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Gentlemen's Advice: Grooming Before a Big Event - Timing Is Everything

In the real estate world, you often hear the phrase "location, location, location". When it comes to your junk, the location's a pretty obvious given, but there is a phrase that does resonate with manscaping men everywhere: "timing, timing, timing". When you're simply shaving for your own well-being, timing doesn't matter too terribly much—it's just about doing something that makes you feel good and gives you confidence. Of course, there are certain occasions—such as going to the beach—that require a little forethought in the de-fuzzing department. But what about other situations? Does the modern man have to abide by certain rules when preparing his priming schedule before big events?

Of course, you're free to do as you please with your nuts and berries, but there are some best practices that'll leave your below-the-belt area at its best before you get prim and proper.

Manscaping Your Southern Region: Not Too Soon, Not Too Late

Timing really is everything, especially if you know you have a major soiree on the schedule. If you manscape too far in advance, you'll likely have regrowth and unsightly stubble that takes the fun out of your private places. A five o'clock shadow in your shorts can lead to itching and even irritation (especially if you give in to the urge to itch), which, in turn, can cause hours of discomfort at an event you should otherwise be enjoying at its fullest. 

The best way to avoid the I-shaved-too-soon accident is to incorporate manscaping into your normal lifestyle. Once you've got the method down pat, you'll know exactly when your hair will start to rear its ugly head again, so you can combat the stubble with a timely shave that'll mow down the regrowth.

If you wait until a couple hours before a major event, your skin may become irritated and sensitive, particularly if you're not typically used to manscaping on a regular basis. The last thing you want to do is experiment with your junk before you'll be on center stage with plenty of people watching your every move. It's best to begin manscaping a few weeks before a big soiree so you can know exactly how your skin will react to the process and products. In doing so, you'll be able to gauge your skin's unique sensitivity so you know if you can shave a day before your huge to-do, or if you need to give it an extra day or two.

grooming before a big event timing is everything

Be Sure to Employ the Proper Manscaping Tools Before You Embark on This Journey

Always start by trimming your hedges with The Lawn Mower 2.0. This powerful little handheld device will do the deed on your hair down below without pulling it out of the roots or nicking your skin. It's necessary to shorten your hair before you go in for the smooth effects of The Plow so you don't have excess follicles that can get stuck in the blades, leaving you with a less-than-ideal shave.

Once you're all shaved and smooth, hop in the shower and cleanse with the cooling, soothing effects of Crop Cleanser body wash. For proper after-care, be sure to apply an anti-chafing ball deodorant to give your freshly shaven skin a protective barrier that battles bad bacteria, and finish off with an anti-inflammatory, anti-burn spritz for optimal protection and comfort.

Haircut: Just a Trim or a Totally New Style?

Now that wedding season is upon us, many men will be standing before crowds of onlookers and posing for photos that will capture the moment for a lifetime. You don't want to be the guy everybody points and laughs at twenty years from now when those photos are being shown on a big screen at the happy couple's anniversary party, do you? Maybe you're the groom, or maybe you're standing up for one of your best guys, but in either case, this is no time to do last-minute experiments with your top mop. 

If you're just going for a clean-up and trim, schedule an appointment a couple days before your big event. If possible, see the hairstylist or barber you regularly see so you're not left with any unexpected surprises you won't have time to fix! If you need help styling on the big day, you can make a separate appointment for that all by itself. 

Timing a completely new hairstyle is a bit trickier. Depending on the look you're ultimately going for, you may need to grow your hair out for weeks, or even months, to achieve locks long enough for your stylist to work with. This could mean months of a shaggy crop that gets pulled back into a man-bun or letting your hair hang in the wind until it's time to chop it off. 

Be mindful that if you're going for a completely new look, a last-minute appointment may be detrimental to the big day if something goes awry. It's a good idea to plan the initial overhaul about a month out so your hair has time to grow back if need be. Then, you just need to have it cleaned up a couple days before your celebration.

Clearing Your Complexion: Get a Head Start

grooming before a big event timing is everything

Even if you think you have the best babyface in the world, you've still probably got clogged pores. While a daily at-home regimen is essential for keeping skin clean, regular visits to an esthetician beginning about six months in advance of your big event will help even out your skin tone, clear up your complexion, and make sure you're camera-ready when the flashbulbs start flying.

A true gentleman isn't afraid to embark on beauty regimens; in fact, he embraces them. If a visit to an esthetician sounds like a far-fetched idea you'd never be into, schedule just one facial before you firmly put your foot down. After you've experienced the calming touch of a warm towel being placed over your face, you'll probably change your mind. After the initial visit, your esthetician will talk to you about procedures and products that will be best for your unique skin. Heed her advice and don't shy away from masks, peels, and other elements your esthetician suggests. Professional skin people are a great asset to keep in your back pocket! Of course, you don't want to undergo a chemical peel the day before your wedding or some other grand event, so be sure to keep your skincare pro in the loop as your plans progress so she can plan your regimen accordingly.

Keeping Your Nails Clean: Always

It doesn't matter what you do—whether you work on an oil rig or sit in an office all day—the appearance of your hands matters. Sure, they might get grimy from time to time, and maybe they chip or break. That's no reason to let a good handshake fall by the wayside when you could potentially scare people away with your claws.

Keep your nails trimmed all the time so they won't snag or tear fabric, and so you won't have an embarrassing encounter with someone who's afraid to encounter your paw when you extend your hand. This isn't only imperative for upcoming events (although, it certainly should be at the top of the list when celebrations are around the corner!), it's necessary all the time. You never know who you might meet while you're out and about, and dirty fingernails can leave a lasting impression that can deter future encounters.

Fragrance: A Month Ahead of Time

If you're yearning to put a new cologne to the test, don't wait until the day-of to sample it on your skin. Scents can smell differently from one person to another, and they seldom smell the same way they did in the bottle. Body chemistry has a lot to do with the way certain scents will smell on your own body, so don't let that bottle hang out in the cabinet until the big day arrives. Do a few test sprays a couple weeks ahead of time to ensure your own odors won't have an adverse reaction to the fragrances that are in the bottle.

grooming before a big event timing is everything

To enjoy a manscaped lifestyle that's done right, you need to be a Manscaped man. Purchase The Perfect Package 2.0 today to see why sophisticated men love our products.



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