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Genital Hair Shaving Secrets

A lot of guys still get nervous about shaving their junk. There’s a good reason for that. Taking a blade to your precious jewels can be disastrous. But, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve been at this for a while, and our mission in life is to provide you with the knowledge you need to manscape safely and comfortably. That’s why we’re providing you with six trade secrets today.

The Treasured Vault of Secrets

These genital hair shaving secrets are often overlooked and underrated. But, we don’t actually want them to be secrets. Consider us the manscaping whistleblowers, because these are concepts that need to be public knowledge. They’re important for safety, health and comfort, so pay attention.

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much

We love to make jokes about the naked mole rat look. When you shave absolutely everything, you’re either going to resemble a prepubescent boy or a gremlin. It’s not really a good look for anyone. But, there are good reasons to go completely bald, and we don’t begrudge anyone their lifestyle.

What we’re actually talking about here is the sensitivity of human skin. Every individual body is different, and as such, each responds uniquely to shaving. Some guys can razor their pubes every day and be fine. Others experience a full week of misery every time a razor touches the wrong part of their body. The great secret here is that there are alternatives to shaving. If you need to get rid of the hair but the blade only brings suffering, schedule a wax appointment. Even if that still hurts, it lasts longer and is done by a professional. Besides, there are parts of your body you can’t safely reach with a razor. You can kill two birds with one stone.

If waxing is also too harsh, there are still more alternatives, and your waxing pro will be able to help you navigate them. Just, be extra careful with hair removal creams. They can be disastrous for your manhood.

genital hair shaving secrets

Good Shaves Start Long Before You Touch a Razor

Many of us guys are rather lazy. We like to cut corners, and while manscaping ultimately makes us feel great, the process isn’t always a dazzling bundle of fun. Still, an expert knows which corners to cut, and in manscaping, you never skimp on skin care. Crop Cleanser and Crop Preserver are indispensable tools for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. They soften and strengthen skin which makes it more resilient in the face of a razor blade. Smoother skin is also less susceptible to nicks, and softened hair follicles cut with less abrasion. These resources also help you maintain a healthy pH balance and microbiota. Those are important hygiene steps that lessen the chance that an occasional cut will become infected and make your life more unpleasant than necessary.

Boxers, not Briefs

We’re not actually trying to get into the ancient debate that has plagued mankind for its entire existence. We’re firm believers that both underwear styles have their place in this world. That being said, the time and place for briefs is not directly after a genital shave. It’s amazing how many guys endure this problem and still completely overlook it. Briefs are tight around the bands. It’s a feature. That tightness actually presents problems for freshly shaved skin.

Even with our amazing tools, shaving is still the process of scraping a sharp blade across sensitive skin. No matter how you do it, it creates micro-fissures on the flesh, and that’s what leads to irritation. You can keep that irritation at bay, but it is exacerbated by tight clothes. Briefs aren’t tight all over, but where that band clings to your groin, it’s going to amplify redness and itchiness. If you’re a big-time brief guy, or if you have a compelling reason to wear briefs for the day, plan around your shave. While it varies by person, a few hours to recover is enough for most guys. Once the irritation has passed, you can wear whatever you want.

Put the Biking Shorts Away

There’s actually more to cover in regards to tight clothing. There are a lot of compelling reasons for a man to have a tight fit around his junk. Sports provide a lot of them. For some reason, skinny jeans provide the rest. In either case, you need to schedule around shaving days. Unlike briefs, these clothes irritate the entire groin region. They also tend to put more pressure on your skin than the thin elastic line of tidy whities.

Here’s the actual genital hair shaving secret. Most people don’t realize that tight clothing can cause ingrown hairs. We have feminine grooming experts to thank for this discovery, but the truth is not gender-dependent. Tight clothes actually create enough of a force that they can cause growing hairs to curl inward and become ingrown. Once they break the surface of the skin, the danger has passed. So, while you can wear your briefs a few hours after a shave, you should avoid tight pants or shorts for a full day.

genital hair shaving secrets

Toughness Is Overrated

Predator. It’s one of the all-time great action movies. And, in it, there’s a scene where one of the jungle commandos is dry shaving his face while looking for enemies to fight. It’s rugged. It’s tough. It makes a lot of us want to hit the gym. It’s also a bad message. 

Here’s the deal. If you find yourself in a remote jungle with limited resources, dry shaving is reasonable. You might not have clean water to use, and keeping your beard under control can combat lice and other jungle-related unpleasantness. If, in that situation, you feel the need to manage your pubes, you have our blessing to tough out a dry shave.

Otherwise, there’s no point. No cameras are on you. No one is watching. This idea of toughness has no merit. Use a lubricant and have a pleasant shave. If you don’t, you’re going to build a negative association with manscaping, and eventually, you’re going to revert back to growing a mega bush.

Bacteria Is not to Be Underestimated

We briefly mentioned bacteria a minute ago, but it merits its own section. A lot of people like to make jokes about using the same tool on your ass, face and balls. It is admittedly gross. It’s also not smart. Groin bacteria are substantially different from the stuff normally found on your face. When you use the same razor for everything, you cross contaminate. Worse, you have face holes that let that bacteria into your body. What’s perfectly healthy on the outside of your balls can cause serious problems inside of you. Have you seen Mallrats?

This is an easy fix. Use dedicated tools for work above and below your waist. That eliminates half the problem right away. The second half is covered by showering after you shave. This will guarantee that you always cleanse your body and clean incidental nicks and cuts. If you don’t, you risk infection, and absolutely no one wants to endure an infected cut on their balls. 

genital hair shaving secrets

A Simple Routine Makes for Better Manscaping

The final trade secret is one we mention over and over. Great manscaping comes from routine. This helps you maintain things and prevent excessive growth that can add unnecessary challenges. It also gives you more time on your trimmer and razor to really master technique. No 14-year-old is a master shaver of their face. Likewise, you need practice around your genitals. The routine gets you there. Also, making the routine easier helps you with consistency and efficiency.

Start With the Lawn Mower

It’s obvious, but it unfortunately needs repeating. Every shave should be preceded by a good trim. Simply grab a Magic Mat and tame those curlies. It takes very little time once you get good at it and it massively reduces irritation and razor strain.

Follow With the Plow

After you trim, you can shave. Remember, this happens before your shower. And, while we do advocate dedicated tools, you can use the same Magic Mat for your trimming and shaving sessions. Also, remember those many secrets we just shared when you shave.

Exfoliate in the Shower

You already know to scrub with Crop Cleanser when you shower. That’s not quite good enough. You need a wash cloth or something similar to exfoliate the skin while you scrub. This optimizes the cleaning and positive benefits of the shower.

Don’t Forget the Deodorant

Crop Preserver is still the favorite step for most manscapers. After your shower, pat dry. Then, rub some of our magical deodorant into the groin area. It’s designed to absorb and dry very quickly, so this isn’t a major investment. After the deodorant dries, spritz some Crop Reviver over the area. It’s the most potent revitalizer we can legally make, and it’ll expedite your recovery from shaving sensitivities. It’s especially important if you’re desperate to get back into some tight clothes.

Never Stop Learning

While that concludes the manscaping routine, and our take on genital hair shaving secrets, it is not the end of the story. We’re verifiable experts at this stuff, but we are constantly learning new things. You will too. But, if you want a few shortcuts, we work hard to update you with all of our knowledge at We want it to be your cornucopia of manscaping resources.



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