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June 25, 2018

Highest Rated Men’s Grooming Kit

With a newfound focus on manscaping (the male version of grooming below the belt) men everywhere can have god-like manhoods. But in order to get such wondrous man parts, you need the proper tools and products. This doesn’t mean borrowing your girlfriend’s lavender shaving cream and lady razor. This means finding the highest rated men’s grooming kit out there. A proper men’s grooming kit, like the Perfect Package from Manscaped, provides you with everything you need to get (and stay) clean, trim, healthy, and attractive. So attractive that you may decide to walk around sans pants. (Though we commend your confidence, we don’t recommend this.) You groom your face and cut your hair regularly, so why not have a grooming kit in your bathroom to do the same for your pubic zone?

What to look for in the highest rated men’s grooming kit

What separates the average men’s grooming kit from an exceptional one? It’s obvious that it comes down to the nitty-gritty: the products inside the kit. Every male grooming (or manscaping) kit needs the basics and the complementary. The basics include a trimmer designed especially for the male nether region, a refining safety razor, and cleansing and moisturizing products. The complementary include nail management, shaving mats, and a carrying case. So now that you know the difference between basic and complementary tools and products, let’s go over what characteristics you need to look for in each of these tools and products when deciding to purchase the highest rated men’s grooming kit.

highest rated men's grooming kit

Electric Trimmer

When you’re evaluating pubic trimmers, there are certain features that are similar to face trimmers and others that are dissimilar. A male grooming trimmer needs to be more compact to be able to make its way around the hills and valleys of your most sensitive body zone. And you don’t want to be stuck with just one hair length. You need varying guard lengths so you can adjust the length of your trim. An ergonomic grip (you don’t want to your trimmer to slip out of your hand while trimming!) and cordless design (The Lawn Mower from Manscaped is a good example) go a long way, especially for body hair management. Not having to wrangle with a cord while your trimming your junk, plus the importance of a safe grip should be obvious to anyone with eyes. The Lawn Mower ticks all of these important boxes, but won’t nick your sack. Get it? Tick, not nick. Carrying on.

highest rated men's grooming kit

Safety Razor

You’ve been using a razor for your face ever since you sprouted a couple of couple of hairs on your chin at 13. So you obviously know what kind of razor is best for your face, so we won’t bother schooling you on what you already know, except to say that the razor for your face should never touch anything below your neck. Not only does it affect the quality and effectiveness of the razor, but it also can transmit nasty bacteria from your pubes to your face.

So it’s obvious now that a below-the-belt body razor has a few different requirements than a facial razor. A body razor needs a tougher stainless steel and an extra-sharp single blade. And forget that multi-blade mumbo jumbo that advertisers have been feeding you. To take care of your manhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, all you need is a single blade. A single blade is easier to manage, and that’s extremely important when you’re working near your package, trust us. The only safety razor we’ve found that works is The Plow from Manscaped. Its deceptively simple design belies the amazing job it does refining your junk and turning your balls into gleaming jewels anyone would be proud of.

highest rated men's grooming kit


Manscapers in the know have a number of tips for keeping the trimming and shaving process clean. Some prefer to groom in the shower, but if you’re managing too much hair, that’s a good way to clog a drain. So shower trimming and shaving isn’t our top choice.  Get thee a shaving mat like the Magic Mat from Manscaped to not only keep your bathroom clean (because who wants to find pubes in every corner of the bathroom?), but also to give you a load of laughs. The Manscaped guys hired some amazingly funny comic writers to keep you entertained while trimming and shaving your family jewels. Just groom over one of these disposable mats, fold up, and toss. It makes cleanup a snap. Bonus: Magic Mat shaving mats already come in the Perfect Package from Manscaped. It’s no wonder that it’s the highest rated men’s grooming kit on the market today.

highest rated men's grooming kit

Body Wash

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out you need to be washing everyday. But there’s an option besides bar soap or your wife’s flowery Victoria’s Secret body wash. Surprisingly, it’s not that easy to find a men’s body wash that does the job right. Crop Cleanser from Manscaped is an all-in-one hair and body wash that cleanses your hair and body effectively WITHOUT drying either out. No one likes that tight skin feeling. At least, you don’t, do you? If you do, that a whole other conversation that we’re not having right now. The right body wash will also keep the pH levels of your package balanced.

highest rated men's grooming kit

Moisturizer & Deodorant

Look: you can’t just expect your balls to moisturize themselves. And no, the sweat they produce doesn’t count as hydration. You need an actual moisturizer that works for the special needs of scrotum skin. Let’s talk deets. There are two different type of moisturizer your man parts need: the stuff that helps during the shave and the stuff that helps after the shave. You know there are tons of lotions and oils designed for either, and for lubricating your facial shave, we say, sure, go ahead. The one thing to keep in mind is that moisturizers for the face and for you kibbles and bits need to be different. You need some pH balanced goods to keep your ball skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated.

highest rated men's grooming kit

One thing we forgot to mention is deodorant. Balls stink! Duh. But if you get a moisturizer with a deodorant component (hello, genius!) then you’re 10 steps ahead of the game. We suggest you check out Crop Preserver from Manscaped. This gel talcum wonder goes on dry and keeps your junk from sweating through your pants, as well as treats the skin to keep it from getting inflamed and irritated.

For your after-ball shave, you won’t be surprised to know there aren’t many products out there for that particular purpose. But we’ve got your back (we mean: we’ve got your balls). If you’ve ever felt a good burn on your face after shaving, imagine that on your crotch and the surrounding area. No good. This is why you need the Crop Reviver ball spray from Manscaped. This refreshing spray is the last step in your manscaping routine with the highest rated men’s grooming kit. Smart gents keep a bottle close by and spray their junk when it needs cooling down and perking up, so spray away!

highest rated men's grooming kit

Nail Care

OK, so we know this may not be part of the basic needs in a highly rated men’s grooming kit, but nails are tres important. You can’t just clip and go. You nails need a little more attention than that in order to stay professional looking enough to shake hands with the CEO of your company, and manicured enough that your sig other loves holding your hands. That’s where a proper nail care kit comes into play. A full nail kit should have clippers (obviously), but it also needs trimmers, tweezers, and a file. Heck, why not throw in an ear pick, too. If you get the highest rated men’s grooming kit, the Perfect Package from Manscaped, then you’ll automatically get The Shears five-piece nail kit, which comes in a handy leather-like envelope for organizational purposes. You don’t even have to go out and buy each implement separately! Score.

highest rated men's grooming kit


So, where are you supposed to keep your manscaping kit? The dudes at Manscaped thought of that. They created the Shed grab-and-go travel bag to keep your tools and products organized and neat, not to mention discreet (it’s not like you’re hiding anything, right?). You can keep your entire your male grooming kit, the whole shebang, in the Shed. And, if you’re a travelling man, this sturdy travel bag makes manscaping on the go easier than pie.

highest rated men's grooming kit

There you have it—all of the basic and complementary tools and products you need in the highest rated men’s grooming kit like the Perfect Package from Manscaped. Ready to take the leap? Good boy! Check out The Perfect Package at Manscaped.com.

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