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How 2016 Reshaped the Ideal of the Gentleman

how 2016 reshaped the ideal of the gentleman

Discretion at All Times

If 2016 had plenty of anything, it was scandals. Unsurprisingly, they almost all fell back to private conversations being made public. Hacked emails, leaked “locker room” footage and every other form of exposure has basically become commonplace. A modern gentleman needn’t fear this, though, because he demonstrates discretion at all times. The old sayings hold true, and these men hold their tongue unless their words can carry value.


Over the course of the last year, manscaping went from trending to normal, expected behavior. A gentleman of tomorrow is properly groomed beyond his head. Managing the body is a demonstration of mastery of self, and gentlemen who practice this behavior are better received in every setting. The modern gentleman also understands the difference between care and excess, and he has taken the time and practice to learn when grooming crosses from meticulous to overbearing.


It’s easy to rely on social media and the convenience of text messaging, but they don’t always cut it. In today’s world, a gentleman needs to be a true master of communication, handling conversations in true form, whether in person, through a voice call or even in old-fashioned writing. Ultimately, this demonstrates value. When you do something for a person that takes more deliberate effort, that effort is appreciated, even if only unconsciously. All of these changes to gentlemanly behavior boil back to this essence. Demonstrate care through effort.


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