to get you going. As long as you’re not a complete eyesore, you get to prioritize function over form right now. That means practical clothing and comfort are more in style than they have been for a long time. Enjoy it. We know we will.



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