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March 27, 2018

Famous Male Celebrities Who Manscape

Everybody manscapes. Well, almost everyone. And anyone who doesn’t is likely to start soon. If you’re still not sure, consider the celebrities who have been manscaping for decades. They’ve led the way on this grooming trend, and they regularly land the hottest partners in the world. If you really want to accelerate your love, professional, and personal life, you should consider taking advice from the men at the top of the pack. These celebrities aren’t just pretty boys who are jumping on a fashion fad. They are experienced manscapers, and their successes and mistakes have paved a path that you can follow. If you want manscaping to be easy and change your life, see what the pros have to say about it. 

Famous Male Celebrities Who Manscape

Justin Theroux

Despite the end to his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, their time together helped mold him. Aniston has said in multiple interviews that she prefers a properly manscaped partner. Justin Theroux speaks to men everywhere by admitting one of the primary motivations to start manscaping in the first place was to land and please a celeb hottie. And, be honest; how many of you wouldn’t manscape to please a woman like Jennifer Aniston? We venture that 100% of you would.

In those interviews, Aniston revealed that her husband would often raid her beauty supplies to take care of his skin and hair. This teaches us mere mortals some important lessons. No matter how good you look or who you score, you still have to take care of yourself on a regular basis. Also, grooming is meaningless if it isn’t supplemented with a total care regimen that includes taking care of your skin all over your body, including below the belt. That said, we don’t have to raid the caches of female celebrities (not that we have the option). Properly engineered masculine products (like Crop Reviver and Crop Preserver) that complement your grooming efforts can get the job done better and for less money. If you want your own Jennifer Aniston, learn from the man who managed to marry her. Even if they aren’t together anymore (we’re still getting over it, too), the lessons he learned are sure to have him finding his next love in no time.

Colin Farrell

If you’ve never seen it, Colin Farrell had a hilarious interview with Ellen. He described his first manscaping experience. It was nearly 20 years ago, and he was encouraged to do it for his first ever sex scene in a major movie. He had committed to trimming the pubes, but his inexperience got the better of him. He borrowed a beard trimmer (a big no-no when grooming your junk) and set upon his boys with abandon. Watch the interview for yourself to enjoy the true comedy of it all. Just don’t be drinking anything while watching it, as you may spit whatever you’re drinking out uncontrollably. This shows you that famous male celebrities who manscape start out just like you and me—clueless. But there’s hope yet, so read on.

Once again, the stories of celebrities offer learning opportunities when it comes to manscaping. For starters, don’t use a beard trimmer on your junk. That’s plain gross. It’s also ineffective. Proper pube trimmers are specifically designed to provide a gentle, trauma-less experience. Male groin trimmers also incorporate ergonomics to ensure you have proper control of the blades at all time. Just imagine the horrors that could stem from a slippery grip. Or don’t. That’s pretty brutal. Something like the Lawn Mower from Manscaped can give a neophyte manscaper better control and trimming than a generic beard trimmer, and it costs a lot less than anything found in a celebrity makeup department. Also, if it’s your first attempt, make sure you use the longest guard possible. It gives you more leeway if things start to go awry. You can skip the embarrassing story and be more like the Colin Farrell of today, as opposed to the boy who lived this tale. 

Famous Male Celebrities Who Manscape

Nick Jonas 

Jumanji surprised audiences and the box office this winter, and one of the secrets to success was an excellent appearance by Nick Jonas. He’s been on the rise for years, and his bankability is being fully cemented. So, does a young, hot start like Nick still take the time to manscape? Of course he does. His opinions offer a little perspective. 

Nick has said in interviews that he prefers to leave his chest completely natural, and he often receives compliments for it. This goes to show that the shaving and waxing camps don’t have a monopoly on grooming techniques. For a guy like Jonas, who isn’t a walking sasquatch, a bit more hair on your chest can look great. That said, he has still been de-haired plenty of times for photo shoots and rolls. You know he manscapes below the belt. Ultimately, an actor has to fit the part more than they have to look their best, but in their private lives, manscaping is essential to keeping up appearances.

Famous Male Celebrities Who Manscape

Luis Payne

You may not have heard of Luis Payne, but he’s a big name in celeb circles. He’s one of Hollywood’s top stylists. Payne been managing celebrity appearances for decades, and he’s been doling out expert advice on manscaping for years. Here are a few advanced manscaping tips he’s shared, not necessarily about manscaping below-the-belt, but helpful nonetheless: 

  • Trimming hip flexors is a great way to create a slim look.
  • If you want your abs to pop, leave the happy trail as thick as reasonably possible.
  • A bit more chest hair can add fullness. This is especially helpful if you have lean but not large pecs.
  • Speaking of chest hair, it should never touch the beard. If you get that unruly, two things need to be trimmed. 

Payne has made a career of using grooming techniques to manipulate shadows, natural lines and every other facet of aesthetics. His results speak for themselves, and the manliest and sexiest stars in Hollywood regularly trust him with their bodies. You can learn more about his professional views on manscaping in an interview he did a while back.

This is far from a complete list of celebrities who manscape. Ultimately, at some time or another, they all at least dabble or get expertly manscaped for a professional or personal role. Most who get the taste never look back, so this particular list is meant to help you learn a few lessons from celebrities who have embraced the process. Any chance you have to learn from someone else’s mistakes or experience can spare you pain, discomfort and embarrassment. The average Joe can learn a lot from famous male celebrities who manscape.

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Famous Male Celebrities Who Manscape

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