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How Do You Define Manscaping

As humans, it's natural for us to have a little hair here, there, and everywhere. But just because your body hair grows naturally, it doesn't mean you're required to keep it there. As it turns out, strategic removal of man-hair is far more than a phenomenon; it's a totally normal practice that's highly sought-after by significant others and single-night flings alike.

So, what is this mysterious manly ritual that everybody seems to know about but you?

This, our friends, is manscaping, and this is what manscaping means to us:

Pampering those Precious Parts

Your main man-piece and his trusty sidekicks deserve your dedicated attention.

Manscaping maximizes your below-the-belt landscape by:

Grooming your goods
Enhancing your hygiene
Trimming and shaving around your twig and berries
Maximizing the size of your manhood

A Good Grooming

Manscaping is the process a man goes through to groom his goods, which certainly includes those beloved below-the-belt body parts. A proper manscaping preps a fella for encounters of the sexual kind, whenever they may come knocking at his door. With specially-formulated deodorizers that keep ball sweat at bay and some specifically-designed hand tools that keep the hair away, manscaping is the ultimate must-do for a man who wants to put his best foot (or inches) forward.

Enhancing Hygiene.

It can be a smelly world down there, which could leave you out in the cold if you find yourself in a hot situation. Thanks to the wonders of manscaping, you'll enjoy enhanced hygiene in a world where minimized hair leads to maximum pleasure. Less hair means fewer places for dirt, sweat, and stubborn toilet paper to cling to.

Taming Rogue Hairs

By way of a good trim, electric clippers, and the careful application of a straight razor, manscaping tames a man's furry forest, making way for smooth skin and a perfectly-chopped crop. Your partner will appreciate the path of least resistance, and your freshly-shaven skin will thank you for the boost of sensitivity.

Small Efforts, Big Outcomes

With some specially-formulated suds and a little extra time in the shower, your wooly body will become a well-manicured landscape that's ready to be touched and teased. Not to mention, taking care of the extra hair around your nether region can immediately make your manhood gain inches in appearance. What man wouldn't love an extra inch or two?!

How do you define manscaping? Join in the #manscaping conversation @ManscapedGents.



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