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Why Did Manscaped Create the Best Trimmer for Male Grooming?

best trimmer for male grooming

Until now, men who dared to groom below the belt (manscape) were doing so using razors and trimmers meant for the face, which can lead to nicks, patchiness, and an unattractive appearance to one’s nether zone. Some even used their significant other’s lady razors! That’s a no-no. Luckily, a company called Manscaped has come to the rescue! After much research and engineering, Manscaped created the world’s first trimmer designed for a man’s personal grooming needs - The Lawn Mower.

Part of Manscaped manscaping product lineup, The Lawn Mower is custom designed for a man's privates. Not only that, it’s made of professional grade, high quality material that will last. Plus, it’s waterproof and snag-proof!

The Lawn Mower’s stainless steel blades have a unique quick-adjust safety guard specifically designed for coarse hair. And it’s ergonomic: its non-slip handle fits in the palm of your hand for maneuverability around tight spaces. No more nicks!

As if you could ask for more, Manscaped also developed Crop Preserver, a ball deodorant to top off your newly trimmed bits. This vitamin-infused liquid powder both moisturizes and deodorizes, helping to reduce chafing and irritation. Just trim, wash, then apply Crop Preserver to keep your bad boys fresh and clean, for you and your significant other.

Thank to Manscaped, a new chapter in manscaping has begun. Manscaped will make you wonder how you ever groomed before. Order here.


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