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Famous Male Athletes Who Manscape

There are a lot of reasons to manscape. Men have been doing it since ancient times, and each has his own motivations. One of the most compelling throughout history has been athletics. You’ve known your whole life that certain groups of athletes shave their legs or trim their chests. They might cite different advantages that stem from the grooming, but the recurring theme is that good manscaping practices can improve athletic performance. To drive that home, here are five famous male athletes who have never been shy about manscaping.

famous male athletes who manscape

Michael Phelps

Yes, you saw this coming. Everyone has known for a long time that competitive swimmers shave their bodies. And, no discussion on competitive swimming is complete unless we talk about the all-time greatest himself. Phelps, with his countless world records, is no exception to the rule, and every time he entered the pool for competition, he was as smooth as he could be. While many racers in different sports argue about the necessity of shaving, there is no question in swimming. Body hair can easily cost you the hundredth of a second that come between immortal glory and second place.

You still aren’t convinced? Here’s another way to look at it. Michael Phelps isn’t the greatest Olympian and arguably the greatest athlete of all time because he manscapes. His success is a culmination of immeasurable effort and natural talent. But, it is fair to say that he wouldn’t have been able to win all of those races if manscaping wasn’t part of his preparation. Manscaping might not make you a world-class athlete, but you can’t be your best without it.

Usain Bolt

It looks like we’re starting with the Olympians. You know this name. He’s the fastest man. Ever. He redefined what it means to be a sprinter, and he has done what no other ever could on so many different levels. Despite Bolt’s revolutionary success, he still conformed to a few standards. One of those is manscaping. If you ever pay attention, runners typically shave their legs. Unlike with swimmers, shaving isn’t really about aerodynamics. The science experts of the world assure us that leg hair doesn’t make a difference in top running speed.

That doesn’t negate the impact of manscaping for runners. It might not improve your times, but it does reduce friction and chafing. For runners, manscaping makes them more resilient in the face of brutal training. You’ll find that this is a universal truth for many athletes. Bolt, like Phelps, didn’t win by virtue of manscaping, but it’s still hard to deny that it was one of the many small parts of his routine that led him to world records.

Tom Dumoulin

This name is a little less recognizable than the rest of the list. For the uninformed, Dumoulin is currently the number one cyclist in the world. Cyclists, like runners, don’t necessarily groom their bodies for speed. It usually has a negligible impact. Instead, they do it for pain. You might think we’re talking about chafing or something similar, but even that is less of a problem for cyclists. The real reason they go bare is because everyone eventually crashes.

Here are some things you probably don’t think about. Road rash hurts a lot, but the skin can actually heal faster when it isn’t hairy. On top of that, hairy arms and legs can exacerbate the damage caused in a crash. On top of all of that, those little hairs get caught and pull fiercely when bandages are removed. If you really want to know how tough you are, see whether or not you curse your body hair when you’re recovering from a vicious cycle crash.

famous male athletes who manscape

John Cena

Sure, some of you out there are skeptics. You’ll argue that wrestling is all fake. You might also point out that John Cena is more of a movie star these days anyway. None of that detracts from the obvious athleticism he has displayed for years. Even if wrestling is scripted, those moves require extraordinary fitness. Besides, are you really man enough to try and tell John Cena, to his face, that he isn’t a real athlete? We thought not.

Now that we’ve settled that, why do wrestlers manscape? There are a few reasons. Most obviously, arm, leg and chest hair risk being pulled by the roots in some of the more ambitious maneuvers you’ll see. Also, it’s an aesthetic. Wrestlers work hard on looking the part, and excessive body hair detracts from the clean lines of their muscles. Regardless of the reason, you can see the trend. Lots of wrestlers manscape, and no one gives them flack for it.

Georges St-Pierre

Some of you still might stubbornly cling to your “wrestling is fake” mantra. Fine. No one can question that Georges St-Pierre is one of the heaviest hitting and most impactful MMA fighters in the world. He also manscapes, and it directly contributes to his success. The first reason MMA fighters are clean and bare is because they have to be. In most martial arts contests, the risk of rubbing stubble in an opponent’s eyes is unacceptable, and fighters are required to be clean.

Even if it wasn’t a rule, most fighters would manscape anyways. It starts with grappling. Fighters are at the same risk of having their hair pulled out during a match as wrestlers. More importantly, removing hair makes a fighter just a little bit harder to hold. If you want to maximize your chances in the ring (or octagon), manscaping is a step you can’t skip.

famous male athletes who manscape

Putting in the Work

We could talk a lot more about the countless professional athletes who subscribe to the benefits of manscaping. The verdict is in and clear: manscaping is good for sports. You can take advantage of these lessons and apply them to your own athletic endeavors. Even if you’re just trying to win a company softball game, a good manscaping routine is vital to getting more out of any serious training. We’re going to break this routine down for you. Four easy steps are all you need.

The first step is to trim. Grab your Lawn Mower and your Magic Mat, spread out in the bathroom, and go to town on yourself. The trimmer is easy to use and will reduce any hair that needs removal to a manageable length. It’s sad how many guys try to skip this step and go straight to the razor. They all regret it.

Once you get your hair shorter (wherever you may need it), then you can grab your razor. Remember the golden rule: razors shouldn’t cross the waste line. You might want a dedicated razor for your face, a second for arms, legs and chests and a third for the manly bits in the middle. If you’re lazy, two razors can still get the job done. The Plow will handle the delicate areas south of your belly. Go as bald as you need for sports, but remember one important thing. Not all women are impressed by the naked mole rat look, so if your athletic endeavors allow, leave a little hair around the junk.

Now you’re trimmed and shaved. That’s the slow part, but it’s also easy. You want to follow it up with a good shower. There are three goals in this shower. The first is to expose the irritated skin you just shaved to warm moisture. Not hot, warm. This will soften the hair follicles and minimize razor burn and bumps. Your second goal is to wash thoroughly and get rid of the hair clippings. They itch. A good shower handles that problem. Most importantly, you want the shower to expose you to the first stage of healing. Crop Cleanser is the first line of defense against rashes, irritation, infections and other problems that can stem from shaving. Using it every time you manscape is important.

Once you shower you are on to the final step: healing. To the uninitiated, this might sound like overkill. If you don’t trust us, it won’t take long for you discover the hard truths on your own. Shaving your body is hard on the skin, and it comes with plenty of discomfort and irritation. If you finish each shower with a simple application of Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver, you’ll mitigate that irritation and live a happier life. The ball deodorant and refresher pack a one-two punch that eliminate bacteria, revitalize the skin and reduce friction. They also keep you smelling great.

famous athletes who manscape
Those are your four steps. Keep to them, and you’ll find manscaping to be an easy, pleasant experience. For many, the ritual can border on meditative and therapeutic. In any case, you need consistency to keep your body hair from inhibiting peak performance. You can finish this lesson by browsing the goods at You’ll find everything you need for exquisite manscaping tools and techniques.



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