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Founder Paul Tran and Manscaped’s brand evolution

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Manscaped Founder Paul Tran

MANSCAPED is the category creator of men’s below-the-waist grooming and hygiene, an important segment in the greater global grooming space. Always forward-thinking and dreaming bigFounder and CEO Paul Tran maintains a clear vision of the positive impact the brand has on so many men worldwide. Today, we share a deeper dive on our brand’s evolution. 

How founder Paul Tran started Manscaped 

It all began with a young Paul Tran. Early on, Paul was fascinated with entrepreneurship and trained himself to notice gaps in the market. One of those gaps led to MANSCAPED, the answer to a void in the men's grooming and hygiene industry. 

If you look at products for women, you realize there is a brand or product to fulfill every single female care and grooming need, but Paul quickly discovered there wasn’t anything that specifically catered to the groin area for men. In 2016, Paul created MANSCAPED, revolutionizing male grooming with a new below-the-waist category. 

Paul’s mission for the Manscaped movement 

From the start, Paul drove a clear mission: make only the best precision-engineered tools and unique formulations for proper and effective male grooming routineFurther, move men forward on a global scale and spark a movement to unlock men’s confidenceallowing them to lead their best lives. Four years later, we’re well on our way. 

Inspiring confidence in men around the world 

MANSCAPED is the global leader in below-the-waist grooming, available in more than 30 countries and trusted by 2 billion consumers worldwide. Why join the MANSCAPED Movement? The reason is simpleA fresh shave and proper products can be lifechanging. We’ve seen men leading healthier, happier, more confident lives – and it’s a special thing. 

A global brand with a global mission 

From the outset, Paul knew he wanted to channel his philanthropic mindset into the business. MANSCAPED is a proud longtime partner of Testicular Cancer Society. A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Testicular Cancer Society works to educate and spread awareness on the disease in an effort to encourage self-checks for cancer prevention. Together, we save balls. 



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