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Highest Rated Rechargeable Shaver Seen on Shark Tank Product

Gather around, fellas. It’s story time. You’ve seen Manscaped around for a while now. There’s a good chance you’ve read some of our treatises on proper grooming. You may even own some of our products. Do you know how we got to this point? Every superhero story begins with a fascinating origin. Sense we’re the heroes saving your balls from stink and neglect, it’s time you learned ours.

It started way back in 2017. Josh King was having a discussion with some buddies about their collective manscaping mishaps. They all had horror stories, and many of them involved blood and pain where every man wants it least. Josh recognized the opportunity and decided to create a solution to these problems. He partnered with his father, Steve, and they got to work. In short order, Manscaped was providing state-of-the-art male grooming tools that prevented the worst of these stories. They paired that with a website stacked with knowledge to help guys steer clear of the worst and most common mistakes. Their success landed them a spot on primetime television.

Shark Tank

Regular viewers of the show may have been delighted to see the founders of Manscaped make a pitch on air. For those who aren’t so familiar, Shark Tank is a show where wealthy investors, namely Mark Cuban and other regulars, hear pitches from entrepreneurs. The pitches are evaluated, and the investors decide if they want to put money into the company. Different deals can be struck. Sometimes the “sharks” supply a loan. Most of the time they purchase equity in the company, but a deal will only happen if the startup is impressive enough. More often than not, founders leave the tank without any deal at all. 

highest rated rechargeable shaver seen on shark tank product

When it was Manscaped’s turn, they led the pitch with The Perfect Package 2.0 and The Lawn Mower 2.0. They presented a holistic approach to manscaping (that we reiterate in the blog all the time). Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner were so impressed that they both bought into the company. For a total investment of $500,000 the two brilliant billionaires are now partial owners of Manscaped and committed to seeing the brand grow.

Carrying the Team

At the heart of the presentation and the Manscaped line was The Lawn Mower 2.0. It is a carefully crafted tool that aims to be the pinnacle of all male-grooming resources. The engineering invested into its design solves multiple problems — many of which are unknown to novice manscapers.

Here’s an example. Most trimmers that use high RPM motors leave your hand tingling. When you’re mowing the lawn, that can be a dangerous side effect. The last thing you want to do is lose control around the balls. The 2.0 solves this problem with specialized harmonic dampening. It absorbs the vibrations that would otherwise number your hands. The result is a quieter trim that is safer for the parts that matter most.

Another pioneering feature of the 2.0 is its flexible ceramic blade. The ceramic structure makes the blade strong and enables it to stay sharp almost indefinitely. That impressive blade is molded into a blade head that can flex to the contours of your skin. That leaves you with a trimmer that can safely get as close as necessary to get the exact results you want. It’s actually difficult to cut or nick yourself with the 2.0.

A Package Deal 

During the presentation, all of the sharks were given a complimentary Perfect Package 2.0. It was used to display the Manscaped approach to male hygiene. Instead of just worrying about grooming, the package includes pH balanced formulas that help with hydration and skin elasticity. It does so much more than make you look good. It makes you feel the part too.

If the billionaire sharks of Shark Tank can enjoy the goods in The Perfect Package 2.0, maybe you should too. Why wouldn’t you want to care for yourself with the same tools as Mark Cuban? The Perfect Package 2.0 is now available, and your set will transform how you think about self-care.

highest rated rechargeable shaver seen on shark tank product

Living Better 

You already know how valuable The Lawn Mower 2.0 is. When you get your hands on your own, the key to getting the most from it is to trust it. The best grooming sessions start with the 2.0, and it can readily get any of your private hair the exact length you want. Simply attach the guard you want, lay down your Magic Mat and get to work.

It’s after you trim that you’ll have to take a little more care in your manscaping. Still over your Magic Mat, you want to reach for The Plow. It’s the beautiful silver razor in your package. This is not an ordinary razor. It’s a double-edge safety razor that is intended for use around precious cargo. Don’t forget your lubricant and get started shaving the selected regions. If you’re not sure, most guys shave the balls and tidy up the edges of the pubic region. You’ll ultimately want to shave your ass too, but if it’s your first time, you can probably leave that until you have a little more comfort with your tools.

The trick to using The Plow is that you don’t treat it like a disposable facial razor. You want to work on short, controlled strokes that leave little chance for a long, grueling cut. It will feel a little different the first time, but if you avoid rushing, you’ll get it and be fine. Keep in mind this final tip: always shave with the grain. Some of you rebels like to go against the grain on your face. You think it gets a closer shave. Be that as it may, going against the grain on your giblets is a one-way ticket to immense pain. You can skip learning this lesson the hard way. Take our word for it and thank us later.

Here’s the most important lesson. Only after you’re done grooming should you shower. Lots of guys groom in the shower to save time, and we understand that. You’re playing Russian roulette with your drainage, but you’re a big boy and can take that risk if you want. What matters is that you exfoliate and clean your skin after a grooming session. This reduces irritation and the chances of ingrown hairs. 

Better yet, washing post-groom also helps restore any damage done to your skin. The pH formulas rehydrate your skin and restore their protective barrier. When you do it right, your skin will be healthier and more vibrant after your manscaping session than before.

The last thing you need to learn about to use your entire package is post-shower care. There are two bottles in your kit that come into play. The first is Crop Preserver. You might be able to guess by the name; it’s a deodorant for your balls. Don’t underestimate it. The Crop Preserver formula includes hydration and pH formulas, but it has a lot more. Most notably, it has a talcum-like gel. This reduces friction around your junk and helps keep it cool throughout the day. That means less sweating, more comfort and less stink. Throw in a scent that is designed to keep you fresh and you have the most inviting, welcoming balls known to man.

That’s still not the end of the story. The last luxury in your kit is the bottle of Crop Reviver. It is the coup de grace against any remaining skin problems. It’s a simple spritz that can be applies whenever you want. We recommend a dose after you apply your deodorant. It provides the last layer of defense and recovery, and it’s also scented delightfully. You can use it to keep your junk in top shape, and you can keep it around for emergency odor control on particularly rough days.

That’s what it takes to be a great manscaper. You need a single kit that will provide all of the tools. From there, a basic level of knowledge is enough to get you running. But, if you want more, it’s available. has additional specialty tools and resources to help you push your game higher and further. Most importantly, we regularly update it with more advice, stories, tips and news regarding manscaping. We’re committed to keeping it as the best tool you have in your manscaping arsenal. If you use everything we offer, you can enjoy other people's horror stories without adding any of your own.



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