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How Did Manscaping Start? {Pre-Manscaped Trends}

When was the last time you went a whole day without hearing or reading at least some mention of manscaping? It really is everywhere, and with good reason. There are still a few of you out there, uninitiated and clueless as to what you’re missing. Plenty more of you have only barely explored the true experience of manscaping, and there is a lifetime of knowledge to acquire. No matter your station, growth comes through learning. So, this is your chance to really learn how manscaping started and to see where it is headed.

How did manscaping start?

In History

The earliest recorded cases of manscaping date back to ancient Egypt. You’ve probably seen pictures of hieroglyphics that depict the epic beards of the old pharaohs. It turns out that they were global trend setters. Many accounts suggest that the Egyptians stole the idea of manscaping from Alexander the Great. He and his men kept their hair and beards short so enemies couldn’t grab them in combat. The Egyptians took that idea and ran with it. It transitioned from a practicality to a ragingly popular style trend in short order, and the aristocracy of Egypt found excess body hair to be an unacceptable shame. They were known for plucking and tweezing with a vengeance. Thus, manscaping was born.

While Alexander the Great introduced grooming to the Greeks in ancient times, the Egyptians weren’t the only ones to turn the practice into something social. The earliest known accounts of the goatee stemmed from post-Alexander Greece. Nobles, politicians and various scholars imitated the facial style from how they envisioned their god, Pan. That little bit of body grooming gave rise to a number of styles, and even today plenty of men fashion their hair after the idealized Greek gods and ancient statues.

The Romans, never to be outdone, also produced their own manscaping trends. While the Greeks tried to look like gods, the Romans decided that manscaping was more important as a reflection of self. Romans were known for centuries as the clean-cut tribe of the world. They pioneered the concept of a daily shave. And, while some of the practices had practicality in mind, the primary motivation to the Romans was virtue. They reasoned that a truly virtuous person would take the time to make their appearance represent their beliefs. It sounds like the stuffy, ancient Roman version of “the clothes make the man.”

Getting closer to modern history, we can look at manscaping in America. Throughout the 19th century, epic facial hair was in style. Beards were shaggy, and bushy mutton chops were a symbol of affluence. If you’ve ever seen a Civil War movie, you have a clear idea. Here’s something you didn’t know. The very term “side burns” actually stems from Civil War fashion. A Union general by the name of Ambrose Burnside popularized the look. The ensuing nickname may not have been entirely subtle or original, but it persists to this day. How many trends will you start that will last for over a hundred years?

The last major evolution of manscaping history took place in WWI. Simply put, the sheer scale of the war made militaries change their outlook on grooming. With so many soldiers in tight quarters, lice and similar problems were rampant. Additionally, gas masks were essential gear, and they didn’t seal well over an Ambrose-like mane of hair. So, the crew cut and clean shave was born, and it became popular. Sure, it was practical for winning wars, or whatever, but it also looked good. It was a throwback to the Roman styles, but with a modern twist. Ever since, male trends have been rapidly evolving.

In Recent Memory

This brings us to modern manscaping. It can best be viewed in two periods: before and after Manscaped. Before, body grooming tended to be bold and over the top. The 60s were all about open chests and burly bodies. With the 70s came the hippies and a general disregard for any attempt to tame natural looks. That evolved into the wildness of the 80s, where everything was drowning in glam. In the 90s, a bit of traditionalism re-entered the fold, and men finally started taking their body hair more seriously. Back, chest and butt waxes became a thing. Even the boyzillian was invented. Still, there was incoherence in how men generally approached manscaping.

After the start of the 21st century, things started to take better shape. Men talked more openly about their techniques and styles, and the idea of full-body grooming became mainstream. Today, we have a consensus on how most guys should approach manscaping, and Manscaped has put it all together.


Proper manscaping is about consistency, technique and precision. That means you need good tools, a regular routine and a plan in mind before you start attacking your hair follicles. At this point, you should have an idea of how to get a haircut and a shave, so we’re going to focus more on the body grooming. More specifically, we’re going to give you some key advice about managing your pubes.

The first step to taming the bush is the same for everyone. You need a proper trim. Even if you wanted to go for the closest possible shave (which most of you shouldn’t), you’re going to be enduring loads of unnecessary pain if you don’t trim first. Even for first timers, it’s easy. Grab your Lawn Mower and your Magic Mat. Stand squarely over the mat, and set the Lawn Mower to its longest setting. (You should have dropped your trunks by now.) Once in position, go ahead and give your pubes a once over. Take your time, and move the pieces around as needed.

What you’re going to find is that this initial trim already accomplishes some primary goals. Your pubes won’t be long enough to hold that special man funk that lives between your legs. Your junk is also going to immediately look noticeably bigger. Most importantly, the entire aesthetic, even at this point, is much cleaner and more inviting. Some guys stop here, especially when they’re new to the practice, and this is definitely better than nothing.

When you’re ready to go farther, you can grab your Plow. The razor exists to add precision to the job. The purpose is to create deliberate, clean lines wherever you need them. There’s no single rule to follow here, so just go slowly. If you need inspiration, the internet exists for a reason. There is no shortage of dick pics in the world. Regardless, once you’re done trimming and shaving, you can roll up the Magic Mat and toss it. But, don’t think you’re done.

The very last thing you want from all of this is razor burn on your balls. Step one to protect you from such a catastrophe is a warm shower. Not hot. Warm. It relaxes the follicles and helps avoid ingrown hairs that are a common cause of razor burn and irritation. In the shower, gently exfoliate the trimmed/shaved area with a healthy application of The Crop Cleanser. This does two things. It removes the tiny hair clippings that cause relentless itching and irritation, and it enables the special formula of The Crop Cleanser to hydrate and soothe any irritated skin.

Once out of the shower, you’re ready for the one-two punch of Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. Crop Preserver is a ball deodorant. If you’ve never used one, you have no idea what you’re missing. The talcum formula is a godsend. It keeps things cool and fresh all day. It also reduces friction, which adds to the comfort of your masculinity. Whether you’re going hard in a workout or sitting at a desk, the deodorant has you feeling more comfortable than ever.

Crop Reviver is a different formula. It’s mostly there to promote healthy skin and hair below the belt. While all of these products have special formulas, Crop Reviver is specifically designed to help preserve and maintain a healthy acid mantle. It’s an important part of skin health and basically protects you from infection, irritation and a host of other problems you never want to know about. It also makes the next session less strenuous on the sensitive parts of your body.

how did manscaping start

That’s the minimum routine, and it’ll keep you clean, fresh and at the top of your game. You’ll find that all of these products are conveniently contained in The Total Package. It’s a starter kit to getting you into manscaping, and it’s all packed into a convenient travel bag. Aside from this basic routine, you can look into getting some professional help managing back hair, a separate routine to maintain your nails and an aggressive outlook on your entire wardrobe.

With all of this information, we still haven’t concisely answered the question. How did manscaping start? Men wanted to look good. It’s as simple as that. Now, you have resources far beyond the wildest dreams of those innovative Egyptians. You can find everything you need to be an elite manscaped man within the pages of



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