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How Does a Bladeless Electric Shaver Work?

There are so many reasons to manscape. Most of us do it to level up our love lives. Whether you’re after men or women, everyone appreciates a tidy lawn. Once started, most men who manscape continue because they like the way it feels. Whatever your fix, there’s no denying that top-tier manscaping requires top-tier tools. We’ve been at this game for a while now, and we’ve used that knowledge to design a revolutionary new body trimmer. It does a lot of cool things, but what might catch your attention the most is that we’ve done away with the blade. How does a bladeless electric shaver work? You’re about to learn.

Introducing the Blade Module

Even if it’s bladeless, an electric shaver still has to cut the hair, right? The Lawn Mower 2.0, by Manscaped, takes a new approach to the problem of cutting body hair. Instead of a traditional trimmer blade, it functions with a new blade module. There are still cutting agents, but the means of clipping hair is refined in a way that will reduce tugging, snags, irritation and the risk of nicks or cuts.

The 2.0 has a module that includes multiple pieces of technology. The first we should discuss is the snap-in design. This is important for a few reasons. First, every clipper blade eventually needs to be replaced. Instead of having to worry about getting a new blade secure, tight and aligned, the 2.0 blade modules replace in a snap. You can’t possibly get it wrong, so you won’t have any ailments after completing the task. Perhaps more importantly, these ease of replacing the module is excellent for hygiene. Old blades eventually become cesspools for bacteria and other unpleasantness. The 2.0 blade module never has to succumb to such an ugly fate.

How Does a Bladeless Electric Shaver Work?

Aside from the snap-in design, the other technologies in this new module are amazing. Let’s consider the ceramic cutting surface. It’s harder and sharper than steel. This gives it the ability to get through dense bush with ease. The ceramic design is completely rustproof, and the ceramics are more antimicrobial than metal alternatives.

There’s an added bonus. Ceramics can hold more precise shapes than metals, so the new blade module features smaller cutting angles than other shavers. These smaller angles and surfaces enable you to cut much closer and more aggressively without fear of damaging the skin.

Making a Blade Module Work Better

If the blade module was the only new feature on The Lawn Mower 2.0, it would be enough. That didn’t keep us from pulling out all of the stops. The new module is supported by other design upgrades that improve trimming all around.

Let’s start with the new motor. It runs at 6,000 RPMs. The faster cycle rate gives the new blade module the ability to mow through denser hair with less chance of snagging. It doesn’t matter how sharp a cutting surface is if the motor isn’t fast enough. We resolved that problem.

Now, a more powerful motor comes with a downside. It shakes your hands a lot harder, and those vibrations can lead to that tingling numbness and hurt your control when you manscape. Don’t worry, because we thought about that too. The new motor is supported by harmonic dampeners that reduce those vibrations to a quiet, gentle purr. Most of you will appreciate that. Some of you will have to find a new way to set up ‘the stranger.’

Alongside that dampener are a few other features that help you better utilize your improved cutting power. They’re mostly baked into the new shell. It’s ergonomically designed to give you better grip and control no matter what or where you’re shaving. It reduces slippage when it gets wet, and it’s water and shock resistant, too.

how does a blameless electric shaver work

It’s Convenient Too

Everything we’ve talked about so far is revolutionizing how you attack overgrown body hair. Sometimes the things that make a tool great have little to do with effectiveness and everything to do with convenience. The design of The Lawn Mower 2.0 recognizes that truth, too.

Perhaps the best improvement over its predecessor is the new battery. The rechargeable lithium ion is what made the stronger motor possible. It also gets rid of a cord or the need for frequent battery changes. Speaking of cords, a lot of amateur manscapers underestimate how many problems a cord can cause. Sure, it’s no big deal to manage a shaver cord while you’re grooming your face. The story changes considerably when you’re sporting an awkward squat to try and manage the hair in your ass crack.

Of course, we did more than just get rid of a cord. We added safeguards to help you have an easier time with male grooming (many of which are tied to the features above), and we included a new set of trimming guards to help you maintain more precision over the manicure of your lawn. Lastly, we designed convenience into the new blade module. It’s design is easier than ever to clean, so you can keep your trimmer in top shape with far less hassle.

Complete the Package 

With so many new features and amazing revolutions to manscaping, you might wonder how else we could improve on The Lawn Mower 2.0. The answer to that comes in the form of its support package. The Perfect Package 2.0 is a complete manscaping kit. It includes the new Lawn Mower, and it has all of the additional tools you’ll want to get your manscaping into top shape.

The Plow 

We’re skipping over the new trimmer since we just covered its new features, but we’re going to remind you of one important rule: trim before you shave. You know that, but busy men take shortcuts. When you do that manscaping, you lead yourself to pain and discomfort.

The Plow is intended for use after you trim. It’s the perfect manscaping razor. As such, it uses a two-edged safety blade (not module) that promotes better habits for grooming your sensitive bits. The Plow works best with short, controlled strokes, and we recommend your trimming and shaving both take place before you shower.

Before you grab your razor or your trimmer, remember the most convenient part of the Perfect Package. The Magic Mat is a disposable mat that collects your fallen hair and makes cleanup easier. We can't think of a reason not to use it, so you're welcome.

how does a bladeless electric shaver work

Speaking of Showers

You don’t necessarily need to shower after grooming your face. Grooming your body is a different matter. You’re attacking extremely sensitive skin, and shaving, no matter how gentle, can wreak havoc on the ecosystem of your flesh. If you follow grooming with a warm shower and gentle exfoliation, you’ll restore that ecosystem quickly. Utilizing the Active pH Control in Crop Cleanser doesn’t hurt.

Crop Preserver

After you shower, you want to dip back into your Perfect Package 2.0. It has Crop Preserver: the best ball deodorant you can find. The talcum-like gel formula does more for your junk than you can imagine. As the word deodorant suggests, it helps keep your boys smelling fresh. You know you need that. For your own sake, it continues to help restore damaged skin. It also reduces friction and helps you stay cool down there. In all, using Crop Preserver is a delightful experience that you’ll thank us for for years to come.

Crop Reviver

The last tool in your Perfect Package 2.0 is the restorative refresher spritz. It complements the Active pH Control formula you’re already using. It also helps you maintain a good moisture level below the belt. Get too dry and you chafe. Get too damp and you grow weird things in your drawers that produce funk beyond words. Crop Reviver gets it just right — especially when paired with Crop Preserver.

That concludes today’s lesson. You can see why you want to use the best manscaping tool in the business. You can also see why you want to support it with a complete set that is designed for pristine manscaping. Whether you’re doing this for your love life or just to feel better, the Perfect Package 2.0 will get you there. Still, if you want more, it’s always available. has additional tools that can continue to upgrade your game. It’s also a repository of knowledge. Anything you want or need to know about manscaping can be found there.



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