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How Does the Lawn Mower 2.0 Replaceable Ceramic Blade Module Work?

We’re still pretty hyped about the new Lawn Mower 2.0. In the wake of that hype, we want to talk about one of its new features: the replaceable ceramic blade module. It takes electric trimmer maintenance to a whole new level, and we’re excited today to tell you how it works. 

The Mechanics of it All

Some of you are literally asking how the blade module functions. That’s fair. The concept is as simple as we could possibly make it. The modules snap onto the head of the razor. When you want to swap them, you snap the old off and the new on. It’s probably easier to understand with an extremely short video.

It’s also important to understand that the term “replaceable head” might give the wrong impressions. The parts that swap are small. You aren’t taking the complex mechanical parts of your trimmer apart in order to make the change. Instead, you’re flipping a single piece. It is flat, light, and the exact opposite of cumbersome. Most importantly, we specifically designed the replacement blades to take up as little storage space as possible. They stack and barely take up more room than replacement razor blades.


There’s a lot more to understanding these blade modules than knowing how to snap one out and a new one in. You might also benefit from understanding how they work for you. Namely, these modules help you with cleanliness and precision trimming through the concept of convenience.

It’s really not complicated. Trimming blades can get dirty. If you’re grooming parts of your body that have gone with too little attention for too long, that’s all the more true. By all means, you can and should clean your trimmer. But, when time is short and the old blade definitely shouldn’t be used without a little sanitizing effort, just swap in a new one. You can save the effort for later. Even better, you can snap off the dirty blade and just soak it in a cleaning solution. There is no shortage of easy ways to clean ceramic blades. Our hope is making it so overwhelmingly convenient will help you to be a little less of the nasty man thing we all degenerate into from time to time. 

This also applies to sharpening blades. Our ceramic blades can be manually sharpened, but you might not notice at a convenient trim. You see how this trend works. Swap for a fresh blade and take care of the rest when the time comes. And, if you give in to laziness and just dispose of the dull blade (rather than painstakingly sharpening countless little teeth), we won’t tell anyone.


We touched on one way ceramic blades are wonderful. They’re super easy to clean. That barely covers the totality of benefits that are derived from this material upgrade. We went with ceramic over stainless steel for a number of reasons, but the top of the list was water. Trimmers get wet. More to the point, a lot of you ignore our masterful advice and trim in the shower. Our dirty secret is that sometimes we do too. Ceramic blades don't rust. Stainless steel can hold its own in water, but it can be compromised. It’s also a good conductor and makes shocks and shorts more of a problem. When we say ceramic blades are waterproof, we truly mean it. Rust, shock, slipping and the other common water problems that plague electric trimmers are a non-issue. 

There are non-aquatic reasons we went with ceramics too. One you’ll appreciate is heat conductivity. Ceramics are much more resistant to heat than steel, so when the trimmer works its impressive 6,000 RPMs for a hot minute, that heat won’t pour through the blade and into your skin. The original Lawn Mower wasn’t a burning hazard, but it could create a little discomfort for some of you sensitive types around the nuts and the anus. The new blades mitigate that nicely.

Lastly, ceramic blades are less tuned to harmonic vibrations. We’ve explained the details of the Lawn Mower 2.0 elsewhere, and one of the things we really like is the reduced vibrations. We call it QuietStroke technology. While the lesser noise is nice, the real point is that it vibrates less in your hands. There are a lot of parts to the puzzle of this upgrade, but the natural tendencies of ceramic blades are part of the equation. To put it simply, the ceramics help the whole trimmer vibrate less, and that leads to better grooming down under.


Above all else, safety is the absolute consideration for trimmer design. Some of that goes into the water resistance, shock resistance, and vibration dampening technologies. A whole lot more goes into making the blades safe. This is one area where making them from ceramics instead of steel has no impact. A sharp blade is a sharp blade.

But, the new modules improve on the already impressive safety design of The Lawn Mower. These modules have smaller teeth (which have a harder time grabbing skin but an easier time cutting hair), and they are built on a flexible platform. When you inevitably push the teeth into your skin for a close trim, your chance of getting nicks and cuts is reduced. We possibly put more effort into this aspect of design than any other. We wanted the 2.0 to be the safest body trimmer yet, and we’re proud to have succeeded. The fact that this safety is achieved with an affordable, replacement module is all the more impressive -- if we say so ourselves. 

Making it Work

With so much to gain from upgrading your trimmer, you’re ready to take manscaping to a whole new level! Slow down for a minute. Having the best tools is great, but you also need the knowledge and skills to use them. We’re going to take you through a brief below-the-waist grooming routine to help you gain that knowledge. We’ll emphasize incorporating the new blade module into your manscaping habits, but we also have to harp on the greater truth: grooming depends on a lot more than removing hair from your body.

Using Your Improved Trimmer

We’ve said it loudly and often: male grooming starts with a trim. We know it. You know it. We know you know it. We’ll remind you that the best trims happen before a shower and over a Magic Mat. As for trimming technique, you usually want to start with the longest trimming guard first. If that doesn’t get certain areas short enough, you can always continue from there. But, we also want to remind you to check your blades. If they seem a little dull, swap for a new module at any time. Also, if you really want to maximize cleanliness, you can dedicate blades to specific tasks. We recommend starting with two. One is designated for above-the-belt grooming with the second being dedicated to the stuff usually hidden under your boxers.


As we said earlier, we recommend showering after a trim and shave. There are countless reasons for this, but the most important is that hair grooming is inevitably hard on the skin. Even with immaculate tools, you’re exposing your flesh to a potentially brutal process. Following your routine with a shower that utilizes Crop Cleanser reverses that brutality. It uses Active pH Control to revitalize your harassed skin, and it will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great.


We’re hoping you don’t need a reminder to wear deodorant. That said, ball deodorant is still criminally underutilized by modern men. Crop Preserver is everything you never knew your balls needed. It’s cool. It smells great. It reduces friction. It also uses some of that Active pH Control to help your sack feel extra healthy. Use some after you shower. Then, feel free to send us comments telling us how much you love us for introducing you to this magical nectar. 

Keep it up Throughout the Day

No. Stop. Put the boner away. That is not what we meant. We’re talking about grooming maintenance. Sometimes, you have a day that tests you. You get sweaty and agitated despite all of your efforts, and without some upkeep, you’re going to waft stank through every room you enter. The solution is really easy. Spritz a little Crop Reviver down your drawers and go on with your day. That’s all it takes.

We love grooming. It’s why we do things like invent the best trimmer in the world. We also love sharing our passion with you. That’s why we made, and it’s why we always encourage you to spend time browsing our tools and knowledge banks.



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